Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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Jackie Lacey on the 'Bell Lap'

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey's latest email blast to her supporters was entitled 'The Bell Lap,' signaling that the race has entered the last lap, and two weeks from now the question as to which of the candidates will advance to the runoff will be answered.

Earlier in the race it looked like a certainty that city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich would win a place in the runoff by a substantial margin or, as he is rumored to have bragged, 'win the primary outright.' That is no longer the case.

His campaign has been seriously damaged by a series of lies stemming from his bogus claim to have been a victim of gang violence. That lie, and the lies about his 'surprise' at discovering his personnel records missing when he had known of that fact for over three years, and his crass call for an investigation into 'suspicious political activity' at the DA's office, only served to affirm the deceitful nature of his candidacy and underline the reason why not a single newspaper has endorsed him, and  why talk show hosts urge their listeners to shun him.

While Jackson and Lacey contemplate the 'The Bell Lap' in terms of whether they will face each other in the runoff, Trutanich now must be wondering whether he will even hear the bell.

Daily News reminds readers of another Trutainich's deception

Monday's Daily News editorial reminded readers of Carmen Trutanich's attempt 'to deceive the public' with his false and misleading ballot title. 'In Trutanich's case, the attempt to identify himself as "Los Angeles chief prosecutor" made him guilty of self-aggrandizement. A judge ordered the ballot line changed to "Los Angeles city prosecutor," which is still an overstatement of what a city attorney really does; let's hope voters haven't forgotten his deception.' the Daily News said.


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