Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Briefs - Lacey - Jackson endorsements, Trutanich's gang shooting lie goes viral

Los Angeles Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey scooped the LA Times endorsement to replace retiring District Attorney Steve Cooley and shared the Daily News endorsement with Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson.

The Times said 'Jackie Lacey is the candidate best equipped to strike the proper balance. She has years of experience leading the office, as well as realistic goals and a well-thought-out program for delivering justice. The Times endorses Lacey in the June 5 election.'

In dismissing Carmen Trutanich, the Times said  'he does not seem to grasp that voters took seriously his pledge not to run for another office before completing his job as city attorney. It may have been just a campaign gimmick to him, but it was a pledge to his constituents — and it was all too typical of the occasional gap between Trutanich's statements and his actions.' That 'occasional gap' is a far too polite way of saying Trutanich is a liar who cannot be trusted.

The Daily News was more expressive in praise of Lacey and Jackson. 'Both are distinguished and veteran deputy district attorneys. Both are well-respected members of their agency with proven management skills. Both have smart ideas about modernizing the agency and adapting to the governor's realignment plan. And either would be a much, much better D.A. than Trutanich.' 

Unlike the LA Times, the Daily News held back nothing in their condemnation of Carmen Trutanich. Urging readers to vote 'ABC - Anybody But Carmen,' they said 'Trutanich likes to say he is not a politician. It's kind of his public mantra. That it's so patently untrue casts doubt on everything else he says. Trutanich is the ultimate politician, in fact, as he proved from the moment he promised not to seek higher office as part of his campaign for his current job.

His short tenure running the City Attorney's Office has been marked by political battles since day one - a huge disappointment for the people who supported his campaign. He engaged in questionable grandstanding and naked power grabs, such as his attempt to be the first city attorney in history to have subpoena power. He lied to the public from the start when he said he would not run for district attorney.

Even worse has been his pugilistic style in dealing with both city officials and the public. He has needlessly bullied the public on issues such as medical marijuana and the Occupy L.A. protests. He has tried to turn what is essentially a bureaucratic post (most cities do not elect a city attorney) into a vehicle for his personal aggrandizement.'

The Daily News really seems to grasp the essence of all that is so horribly wrong with Trutanich without even mentioning the most recent 'occasional gap' in his credibility; his lies about being a victim of violent crime in the 1980's.

John & Ken blast Trutanich's 'TRU LIES' video

The ink wasn't dry on the LA Times exclusive report about Carmen Trutanich's false claim to have been a victim of violent crime, surrounded by gangmembers in Green Meadows Park who were shooting at him, before KFI AM640 talk show hosts John and Ken weighed in with their views on Trutanich's latest lie.

Calling Trutanich's 'the most dishonest campaign right now' the talk show duo ripped apart Trutanich's baseless and shameless claim to have been attacked by gangmembers; the centerpiece of his 2009 City Attorney campaign, and again the centerpiece of his 2012 District Attorney campaign. They mocked his claim that his memory had 'improved' since 2008, questioning whether Trutanich had a 'magic memory pill.'

'Do not vote for Carmen Trutanich, he is not endorsed by Steve Cooley, and you can see why. His lack of honesty comes up repeatedly' they said.

They are right.


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