Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Briefs

Alan Jackson endorsed by Beverly Hills Courier

The Beverly Hills Courier endorsed Alan Jackson for District Attorney on Friday. The front page endorsement marked a first for the Courier, where city business tends to occupy the leading stories, and gives the Jackson a boost as his tv ad campaign ramps up this week.

Democrat DA Candidates duke it out on the Westside

Chief Deputy DA Jackie Lacey, Senior Deputy DA Danette Meyers and Deputy DA Bobby Grace attended a DA candidates forum hosted by the Westchester Democratic Club, West LA Democratic Club, LAX Area Democratic Club and Beach Cities Democratic Club.

Trutanich pays the price for lies about shooting

Response to reports that Los Angeles city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich lied about being a shooting victim in his 'Tru Stories' campaign video, coupled with Attorney General Kamala Harris' rejection of Trutanich's laughable call for an investigation into the whereabouts of his missing personnel file appear to have hurt the former frontrunner's fundraising ability, according to rumors that Trutanich has been forced to write himself a big check to cover his media buys.

Fundraising appears to be as difficult for Trutanich as attending DA candidate forums, as rumors suggest another scandal surrounding the 'truth challenged' DA wannabe is about to break.


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Anonymous said...

Most folks are promising donations to Nuch after the primary. If he doesn't win this on the 5th, he wont be able to raise a dime, people will see him as having lost. That's why he's putting a chunk of cash into tv ads. Don't think he'll waste any money on a full page ad in the Times or the Daily News, they screwed themselves with their hate campaign against Nuch. With the extra cash he's pumping in, it's a cake walk - 55% easy.