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Wheels continue to come off Trutanich Wagon

The Downfall of Carmen Trutanich video - 'Very telling'

Former DA wannabe Carmen Trutanich blithely blamed talk radio and 'the media' for his humiliating downfall as he fled his 'victory' party on election night. Other reports, however, indicate that Trutanich privately blames his (former) senior political consultant, John Shallman, for his downfall.

Shallman, often referred to by Trutanich as 'my ambassador of Quan' features heavily in 'The Downfall of Carmen Trutanich - The Final Days,' a satirical parody of Trutanich's final days of his DA campaign.

Shallman, is seems, bears the blame for betraying Trutanich by suggesting the use of the 'sick mother' excuse to protect Trutanich from the onslaught of media questions challenging the veracity of his story about an 'assassination attempt' in Green Meadows Park.

Trutanich had been besieged by the media regarding the Green Meadows Park assassination attempt story and his false claims of 'suspicious political activity' by the DA's office in hiding his personnel file. It seems that it was Shallman's idea to force Trutanich into a media blackout by suspending the 'media portion' of his campaign based on having to spend time at his ailing mother's bedside.

If Shallman succeeded in anything it was in preventing Trutanich from making a bigger fool of himself in the final week of the campaign. For a while it seemed like Shallman's strategy was working. The media stopped asking questions about Trutanich's lies. However, the release of a YouTube video called 'The Lies of Carmen Trutanich' appeared to re-ignite concerns about Trutanich's fitness for office, and led to FOX 11 News challenging Trutanich to break his media blackout and explain his actions. Trutanich remained in hiding, but Shallman appeared on FOX 11 News instead.

By all accounts Shallman did a lousy job of trying to defend the indefensible with Shallman appearing to be 'weaselly' when faced with FOX 11 New Anchorman Jeff Michael's probing questions. Clearly neither Shallman nor Trutanich can have been pleased by the interview, and that's likely when they realized that the DA campaign was over.

Whether Trutanich's downfall was caused by Trutanich's own false 'assassination attempt' story, or by Shallman's weaselly responses, it was likely the cause of much heated debate and dissension in the last days of Trutanich's DA campaign. 'The Downfall of Carmen Trutanich - The Final Days' video portrays this dissension in the form of an embattled Trutanich flying into an apoplectic rage at being told that Shallman has appeared on FOX 11 on his behalf. Trutanich apparently thought that the media blackout applied to Shallman as much as it did to him, and sees himself betrayed by Shallman, especially when told that Shallman 'sucked' and told 'three stupid lies.'

Trutanich also blames Shallman for not doing anything about the many disastrous comments made by talk show hosts and political correspondents. 'Where was Shallman when my reputation was getting jail raped?' Trutanich asks rhetorically, perhaps referring to John and Ken calling him a 'lying boob,' Doug McIntyre calling him 'Truth Challenged,' as well as Gene Maddaus' iconic 'Carmen the Barbarian' LA Weekly front cover.

Trutanich's rage is also directed at LA Times reporter Jack Leonard, who Trutanich refers to as 'that Limey bastard,' for writing three hit pieces against him. Returning to Shallman, Trutanich appears to question the wisdom of appearing on FOX 11 News, noting that he (Trutanich) had been 'ambushed' when he was interviewed by FOX News Anchorman Jeff Michael. Trutanich apparently was assured by Shallman that the FOX 11 interview would be a 'softball,' but Trutanich notes that 'Jeff Michael ripped me a new asshole that day.'

While 'The Downfall of Carmen Trutanich - The Final Days' is clearly one of many similar parodies of political downfalls, it may appear to some that the degree of blame-shifting, rage and paranoia displayed in the Hitler rant scene from 2004 classic 'Downfall' is particularly fitting to the Trutanich regime. It may also explain why his long-time supporter, John Franklin, has decided to call it quits.

Trutanich 'press deputy' to retire

LA Observed reports that Los Angeles City Attorney's Office Public Information Officer John Franklin has become the first of Carmen the Clown Trutanich's executive staff to bail following the one time wannabe DA's spectacular downfall on June 5.

Franklin, a former LA Sheriff's Dept. Commander, is pictured above wearing a blue shirt and an expression that perhaps explains why he has chosen to part company with the Clown. Franklin, as Trutanich's P.I.O., must have told his boss on numerous occasions that his pathetic lies were not cutting the mustard with the press, and that his DA campaign would be his downfall.

