Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday's Topics - Trutanich recycles false theft claim

Trutanich's false claims of theft - deja vu all over again?

Embattled city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich made a feeble attempt to deflect attention from reports of his lies about being surrounded and shot at by gangmembers. His bizarre explanation that his memory was 'better now' than it was when he failed to mention any gangmembers or shots fired during a 2008 deposition, quickly fell apart. He then foolishly claimed that his missing personnel file would have corroborated his story. But then Trutanich lied to Attorney General Kamala Harris when he called for a 'suspicious political activity' investigation by claiming to be 'shocked' to only recently learn that his personnel file was missing.

That lie also fell apart when the contents of a background check that Trutanich conducted on himself in 2009 were leaked to the press; the background report stated that Trutanich's personnel file was missing as of 2009. Trutanich's claim to be 'shocked' three years latter was as laughable, and false, as his accusation that his former friend and supporter DA Steve Cooley had in some way recently orchestrated the disappearance of the personnel file.

But not capable of admitting his deception in the face of overwhelming evidence proving he TRUly is 'truth challenged' to the core, Trutanich cranked out another old ploy, and claimed that whoever leaked his background check had stolen it. A matter so serious that Trutanich would report it to the police.

The use of a false claim of theft to deflect attention from a lie-laden losing campaign is an old trick of Trutanich's senior campaign strategist John Shalman, who pulled the same trick when CD2 candidate Chris Essel was looking at defeat in her bid to join the Los Angeles City Council.

How many more times will Trutanich cry wolf?

Conservative Talk Show Icon Hugh Hewitt Endorses Jackson

District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson gained the endorsement Wednesday of nationally syndicated conservative talk show host and prolific blogger Hugh Hewitt.

This from the Jackson campaign:

John S. Thomas
Alan Jackson for District Attorney 2012


Los Angeles, May 16th – On Tuesday, national radio broadcaster Hugh Hewitt enthusiastically endorsed gang prosecutor Alan Jackson for District Attorney. Hewitt stressed on-air Jackson’s abilities as a gang prosecutor, his support from over 65,000 police officers, and his relationship with victims and their families. Hewitt applauded Alan’s plan to modernize the District Attorney’s office as well as his strategic approach to dealing with Prison Realignment and the thousands of state felons set for transfer to LA County.

Jackson’s campaign continues to gain momentum as we move toward Election Day.

Hugh Hewitt stated, “Alan Jackson is without a doubt my choice for District Attorney. I cannot more highly recommend that anyone who lives in Los Angeles County needs to vote Alan Jackson. I wish him best of luck.”

Gang prosecutor Alan Jackson declared, “Earning Hugh Hewitt’s endorsement means a tremendous amount to me and my campaign. His respected opinion goes a long way not just in Los Angeles County, but across the nation where he broadcasts daily.”

Last Sunday Alan Jackson earned the endorsement of the Daily News and 10 other newspapers across the county. He leads all candidates in support from law enforcements and victims’ rights leaders.

For more information, please visit Alan Jackson’s campaign website at

# - # - #

Jackson has been doing the rounds of conservative radio talk shows, leveraging his central role in outing the deceitful candidacy of Carmen Trutanich, apparently to good effect. Rumors suggest that Jackson is in line for more influential broadcast media endorsements in the run up to the June 5, primary.

The talk show circuit seems to be solid political territory that Jackson owns and could well be sufficient to secure him a place in the November runoff against either Jackie Lacey who is gaining support, or  Carmen Trutanich who is losing it as a result of his false claims about being a victim of crime.

Mario Trujillo holds up his hand for Trutnanich

An email blast from former District Attorney candidate Mario Trujillo urges recipients to pony up a few bucks for the beleaguered bogus Chief Los Angeles Criminal Prosecutor.

It is a sign of desperation from both Trutanich, who cannot raise a dime from anyone with any sense, and from Trujillo who must still be so unwell that he has not read the LA Times, Daily News, LA Weekly or the Dragnet in the light of Trutanich's latest lies.

Either that or his judgment remains impaired because he still believes that his 'friend' Trutanich will show his appreciation for their three month long 'friendship' in some way other than sticking a knife in his back once he's used Trujillo in the furtherance of his political ambition.

Anyone with any shred of decency would renounce their support for a proven liar like Trutanich in view of his scandalous false accusations against Steve Cooley and the DA's Office.

Former DA Candidate Steve Ipsen reported 'fired'

Not much has been heard of former District Attorney candidate Steve Ipsen since he dropped out of the race. Now the Los Angeles Metropolitian News-Enterprise reports that Ipsen was 'fired' this week. The Met News article documents many of the controversies attending Ipsen's career at the DA's Office, but does not state the reason for his departure, other than saying that the allegations against him were 'very dicey.'

