Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Topics

KABC 790AM's John Philips meets the candidates

KABC 790AM talk show host John Philips devoted his Memorial Day radio show to giving each of the DA candidates valuable airtime to discuss their candidacies. City prosecutor Carmen Trutanich declined to participate, doubtless fearing that he would be confronted with his record and challenged over each and every false aspect of his campaign.

With the election now just a week away, and voter turnout likely to be low, the race looks increasingly likely to be decided by informed voters, and any voters listening to the John Philips show will now be fully informed as to why they should not vote for Carmen Trutanich.

Ron Kaye endorses Jackie Lacey and Alan Jackson for DA

Former Los Angeles Daily News editor Ron Kaye used Memorial Day to deliver his message to the very same group of voters who were instrumental in electing Carmen Trutanich as City Attorney in 2009: "Stop Trutanich from Doing More Harm: Vote for Jackie Lacey or Alan Jackson for District Attorney."

Walter Moore endorses Alan Jackson for DA

Former Los Angeles mayoral candidate Walter Moore endorsed Alan Jackson for DA in his Memorial Day message. Moore's message concluded with these words: "But the one person for whom you must not vote, under any circumstances is Carmen Trutanich. If you're unclear about that, visit Los Angeles Dragnet."

Trutanich's lies about assassination attempt continue to rankle

While Carmen Trutanich continues to hide from the media in the hope that outrage at the LA Times reports of his lies about being the victim of an assassination attempt fade away, our newly released YouTube video reminds viewers of the issue.

The 'Assassination-gate' scandal, followed by Trutanich's pathetic response of accusing District Attorney Steve Cooley of 'suspicious political activity' concerning personnel records that Trutanich knew were missing for over three years, coupled with his failure to con Attorney General Kamala Harris into investigating Trutanich's false claims, appear to have forced Trutanich into hiding from the media and shunning candidate forums where he will face more questions for which 'There is no innocent explanation." 

Hopefully, the media will respect Trutanich's wishes to remain incognito in the run up to next week's election and refrain for bothering him with an explanation for the next scandal that is about to hit the former ambulance chaser slip-and-fall lawyer turned career politician.


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