Trutanich, of course, would not listen to Franklin, nor anyone else in his doomed administration. Franklin's departure is significant not only because he was one of Trutanich's original executive appointments, but also because Franklin helped maintain the relationship between Trutanich and Sheriff Lee Baca. Franklin's departure now adds fuel to the fire of speculation that Sheriff Baca will not endorse Trutanich in his bid to be re-elected as City Attorney.

Baca's support for Trutanich dates back to the 2009 City Attorney campaign, and Baca was more recently used by  Trutanich to front the faux 'Draft Trutanich for DA' movement, designed to give Trutanich an easy out from his 'Pledge to Serve.' Unfortunately, in Baca's zeal to help Trutanich he allowed himself to be filmed in uniform giving Trutanich a political endorsement. That violated state law, and Baca was forced into making the embarrassing admission that he had broken the law to help Trutanich. Strangely, while Baca was man enough say 'mea culpa,' his endorsee, the tough-guy super-crime-fighter Trtuanich made no comment, and merely edited out the illegal endorsement.

Baca cannot have been pleased to have found himself breaking the law for someone who is supposed to know the law, and then being given no support whatsoever. It is understood that Baca was looking for a way of cooling the relationship with Trutanich, and that had Trutanich managed to make it into the run-off, Baca would likely have withdrawn his endorsement based in part on the screw-up regarding the uniform, but perhaps more saliently on the questions arising from Trutanich's lies about the Green Meadows Park assassination attempt.

Given the drubbing Trutanich received at the polls, his split with so many former supporters, allegations of serial untruthfulness, and his senior political strategist now working for opponent Mike Feuer, most expect Baca to decline to endorse Trutanich for City Attorney.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Trutanich dropped by campaign strategist as fallout from downfall continues

LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus broke news of the worst-kept secret in the post-Trutanich downfall era; relations with senior political strategist John Shallman have deteriorated to the point of no return.

Shallman, the man Trutanich once referred to as "my ambassador of Quan," had apparently advised Trutanich to 'finish his term strong' with his head held high, and not seek a problematic and likely disastrous re-election campaign.

Trutanich won't have liked listening to Shallman's reasoning, but the points made by the seasoned political strategist are likely to have included the following:
  • You lost LA County by 78% to a pair of relatively unknown political novices.
  • You raised 3 times more money but you came third.
  • You had endorsements from the Governor and the Sheriff, how could you lose?
  • You cannot possibly raise enough money for the City Attorney race because you are a loser. 
  • Who will want to donate to your doomed campaign?
  • Go back to chasing ambulances while you still can.
Shallman may not have used these exact words to tell Trutanich that his political career is over, but he will have made it clear to Trutanich that there is no 'mulligan' in politics and that he (Shallman) considers Trutanich to be a 'political dead man walking.' He could not do better than a lowly third place, and he cannot raise serous cash because everyone expects his City Attorney reelection campaign to be a repeat to his failed DA campaign.

Trutanich and his senior staffers are said to be very upset at Shallman for mis-handling the many 'hiccups' and 'missteps' Trutanich suffered since his DA campaign was officially launched. They also questioned the wisdom of Shallman's media clampdown in the last weeks of the campaign. They believe Trutanich could and should have talked his way out of the Green Meadows Park Assassination-Gate scandal, as well as directly responded to claims that he was a 'serial liar,' and 'an extremely good con man.' Trutanich believes Shallman did a horrible job of standing in for him on FOX 11 News, and should have stayed in the background and allowed Trutanich defend himself.

While it is certainly true that Shallman looked and sounded like a whining, weaselly liar, his was basically a mission impossible. There was not much that Shallman could say or do to overcome the negatives caused by Trutanich who not only lies serially, but in attempting to explain away one lie, creates a second, even larger lie.

What is interesting, based on the report in the LA Weekly, is that it was Shallman who dumped Trutanich, rather than Trutanich who dumped Shallman.  Clearly Shallman believes Feuer has a better chance at challenging Greg Smith in the race for City Attorney than Trutanich. Shallman's dumping of Trutanich also leaves the former wannabe DA now scrambling around looking for a campaign strategist.

Trutanich may find getting a new campaign strategist a lot harder after losing the DA race; few campaign strategists will want to take on Trutanich at all given the likelihood that he will lose again, and those who are willing to risk their reputations will likely only do so if they are very, very well paid.

