Saturday, May 12, 2012

Trutanich uses McCarthyism to deflect attention from allegations he lied about being a victim of crime

The Los Angles Times reported that embattled city prosecutor has written to the Attorney General's Office calling for a 'probe' into the District Attorney's Office.

Trutanich claims it is "suspicious political activity" that his personnel file is missing, implying that if it were not missing, it would contain some evidence of his claim that he was surrounded by gangmembers who were shooting at him in the 1980's. That claim was recently found to be false when the LA Times reported that there was not only no evidence to support Trutanich's lie claim, but that the evidence that did exist - Trutanich's deposition testimony given in 2008, showed that Trutanich denied being shot at or surrounded by gangmembers.

Of course Trutanich knows very well that his personnel file, along with many others, was found to be missing in 2008 when he started his campaign to become City Attorney. At that time, Trutanich was supported by DA Steve Cooley and the missing file suited Trutanich's strategy as it allowed him to portray himself as a 'rising star' of the DA's Office when the file might not have supported that claim.

But now Trutanich's claim that the file went missing because of "suspicious political activity" is more likely to be seen as another one of Trutanich's McCarthy-moments, where he makes false claims publicly in the hope that it deflects attention from himself.

Trutanich famously employed that tactic when he publicly accused AEG of 'criminal aspects' arising from the Michael Jackson memorial and launched his ill-fated 'criminal aspects investigation' which was silently abandoned after a year with no results, other than the acceptance by Trutanich of a bunch of Lady Gaga concert tickets from AEG.

Trutanich also asked the Attorney General to 'investigate' the propriety of DA Steve Cooley's video endorsement of Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey.

Trutanich seems to be implying that it was improper for Cooley to be filmed in his office endorsing Lacey, however, Trutanich cannot cite any relevant law prohibiting that activity.

Readers will recall that Trutanich was forced to remove a portion of his DA campaign video which featured Sheriff Lee Baca giving an impassioned endorsement to the former slip-and-fall lawyer when it was found that Baca and Trutanich had violated a state election law prohibiting law enforcement officials from making political endorsements in uniform.

In calling for the 'probe' Trutanich will likely re-kindle complaints that he violated City Ethics laws by using city equipment and personnel in the filming of his DA campaign video, as well as using city equipment and personnel in the conduct of his campaign.

Trutanich's late call for a 'probe' into records discovered missing four years ago, as well as his unsupported allegations surrounding Cooley's endorsement of Jackie Lacey, will likely be seen for what they truly are; very desperate and very irrelevant to the real issue, which is Trutanich's utter unfitness for holding public office based on his abusive use of prosecutorial power and his lies about being a victim of violent crime.

The primary election is three weeks away, and Trutanich is understood to be facing the very real prospect of a humiliating drubbing at the polls on June 5, and perhaps not even securing a place in the November run-off election.



Anonymous said...

Another daily reminder that Mario Trujillo is the most foolish man in LA politics.

Anonymous said...

Something is goin on??? The personel file that verifies story told by Nuch is conveniently missing from DA office. Looks like some people don't want truth to be known. State attorney office will probably look at this. I hope some people have burried their skeletons far away cause Kamalas bureau of investigations is gona have a field day with this. LA confidental at its finest. Big tuna is the man. Crorex

Anonymous said...

Something going on? Yes. The truth about Trutanich is oozing out like puss from a boil. Trutanich does not want a probe into his missing file, he wants a distraction from the scandal that will not go away. It's one thing lying about YouTube views and endorsements, but making up a story that he was attacked by gangmembers is exactly the kind of conduct that gives cops and DAs a bad reputation.

Trutanich does not want an investigation into what really happened at Green Meadows Park, any more than he wants the facts about why Trutanich left the DA's office to come out. He knows the records are missing and that the AG won't investigate anything. It's all smoke and mirrors, but it won't do him any good. He is finished in politics.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich is going down! This explains his brilliant use of the porcupine defense as he is faced with this scandal. He will go down but he will taste bad going down. Surely this pathetic accusation hurled against the DA's office left a bad taste in Cooley's mouth. Haha mission accomplished. Way to go Trutanich!

Anonymous said...

Politics aside.....what the hell happend between Mr. Cooley and Nuch??I was present at the event when Cooley called him his son. Also Nuch and his supporters raised lot of money when he was running for AG. All of a sudden he turned on his friend. I was Mr. Colleys supporter when he was running for the state because I tought everybody was on a same team. Confused is an understatement. Politics or not I was taught that u don't stab ur friends in the back.

Anonymous said...

Just when you thought Trutanich couldn't stoop any lower. This type of allegation is sickening to all the Deputy DA's who have dedicated themselves to seeking justice and have done so with the utmost professionalism and integrity. The men and women of the DA's Office do not want this type of boss and are sickened by the remote possibility that he can become DA. Hopefully with the Times endorsement of Jackie, Trutanich has lost any chance. Jackie, please save us from this fool!!