Monday, May 7, 2012

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4 weeks to DA Primary - Yard Signs appear

We don't know if District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson is the first to get the all-important yard signs out, but these are the first we've seen.

Yard signs are generally the first 'sign' of a campaigns' push to reach the public, with radio, tv and print media advertisements sure to follow.

Trutanich slammed on John & Ken Show 

KFI AM640's top-rated afternoon drive-time show, the John & Ken Show, slammed city prosecutor Camen Trutanich as having 'sold out to the local labor unions' in giving his support to LAPD Chief Charlie Beck's revised impound policy as it relates to unlicensed immigrants.

Trutanich, they said, produced a legal opinion, described as 'nine  pages of gibberish,' that other legal experts could not fathom, to allow Beck to ignore state law and return seized vehicles used by unlicensed immigrants after one day, instead of the thirty days required under state law.

The show, which aired on Thursday, May 3, 2012, can be heard in entirety on KFI's website, with edited highlights here:

The talk show duo called Trutanich 'dishonest' for 'trying to pretend that he was the LA County Chief Prosecutor, and concluded that 'Carmen Trutanich should not be the District Attorney.' It is not the first time LA's largest afternoon drive-time audience have heard John and Ken's sharp criticism of Trutanich, most famously the pair called him a 'lying boob.'

With four weeks to go before the primary, Trutanich, once considered the front-runner, will be lucky to win a place in the November run-off. The willingness of broadcast media to be so outspoken of his utter unsuitability for the leading the District Attorney's Office is virtually unprecedented in Los Angeles' political history. More worrying for Trutanich is that he has lost the support of talk show radio, a previously highly supportive group for his City Attorney campaign.



Anonymous said...

So LieTanich says it is ok to ignore state law when it comes to unlicensed drivers, but that state law rules when it comes to medical marijuana. Funny how he picks and chooses his belief in the rule of law. It is just another example of the way this lying sack does not believe in the equal rule of law.If you are one of his political allies, then he will interpret the law to do a favor, but if you are no use to him, then the full force of the law applies. John and Ken are right, he is not suitable for DA.

Anonymous said...

Yard signs? Is that the best that Jackson has to offer? Carmen Trutanich has bought millions of dollars of radio and tv ads and has guaranteed that he will win this thing in the primary. It's game over for you people. You need to start thinking about how you can make yourself useful in the new era that is coming to Los Angeles with a real leader who is admired and respected by all who meet him. God bless Carmen Trutanich, LA's next DA.

Anonymous said...

Just got my mail in ballot and voted for Trutanich. Off to the post office now.

Anonymous said...

Just got my mail in ballot and Trutanich's name isn't on it. WTF is up with that? I wasn't going to vote for him anyway, but I guess nobody else will either.

Anonymous said...

I just received several Alan Jackson mailers today. Has any other candidate sent out mail?

Anonymous said...

Hey 7:59PM, if Trutanich is not on the ballot it is probably a printing error caused by him losing that lawsuit over his misleading designation. You can always write in his name. Just write asshole, bully, thug, or liar and the folks at the Registrars Office will know exactly who you mean.

Anonymous said...

I heard Trutanich tried to use his city salaried 'alternate funding' advisor to get him a free invite to George Clooney's fundraiser for Obama on Thursday night. Didn't work out too well for Trutanich. Security now has his name on the 'do not admit' list.

Anonymous said...

How much you wanna bet "Anonymous" at 8:25 pm is none other than Carmen Lietanich himself. I read those comments and couldn't stop laughing. "God Bless Carmen Trutanich"?????...SERIOUSLY??? Hahahahahahaha!!