A highly paid campaign strategist may be something Trutanich can no longer afford. He raised $1.8M for his DA campaign, and now has to go dialing those same donors for more dollars, saying 'Hey, thanks for the $1,500 you gave me to become DA, how about giving me another $1,000 to see if I can hang on to the job I said I didn't want?' That could be the real reason why Shallman was so willing to dump Trutanich - he knows that Trutanich probably cannot raise the kind of money Shallman needs.

All of this leaves Trutanich as very much the lame duck City Attorney. Any power or influence he used to have has been diminished by his failed bid to become DA. He is a laughing stock around City Hall, and must be wondering how everything could have gone so horribly wrong for him.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thursday's Briefs

Jackson picks up endorsements

It's two weeks since the District Attorney primary saw Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey and Assistant Head Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson secure their places in the November runoff, leaving Carmen Trutanich out of the race and grasping at straws.

If the DA candidates deserve a break from campaigning, they're not taking it. Alan Jackson announced two significant endorsements this past week. On June 12, Jackson announced that State Board of Equalization Vice Chair Michelle Steel had given him her endorsement.

This from the Jackson campaign:  "Coming off a tremendous victory on Election Night, Alan Jackson remains the frontrunner with the most BOE and law enforcement organization endorsements. Jackson had been endorsed by BOE member George Runner prior to the June 5th Election."

BOE Vice Chair Michelle Steel said, “I am proud to endorse Alan Jackson for District Attorney of Los Angeles County. In the years ahead California and Los Angeles will face unprecedented public safety challenges. It is critical that we elect our top prosecutor to lead the largest prosecutorial agency in the nation. That top prosecutor without a doubt is Alan Jackson. Alan has been battle-tested and will serve Los Angeles County well as our next District Attorney.”

Gang prosecutor Alan Jackson stated, “Michelle Steel’s support means a great deal to my campaign. If elected, I pledge to utilize my skills and knowhow as a prosecutor to lead the DA’s office into the future. I look forward to partnering with Michelle Steel and other members of the BOE to make LA County a safer place for our families to live.”

 # - # - #

On June 19, Jackson also announced his endorsement by County Supervisor Don Knabe. 


First Supervisor to weigh in since Election Day picks Jackson.

Los Angeles, June 19th – Supervisor Don Knabe announced his endorsement today of gang prosecutor Alan Jackson for District Attorney. Supervisor Knabe serves Los Angeles County’s Fourth District, from Marina Del Rey and Long Beach to Whittier and Diamond Bar.

Jackson is the frontrunner in the race for DA, claiming support from Supervisor Michael Antonovich (the only other Supervisor to endorse a candidate for DA) as well as George Runner and Michelle Steel, the only California State Board of Equalization members to endorse in this contest. Jackson continues to far outpace his competition as the clear choice of LA County elected officials, law enforcement organizations and victims’ rights leaders.

Visit to view Jackson’s support.

Supervisor Knabe stated, “Throughout his nearly two decades as a prosecutor with the District Attorney’s Office, Alan Jackson has shown a commitment to public safety and innovative approaches to fighting crime and managing resources. I have every confidence that Alan will be an excellent District Attorney, dedicated to keeping all residents of Los Angeles County safe.“

Gang prosecutor Alan Jackson continued, “Our campaign is moving at a breakneck pace into the November runoff. I could not be more pleased to have earned Supervisor Knabe’s support. As District Attorney, I fully intend to work with our Supervisors to ensure public safety across the county.”

For more information, please visit Alan Jackson’s campaign website at

 # - # - # 

Knabe had previously endorsed Carmen Trutanich for DA, and perhaps after seeing how abysmally Trutanich performed, he gave the endorsement to Jackson. 

It now remains to be seen whether either of the run-off candidates can attract the endorsements of Governor Jerry Brown and Sheriff Lee Baca, Both had previously endorsed Trutanich and both are understood to be shocked at the way Trutanich squandered their endorsements with his campaign of lying and deceiving. 

Trutanich is understood to be keen to do a deal with either of the DA candidates that would see him giving his endorsement in return for an endorsement from whichever DA candidate is politically suicidal enough to want to be associated with a serial liar and loser. The former front-runner is reported to still be in something of a shell-shocked state, having had to suffer the humiliation of facing his victory party crowd and trying to explain the monumental failure of his campaign strategy.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Topics

The Biggest Loser in the Downfall of Carmen Trutanich?

According to the LA Weekly's recent article on what went wrong with Carmen the Clown's failed bid to become District Attorney, the blame for the Nouche bag's downfall is fairly and squarely laid on two people;
  • Trutanich's senior political campaign strategist John Shallman for the producing the  'Hindenburg' of political campaigns, and, 
  • DA Steve Cooley for not supporting Trutanich's lie-laden campaign. 
 Do I hear 'Sour Grapes' from the peanut gallery?