The Met News states that  'Ipsen will have the opportunity to contest the charges against him at a personnel hearing, with litigation possibly ensuing once administrative remedies are exhausted.' Whether Ipsen's departure is any way connected with sustained allegations of improper ex-parte communications during the ADDA's lawsuit against the District Attorney and senior management is unknown, and the District Attorney's Office declined to comment. Spokesperson Sandi Gibbons would only say 'We are unable to discuss pending personnel matters.' according to the Met News.



Anonymous said...

Trutanich is not a back stabber, he looks straight into your face, smiles, tells your your his bro, and then plunges the knife into your heart. Get some kevlar Mario, you gonna need it.

Anonymous said...

So in a city that is practically half Latino and overwhelmingly Democratic, Jackson got the endorsement of a right wing radio host known for immigrant bashing and questioning the patriotism of liberals.

Alan, you had a chance to win this thing, and your pissing it away.

Anonymous said...

11:18am is right.LA is about 60% Latino/Black/Democrat. So That means Meyers, Grace, Trutanavich and Lacey are all busy fighting for a piece of that 60%, but Jackson has the remaining 40% all to himself. Think he knows what he's doing going for the right wing conservatives in the primary, that assures him a place in the runoff. After that he can broaden his base. You know he speaks fluent Spanish, that really will help come November. Tell Nuch to read em and weep.

Anonymous said...

12:59 is right, AJ is the only candidate with a solid voter constituency backing him. Plus he just filmed an awesome TV commercial and is putting a ton of money into media buys for the next few weeks before the election to reach out to even MORE voters.

Anonymous said...

Lacey and Trutanich will get a piece of the moderate Republicans.
Lacey through her association with Steve Cooley, and Trutanich because many of the public think he's a moderate Republican.

Jackson will get a share of the moderate Republicans and all the far right conservatives.

He'll come in 2nd or 3rd.

Anonymous said...

Hey 12:59pm, my aunt has a pet parrot who can speak and curse in Spanish like a pro! The only base he inspires is the number of family members who want to feed him to the cat.

Jackson's problem is that he is winning the support of conservatives by doing the wrong thing: agreeing with them. There are too many issues where he can't say anything that an African American, Latino, or even a rank and file Democrat would want to hear. . . unless he wants to do a 180 degree pivot and risk getting called a liar. There's a reason why Cooley lost this county in a landslide during the AG's race

Anonymous said...

Surprise Surprise AG Kamala Harris told Nuch to go pound sand. What a disgrace you are Nuch. Is this a taste of the kind of DA you would be? Make up allegations you know to be false and waste public resources on your ill conceived shennanigans? Nuch is pathetic and probably revels at the thought of the hundreds of innocent people that would be prosecuted under his regime.

Anonymous said...

A! B! C!

Anyone But Carmen.

Say it loud and spread it proud.

Anonymous said...

@12:59..LORD some people who post here are dumb. Only 23.5% of registered voters in LA County are Republican. Of that 23.5%, Trutanich will get more of them than Jackson will simply b/c he's an established candidate with a shot.

Jackson is going to come in 4th in the primary. He knows this. The thing you need to understand is that he's no longer running for DA...he's trying to establish himself as a notable Republican candidate in California. Hence the endorsement by someone like Hewitt. He's got no money and no shot.

It's Lacey/Trutanich in November. 11:18, get your facts straight. Google is your friend.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich is f*cked. As 7:48PM points out, Jackson gets ABD - Anyone But Democrats. That means not only the majority of Republicans (23.50%) but also most of the Decline to States (20.37%), none of whom would never vote for a sack of crap like Nuch.

It won't even be close on June 5. Nuch loses because too many people know him.

It's Jackson vs Lacey in the runoff and Nuch goes back to being a slip and fall lawyer in 2013.

Anonymous said...

Look....statistics or not. Nuch will win June 5th the same way Obama is gona take his with his bilion dollars he has raised. Its over and agreed. Jackson is a little prep schoolboy from Texas and Lacy is a very sexy and classy lady but shes nothing more then Cooleys spritual leader and a chef. Nuch is a real deal blue collar man...the type of leader people want. Money most money and brains. And ur right Big Tuna will pay u all back for the lies u have been spreding especially u Berger.Because that's what we Croatians do lol. We crush our enemies, take the spoils and laugh about it. U gona need lots of polish vodka to deal with this.Crorex

Anonymous said...

Amen to that.....strong do as they will and weak as they have to. Berger ur fcukd. I am here for u if u want me to help u with ur misery. Just kiddin love ur blog

Anonymous said...

Big Tuna is best looking,most qualified and got most money.....who wouldn't wana vote for him......well DISPENSARY OPERATORS....maybe not. Isn't that what Cooley wants?