Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Themes - Lacey on FOX, LA Times DA Forum, Trutanich won't deny AG ambitions

Chief Deputy DA Jackie Lacey interviewed by FOX 11 News

Jackie Lacey's burgeoning campaign to become LA's first female and first African American District Attorney took another leap forward on Wednesday, May 1, 2012, when she 'gave as good as she got' under fire from typically tough questions from FOX 11 News' feisty Anchorman Jeff Michael.

Michael, whose recent grueling interview of Carmen Trutanich caused the city prosecutor to get up and leave before the interview ended, nevertheless wasn't able to shake Lacey, despite the interview running overtime.

LA Times holds DA Candidate Forum

Wednesday, May 2, 2012. Five of the six candidates for District Attorney attended a candidate's forum hosted by the Los Angeles Times, (The sixth candidate, DDA Bobby Grace, was engaged in the special circumstances murder trial of Jamiel Shaw Jr.'s alleged killer, Pedro Espinoza).

Trutanich's campaign consultant concentrated his attention on
the candidate he fears the most; Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson

A nervous and uneasy looking Carmen Trutanich was obliged to attend a District Attorney candidates' forum when it became clear that his flagging campaign would sink even lower if he did not finally face the music about his scandal ridden campaign.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey came out of the box swinging at Trutanich and continued to pummel the hapless city prosecutor with brickbats aimed at his flawed campaign and lack of experience at handling serious felony crime. At times Lacey, fresh from her successful FOX 11 News interview, made Trutanich looked almost as uncomfortable and ill at ease as he was during his disastrous interview on FOX News.

Trutanich looked ill at ease and uncomfortable when unable to respond directly
to attacks from Lacey and Meyers.
Trutanich's chief campaign consultant, John Shallman, sat quietly in the audience as his candidate drew fire, principally from Jackie Lacey and Danette Meyers. Whenever Trutanich tried to defend his record, Trutanich would nervously look to Shallman as if to say 'Did I do OK?'

Shallman remained impassive while Trutanich tried to explain that some of the misdemeanor crimes prosecuted by his office would be considered felonies in other states, a reference perhaps to Arizona's different approach to impound policies in unlicensed driver cases.

Shallman seemed far more interested in anything and everything that Alan Jackson had to say. The senior campaign consultant was seen popping up his cellphone to record almost everything that Jackson said, a sign that the Trutanich camp sees Jackson as their biggest threat, with a Lacey-Jackson runoff election looking increasingly likely as the sun sets on the myth of Trutanich being fit for District Attorney.

That the candidates' forum did not go well for Trutanich was abundantly clear from the press release put out by Trutanich's campaign almost as quickly as Trutanich left. 

In their haste to put a positive spin on the forum, laughably hailing Trutanich's performance 'commanding,' the Trutanich campaign apparently forgot that Trutanich was now calling himself 'city prosecutor' and used his old title. Of course, Trutanich also recently hailed his defeat over his misleading ballot title as a 'victory.'  Many must hope he is equally 'victorious' in the June 5, primary election.

Trutanich won't deny his plans to be Attorney General

The question put to Trutanich from a reader 'If you win, how soon will you start running for California State Attorney General?' got this response from Trutanich:

That Trutanich was unwilling to deny that he his eyes on higher political office is very telling on multiple levels. Had he made another pledge, he would have just opened the door to questions about his last broken pledge and invited even more attention to his lack of credibility.

However, by refusing to deny his Attorney General ambitions, he also validates the rumors that this is indeed his plan.  That might give some relief to those at the DA's Office who have grave concerns about the way Trutanich would use the DA's Office as a political springboard in the same way that he has used the City Attorney's Office, at the least the painful experience might be a short one.



Anonymous said...

Lacey is looking more like a leader every day, and Trutanich is looking more like a boob. WTF - our misdemeanors are felonies in other states? Where? And if they are the same as felonies, how come a bunch of volunteers are trying them, and losing them? Trutanich needs to keep coming to debates, then everyone can see how much he sucks.

Anonymous said...

KNX 1070 played clips of the interview where Nuch slapped Lacey down. Does Lacey even know what HIPPA stands for or means? She might want to look into it so she can protect her blood sugar records in federal court.

Anonymous said...

I heard the Times guy telling Shallman after the debate that Trutanich was not going to get their endorsement. It was a foregone conclusion. Because the Times wants to be fair, they are going to endorse two candidates, one democrat and one republican. Be interesting to see which democrat they pick.

Anonymous said...

11:12AM KNX 1070 also reported what Erwin Chemerinsky said about Trutanich's HIPPA argument, specious. Do you think Trutanich knows what that means?

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the LA Times ask Trutanich when he was going to pay the $100k to LA's Best After School Program?

Anonymous said...

Who's running that nasty ad about Jackie. Ouch! It really takes her and Cooley to task. I didn't catch the name of the organization sponsoring it.