Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Trutanich rips DA's Office - Alleges 'Suspicious Political Activity'

A letter written by city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich to Attorney General Kamala Harris shows not only how deep the divide between former 'buddies' Trutanich and DA Steve Cooley has become, but also how truly 'shocked' the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician is to discover his personnel file is missing.

Rumors of the rift between DA Steve Cooley and Carmen 'the Clown' Trutanich
seem validated by the contents of Trutanich's May 11, 2012 letter to AG Kamala Harris

On May 11, 2012, in response to allegations in the LA Times that Trutanich has lied about being surrounded and shot at by gangmembers who 'tried to kill him before trial' at Green Meadows Park in 1985, Trutanich states that the LA Times 'has been investigating facts surrounding an assault on me by a number of gang members at Green Meadows Park. The shooting occurred in 1985 while I was at gang-related murder crime scene, as a Deputy District Attorney, in the Hardcore Gangs Unit. I was fortunate to have survived that day. Were it not for the heroic efforts of former District Attorney Investigator Jim Bell, I would not have.'

Trutanich's letter to AG Kamala Harris seems to leave no doubt whatsoever as to his current enhanced memory giving him the ability to recall the events of 1985 with a degree of clarity that was not apparent when he testified under oath in 2008 and said nothing of an 'assault,' a 'number of gang members,' or 'the shooting,' instead he testified that :

"We were out there taking pictures, Jim and I. And I didn't see much because, you know, next thing I knew - - Jim was the one that was doing - - I was looking at the crime scene. Next thing I knew, Jim was telling me somebody had a gun, and I think they pulled me down."

Perhaps Trutanich was confused between shooting pictures and shooting gangmembers? It's an easy mistake to make when you are, as KABC host Doug McIntyre like to call Trutanich, 'truth challenged.'

Regardless, armed with his enhanced memory powers, Trutanich tells Harris that:

 'Los Angeles Times reporter Jack Leonard alerted me to the fact that my personnel file from the District Attorey's Office was missing' he told Ms. Harris.

Trutanich continues 'This personnel file may have included information about security detail assigned to protect my family and me during this time, commendations and other documentation that speaks to my veracity, and the quality of my work as a frontline prosecutor.'

Strangely, Trutanich does not tell Ms. Harris whether his personnel file would have contained any shred of evidence about anything at all happening at Green Meadows Park, which would seem to be the issue. Unless, of course, Trutanich is trying (desperately) to deflect attention from the real issue - that he lied about the shooting, being surrounded, or any number of gangmembers, because IT NEVER HAPPENED.

So instead, Trutanich writes to Harris to 'formally request an investigation into suspicious political activity taking place at the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office,' surrounding his missing file. The implication is clear. He is accusing DA Steve Cooley of being responsible for the loss of the file, an accusation Cooley told the LA Times, was 'slanderous against the DA's office and against me.'

Some might say that it is a little premature for allegations of 'suspicious political activity' at the DA's Office to be made. That wild accusation would only ever have a shred of credibility if a political thug or 'pathological liar' like Trutanich ever became DA. Thankfully, that looks increasingly unlikely now that the latest Trutuanich lie has been exposed.



Anonymous said...

laugh while you still can, Berger, Nuch has already sent a letter to Kamala Harris and the FBI about your blogging on county time. One of the first things Nuch will do as DA is put you in the Grand Jury room to answer questions about what you know about his file, and when did you know it. All of you people are going to be in the crosshairs, and the first one who makes a deal might save their job. It's a new DA in in LA, get used to it.

Anonymous said...

The story about the shooting that NEVER HAPPENED must have Trutanich really worried for him to accuse Cooley of having anything to do with his missing file. It is like the worst betrayal of a friendship - they have been buddies for years, and now Trutanich is calling Cooley a cheat? Is Trutanich implying that Cooley deliberately lost his file so that the proof that he was shot would not come out? How come he didn't ask for his file when he testified in 2008? If he couldn't remember the details of the shooting then, he could have easily asked for his file. It doesn't make any sense, but then neither does his story. The idea that there was a shooting that was not reported to the police is a joke, a very bad joke.

Anonymous said...

Nuch did a lot for Cooley while running for AG. The whole thing with la times and the spin stories against Nuch and all the negative press coming out. Now the files r missing that could help Nuch. I don't know.....looks fishy. I can only think of one person who has that much influence in media outlets in LA. U don't screw ur friends who helped u. Nuch and his supporter helped Cooley raising big funds while running for AG. They were very close. Cooley called him his son at one of the fundraisers that Nuch threw for him while running fo AG. After he lost the race against Kamala all of a sudden he uses all of his influence to destroy Nuch and endorses his assistant. Give me a break. Yeah Jackie is more qualified....pls its bunch of crap. This is Putin style politics. I will not run but I will have my underboss take over lol. In the end the truth will be know.....Big Tuna will be the man in LA and there is gona be lots of investigations going on. Let me tell u something.....Croatians know how to carry a grudge. Watch out.

Anonymous said...

So da Big Tuna sez ders somethin fishy in the DA's Office. Really? No Sh-t Sherlock.

Of course there's suspicious political activity in the DA's Office. Duh! It was suspicious activity in the DA's Office that transformed Nuch from a San Pedro ambulance chase into the City Attorney (seriously, had anyone heard of him before Cooley foisted him on the rest of us?) Then it was suspicious political activity between Nuch and Hyatt Seligman that got Nuch waived on through the County Federation of Labor, helping to make him seem like a serious contender in the DA's race.

For Nuch to complain about suspicious activity now is RIDICULOUS! Like the fat guy at the buffet complaining that the waitress brought him a regular coke instead of diet.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous at 7:08 am, why are you talking in the third person? Everybody knows that's you Carmen Lietanich. You really make it obvious with the things you say. You're like a broken record...except you're a special broken record, one that knows how to lie. Face it, you're kidding yourself if you actually think you'll end up L.A.s new D.A. All of Los Angeles now knows you're a pathological liar.