Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday's Briefs

Dragnet's Joe Friday interviewed on FOX 11 News
... asked to explain "The Lies of Carmen Trutanich"

FOX 11 News Anchorman Jeff Michael continued to probe 'The Lies of Carmen Trutanich' with an interview with the Dragnet's pseudonymous blogger Joe Friday.

KPCC's DA Candidates' Forum

In case you missed it, here are the highlights from Tuesday night's DA Candidates' Forum hosted by KPCC's Larry Mantle.


Anonymous said...

Excellent interview Dragnet. It sickens me to think that Trutanich would make up a lie that he was shot at by gang members. Gang violence is serious, real and has ruined so many lives. How could this man falsely claim to be a victim of gang violence as part of a grossly unethical political ploy? Our entire justice system is at risk if we elect a liar and con man as our top prosecutor.

Anonymous said...

Berger, you are either very brave or very stupid, or possibly both. But you are right about Trutanich, he is a bully and a liar. He thought he would win the primary outright, but Tuesday night will tell a different story. If he is in the runoff, he will lose in November, everyone now knows who he is, and what he is. As for Trutanich firing you, or any of the other candidates, you are right - you work for the County of Los Angeles, and whoever is the DA can only do so much. Rest assured, the ADDA will support all of you and make sure Trutanich or whoever wins will not be able to take revenge.

Anonymous said...

What about Cooley's promise not to run for more then 2 terms? What about his campaign promises in writing sent to all DAs in 2000. Who's the bigger liar or are you just going to ignore your boss's lies.

Anonymous said...

4:55pm. Cooley did break his promise, but that was AFTER serving as DA for 8 years and having such a successful administration that he won his 3rd term by a landslide.

Trutanich waited all of 8 months before breaking his promise, and he has been such a monumental failure as CA that he knows he will lose if e tries to run for a second term.

Trutanich is going to win a place in the runoff, that will be the last thing he ever wins.

Anonymous said...

WOW 4:55pm! "table for one: BITTER." You're missing the point completely. The issue is not whether Cooley lied. Hell, I'll give it to you that he probably did.

But after November, what is the relevance of Cooley? He'll just be a well known Republican politician in one of the most solidly Democratic County in a state where there are no statewide elected Republican officials.

The issue is whether the next DA is going to be a liar. And the fact that any candidate has been blessed or cursed by anyone (e.g. Cooley, the ADDA, the state parties) is . . . well . . .a load of crap. Especially when you see all the shenanigans that have gone on in the various endorsement pageants.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich had a shit fit when he saw you on tv, good job by the way. He went into one of his rages on his Blackberry to Shallman from the office where he doesn't talk politics. It was a classic, red-faced, veins bulging dribbling spit, finger pointing, the whole nine yards. I think someone called the paramedics, he looked like he was going to explode. You could hear the screaming from the lobby, your name came up with every explicative I've ever heard, and some that I haven't. Trutanich wanted to go on FOX and demolish you, but Shallman told him that if he did that, then Shallman would resign and pull all the tv ads that HE controls. That's why Shallman went on FOX last night, but Trutanich went nuts when he heard Shallman say 'lies by Berger and Trutanich.' You've got to grab the video before Shallman makes Fox edit that out. Then he got an email or text from someone who said that Shallman was wrong about the VR Research report, that it DOES say what Shallman said it didn't. The bottom line is that the Trutanich campaign is falling apart and Joe Friday is on their hit list. Is that why there was no Friday Free For All today?

Anonymous said...

AJ is the one Nuch is worried about. He knows that, like the LA Weekly said, Meyers and Lacey are splitting the vote, and that leaves Jackson as the challenger in the runoff. That is going to be one brutal campaign, because AJ will have every law enforcement association behind him and all Nuch will have will be a few politicians. Baca and Brown are out after the primary - they know that if Nuch doesn't win it in the primary, he is finished and they don't want to go down with a loser. Baca will back AJ, and Brown will bow out. I guarantee it. Nuch is toast.

Anonymous said...

I was at a big event last night with several professionals in the medical field (not a political event). However, the DA race did come up and several of the people in attendance repeated the "ABC" line from the daily news: Anyone but Carmen. It was funny to hear so many in attendance make comments about their belief that Trutanich had mental health issues. It was a foregone conclusion none of them were voting for Trutanich. This was a big group of professionals, informed voters. Trutanich is finished if we get an informed electorate at the polls on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

@11:30, experts say it's around a 20% turnout, which means only informed voters. Nuch is f*cked. He won't even make the run off.

Shallman must have Nuch scared shitless and must be pushing Nuch to stick more of his personal money into his campaign to buy more tv time - Shallman gets a nice chuck of commission on that, and he probably knows that as of June 6, the gravy train runs dry.

Adios A*hole.

Anonymous said...

Don't be surprised if Nuch checks himself into a hospital room next to his mother. His blood pressure must be off the scale, and he probably has no voice with all the screaming going on between him and his campaign folks. It's like a scene from the last days of Hitler, with Nuch behaving like Aldolf blaming everyone for everything that has gone wrong. "Traitors!" is his most used word at the moment, along with a few 'salty' Tunafish factory explicatives.

Shallman told him not to use the Green Meadows Park story. It was such a crock and everyone knew it, but it worked in 2009, so Nuch overrode his expert's advice (sound familiar guys?) and insisted on using it again.

Nuch never thought the LA Times would challenge the story, and after you went on FOX, he got so many calls from his supporters that he had to turn his personal cellphone off and buy a burner. He's saying he had to change his cell because Cooley has a wire tap on him. I tell ya, Nuch is re-writing the medical definition of paranoia. His whole world is crashing down around him and Shallman is laughing all the way to the bank.

Anonymous said...

How did it all go so horribly wrong for Carmen Trutanich? Why is it that everyone who knows him will not vote for him? Cooley, Berger, PORAC (the biggest police association in the state), and so many others. It seems that the only people who will vote for him are people who do not know him, and with all the negative publicity out there he really is toast in a low turnout election. I liked Carmen Trutanich, I thought he would be a breath of fresh air in LA politics. But as soon as he finished fundraising to clear up his campaign debts, he never returned my calls, stopped coming to neighborhood council meetings, and behaved like an asshole. I won't be voting for him - ABC works for me.