Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Trutanich campaigning on the City's dime, again

Los Angeles city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich's continued use of City of Los Angeles cars and personnel in connection with his DA campaign continues to raise questions about whether City Ethics Law is being violated.

On Sunday morning, April 29, 2012 Trutanich attended a breakfast fundraiser in at Abbas Restaurant at 125 N. La Brea Ave, in Hancock Park.

Video and photos obtained by the Dragnet shows Trutanich arriving and leaving in a  City of Los Angeles SUV driven by a LAPD Officer from Truanich's Security Detail.

Trutanich's SUV and its driver remained parked outside the restaurant for two hours while Trutanich spoke to a small group who made contributions to his campaign.

Section 49.5.5.B of the Municipal Code states that:

No City official or employee of an agency shall engage in campaign-related activities, such as fundraising, the development of electronic or written materials, or research, for a campaign for any elective office or ballot measure:
1. during the hours for which he or she is receiving pay to engage in City business; or
2. using City facilities, equipment, supplies or other City resources.

This is not the first time Trutanich's use of City resources in connection with his campaign has been questioned. Last week the Dragnet showed one of Trutanich's City vehicles illegally parked for an hour while Trutanich attended an endorsement interview at the Central City Association headquarters in Downtown LA.

Previously, City vehicles and personnel were seen being used in the production of Trutanich's ill-fated DA campaign video, ironically called 'True Stories.'

Trutanich may argue that the presence of LAPD is necessary to ensure his security, but that does not mean that Trutanich should not be required to reimburse the City for the high cost of providing a limousine service for his campaign activities. It was Trutanich who launched a 'criminal aspects' investigation into recovering the costs of LAPD personnel who were considered necessary to ensure security during the Michael Jackson memorial.

Is it one law for Trutanich and a different law for everyone else?



Anonymous said...

Hey is Raskov still "working" for the City Attorney's Office? He had a City contract to find grants for the CA's office didn't he? Well, did Raskov find any grants? The CA's budget is still in trouble so some grants would surely come in handy right now.

When Trutancih reports his campaign financials (contributions, gifts, expendtures etc.) does he also report the City Attorney's Office staff paid by the City that aren't doing City work but instead working on Trutanich's DA campaign?

Anonymous said...

I noticed Dragnet ignored CNOA's endorsement of Trutanich

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Dragnet and the rest of the media have ignored the CNOA endorsement for the same reason that Trutanich's viral video claims were ignored. It is not real. Trutanich's Chief Investigator is on the board of CNOA and used all his influence to get Trutanich the endorsement, and CNOA did not bother even interviewing any of the other candidates.

Phony endorsements aren't going to win this race. Just like phony YouTube views don't cut it. Thanks to all the negativity about Trutanich, the media are nailing him almost daily - I bet the video and photos of Trutanich and the city car at the fundraiser will be used by the Times or the LA Weekly to help build the picture of this guy as someone who cannot be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell do you think you are, TMZ? Haven't you got anything better to do on a Sunday than stalk Nuch? I'm surprised he waved at you, he probably wanted to strangle you. Nuch raised over $300k at that fundraiser, the people love him.

Have your fun while it lasts. You Jackson, Lacey and Meyers will be sent to the four corners of the county when Nuch becomes your boss.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine just told me he went to a fund raiser tonight in town that Bill Clinton was hosting for Trutanich. He said the room was packed and Clinton basically through his support behind Trutanich.

Can someone find out if this is true? If so, this race is over.

Anonymous said...

10:20PM it's true, or should I say TRUe, I was there. Clinton was the host at his Westwood condo, but US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was the emcee and he introduced Nuch as a 'Clinton Democrat.' All the heavy hitter democrats were there, most of them from Hollywood. I think Nuch raised more than $1M tonight, the race is over.