Interestingly, the LA Weekly's source for Trutanich's blame game is not the Clown himself, nor is it the Clown's highly-paid senor political campaign adviser John Shallman, but is the Clown's former landlord, Mort Allen who appears to be something of a loser himself in the downfall of Carmen Trutanich.

Trutanich's latest spokeshole is Mort Allen, pictured above to the far right.

Allen has apparently assumed the role of Trutanich's chief spokeshole now that the writing is well and TRUly on the wall for the former ambulance chaser's political career. Trutanich, despite having a multimillion dollar campaign warchest and significant political endorsements, lost his bid to become DA when his campaign crumbled amid allegations of untruthfulness and deception.

Mort Allen, who describes himself as a 'close friend of Trutanich,' told the LA Weekly that Trutanich is '... devastated. He's a broken man after what happened on this.' Allen said. The 'after what happened' portion of Allen's statement is believed to refer to Trutanich finding himself out of the running despite having bragged and boasted his 'front-runner' status.

Allen himself has much to rue from the Clown's downfall. Until the Dragnet reported on Trutanich maintaining un-permitted off-site advertising billboards for two years outside his former campaign headquarters, Allen had been able to brag and boast about his 'close and special relationship' with the City Clown Attorney.

Allen enjoyed associating himself with City Attorney Carmen 'the Clown' Trutanich
and is understood to have been 'devastated' when forced to remove the un-permitted off-site signs

However, once the story of Trutanich's billboard hypocrisy became public, Allen was ordered to remove the offending off-site billboards. The advertising space has been strangely vacant ever since, as if awaiting the Clown's return.

For nearly a year Trutanich's spokeshole has kept his off-site billboard space vacant in
anticipation for the campaign's return. That seems increasingly unlikely.
Trutanich may yet return to Allen's billboards if he is able to survive the primary election for City Attorney in March 2013. However, the chances of Trutanich actually being able to do better than the 22% he garnered on June 5, 2012, appear to be unlikely and the more realistic projection is that Trutanich will quit the City Attorney's office before he is forced to suffer a second politically humiliating defeat.

Trutanich hid massive loss in billboard litigation

One week before the District Attorney primary election, City Clown Attorney Carmen Trutanich was 'locked down' and unavailable to reporters. Most believed that Trutanich had gone into hiding to avoid confrontations arising from revelations that he may have lied about being surrounded and shot at by gangmembers. However, it now appears that there is another reason why Carmen the coward had to hide his face from the gentlemen of the press.

The LA Weekly reported that Trutanich's claims to have taken control of un-permitted offsite advertising was as untrue as just about everything else the former ambulance chaser says. In fact, Trutanich suffered a humiliating courtroom defeat a week before the election, and the only mystery is how he was able to prevent any reports of his defeat from being published.

Regardless of how Trutanich kept his defeat secret, the fact is that it now public knowledge, and yet another myth about the 'successes' of Carmen the Clown has been laid to rest.

Trutanich will face defeat as City Attorney on March 2013.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Los Angeles City Attorney race takes shape

Greg Smith confirms City Attorney candidacy while Feuer and Trutanich have to 'sit down' and get their stories straight

Los Angeles City Attorney candidate Greg Smith is clear about his campaign.
Trutanich and Feuer seemingly have some horse-trading to do.

Two weeks ago Carmen the Clown Trutanich thought he was going to be the star player in a shell game of political musical chairs that would have seen him wafted into the DA's Office and the keys to the City Attorney Office neatly packaged up and delivered to termed-out State Assemblymen Mike Feuer. The puppet-master of this unseemly and distasteful arrangement was campaign strategist John Shallman, who directs both the Trutanich and Feuer campaigns.

All seemed to be going to plan for Shallman, Trutanich and Feuer. Trutanich had raised over $1.8M and had the key endorsements of Governor Jerry Brown and Sheriff Lee Baca. Feuer had raised $345k and had the promise of the Trutanich political powerhouse behind him. It was the political insider's dream deal, the quintessence of the 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours' kind of pay to play politics that these arrogant career politicians thought would go unnoticed.

History will record differing accounts of what, precisely, went wrong with the Trutanich-Feuer nightmare deal, but whether it was general public revulsion at Trutanich's lie laden candidacy, or a more particularized disgust at the way Trutanich lied about being shot at by gangmembers, there seems little doubt that Trutanich, Feuer and Shallman forgot that voters might upset their Machiavellian power plans.

On June 5, 2012, the voters of Los Angeles rejected Trutanich with such unexpected ferocity that it left the clown speechless, incapable of making a concession call, utterly dumbfounded about his downfall. Nearly 80% of the electorate had not only rejected Trutanich, but had also rejected the politicians who had held their hands up for Trutanich; Governor Jerry Brown, Sheriff Lee Baca, Councilmember Dennis Zine, and Assemblyman Mike Feuer. They had all tried to sell Trutanich to their followers, they had all said that Trutanich's lies did not matter. They had all stood behind Trutanich as he openly and unashamedly reneged on his 'Pledge to Serve,' they all openly embraced the Trutanich brand of misleading and deceiving.

Now that the voters have given their verdict on Trutanich and his supporters, the question is no longer whether Trutanich has a political future in Los Angeles - even Trutanich must privately acknowledge that he gambled and lost the farm on June 5, and there's no coming back. The real question is how far has association with Trutanich damaged Feuer's plans to inherit the City Attorney's office?

Had Trutanich won the primary outright (as he had boasted), or even made it into the runoff, Feuer would have had a relatively clear shot at the City Attorney's office. He would, of course, have been bolstered by support from Trutanich himself, as well as Governor Brown, Sheriff Baca and Councilmember Zine. But now Feuer finds himself up a proverbial creek without a paddle.

Trutanich will not back Feuer for City Attorney, because Trutanich has now decided to keep the job he hasn't wanted for the past year and a half. It is also highly unlikely that Governor Brown, Sheriff Baca and Councilmember Zine will back Feuer for City Attorney over their 'golden boy' Trutanich, so they are no help Feuer either. In fact, it looks highly likely that may well decline to support Trutanich in view of his toxic poll rating.

Feuer himself appears to be unclear about the precise terms of the deal he struck with Trutanich about inheriting the City Attorney's office if the unimaginable happened. Feuer recently refused to discuss what he would do if Truanich failed to become DA. Feuer was so confident that Trutanich would succeed that it wasn't worth consideration. Well, now that it is worth consideration, it seems that Feuer is not sure what he can do, or even what he wants to do. Perhaps Feuer is not that keen on becoming City Attorney at all, or just not keen if it involves a fight with Trutanich? Either way, it does appear to leave the City Attorney's office up for grabs for those who have the interest and ability to do the job that Trutanich didn't want to do.

Regardless of whether Trutanich tries to hold on to his unwanted City Attorney gig, Greg Smith is one candidate who has no doubts about wanting the job, but more importantly has no fear when it comes to challenging Trutanich's unfitness for the position. Smith told the Daily News that he has been in private practice for 24 years, said he brings a rare expertise to the race. "I have been litigating against the city for decades," Smith said. "I know many of the deputies. I know where the weaknesses are and where the strengths are. I know what the city needs to do in its civil division."

Smith, who grew up in the San Fernando Valley and now lives in West Los Angeles, said he still has the same concerns over quality of life issues that many Valley groups are concerned with."One of the first things I would do is restore the Neighborhood Prosecutor program," Smith said. "It's been butchered the last couple of years, and it was one of the most effective programs the city has had."

Trutanich began decimating the Neighborhood Prosecutor program almost as soon as he took office, blaming 'budget problems,' however, many believed that Trutanich felt threatened by the program because he not only had little or no control over it, but he also feared Neighborhood Prosecutors could become more popular than him. Ironically, as part of his failed DA campaign, Trutanich had promised to establish a Neighborhood Prosecutor program in the DA's office.

Apart from Feuer and Trutanich, other politicians said to have their eyes on being LA's City Attorney include Councilmembers Paul Krekorian and Jose Huizar. Krekorian told the Daily News that he had not yet "decided," but was "looking," and "will have to make a decision soon, but I'm just weighing it at this point." Krekorian's decision could be influenced by what Feuer decides to do.

Huizar was understood to have been interested in taking Trutanich's spot only if Trutanich became DA. It was to have been deal similar to the one that Feuer had - that Trutanich would give an endorsement and access to support from Governor Brown and Sheriff Baca. With Trutanich now determined to stay in the City Attorney's office, Huizar will need a different strategy. 

As things currently stand then, Greg Smith appears to be the only candidate committed to running for City Attorney. Mike Feuer and Carmen Trutanich appear to have yet to work out another deal to decide which of them will run. And Paul Krekorian is waiting to see the outcome of the Feuer-Trutanich deal. In the meantime, pundits seem increasingly convinced that regardless of Trutanich's decision, the public are likely to give Trutanich another drubbing in 2013. He is finished in LA politics.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday Themes

LA Weekly - What went wrong with the front-runner?

LA Weekly reporter Gene Maddaus was at 'ground zero' last Tuesday night. The night the roller-coaster merry go round ride that has been Carmen the Clown's meteoric rise came crashing to the ground in a humiliating defeat that left the audience stunned, and Trutanich facing ruin and political oblivion.

In this week's LA Weekly, Maddaus takes a look at some of the reasons why the front-runner got his ass handed to him on a plate. Although most agree that Trutanich was largely responsible for his own downfall, Maddaus adds some insight.


Monday, June 11, 2012

'A week is a long time in politics'

If ever there was an adage that defined the spectacular downfall of City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, it must surely be British Prime Minister Harold Wilson's prophetic observation 'A week is a long time in politics.'

A week ago today, the sense of community fear that DA wannabe Carmen Trutanich was the frontrunner who would 'win this thing in the primary' was palpable. One week later, many are still in a state of shock at the swift and stunning downfall of the man who shamelessly betrayed their trust and regarded his promises as nothing more than 'campaign gimmicks.'

Perhaps nobody is in a greater state of shock than Trutanich himself.

Trutanich faces the music at victory party (Credit: Daily Breeze)
Photos of Trutanich's lavish victory party suggest that even as the polls closed, Trutanich still believed he was the de facto incumbent and heir apparent to the DA's office.

Trutanich's main supporters, Sheriff Lee Baca, Tom Torlackson, and Councilmember Dennis Zine
were prominently in attendance at Trutanich's victor party (Credit: Daily Breeze)
The event, attended by leading supporters as Sheriff Lee Baca, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson and Councilmember Dennis Zine, had all the promise of marking the continued political ascendancy of the former slip-and-fall lawyer turned career politician.

It was to be a repeat performance of Trutanich's 2009 shock defeat of then putative incumbent Jack Weiss, only this time Trutanich had out-raised his opponents by 3 to 1, dominated the airwaves with an expensive bombardment of tv ads, and had successfully dodged reporters seeking answers to disturbing questions about his claim to have been surrounded and shot at by gang members during the 1980's.

Trutanich did not, apparently, make an early appearance at his victory party. However, while those in attendance were likely looking forward to being rewarded for their support with perhaps promises of promotions or executive appointments, Trutanich may not have been as confident as he was in 2009.

Trutanich confidently awaits the results of the 2009 City Attorney Election
in an executive suite at a Universal Studios hotel before his victory party.
Reports suggest that as the first election results flashed on the big screen at the Croatian-American Club in San Pedro, the room fell silent. Truanich was in third place. It was a shockwave felt all the way from San Pedro through downtown Los Angeles, scene of second-placed candidate Alan Jackson's victory party, to Sherman Oaks where Jackie Lacey led the polls by a comfortable margin.

Any hope Trutanich held to 'win this thing in the primary' vanished rapidly as the reality of Trutanich's downfall dawned on the stunned audience.

A week is a long time in politics.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Trutanich's Downfall

It is hard to pinpoint precisely what caused DA wannabe City Attorney Carmen Trutanich to crash and burn at the polls in Tuesday's primary election. Former supporter and political activist Zuma Dogg offers his thoughtful analysis. [WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE]

Trutanich lost the election by a crushing margin, not only wiping out any hope he had to 'win this thing in the primary,' but also removing him from what many believed would be the lead position in a runoff election.

Trutanich lost a shot at the runoff by the narrowest of margins to second-placed DA candidate Assistant Head Deputy Alan Jackson. That margin that could perhaps have gone the other way but for many factors.  Certainly, it appears that the efforts of Zuma Dogg to repay Trutanich for betraying a promise may have help to tip the balance.

According to Dogg, Trutanich promised Dogg a job at the City Attorney's office in reward for Dogg's efforts to help Trutanich become City Attorney in 2009. Trutanich never followed through on that promise and stopped accepting calls from Dogg, explaining away Dogg's anti-Trutanich position as 'sour grapes.' 

'Sour grapes' or not, it seems that Zuma Dogg joins a long line of community activists who remain committed to ensuring that the public learn more about Trutanich's character than any amount of expensively produced campaign videos, mailers and tv ads can overcome.


Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Free For All - Winners and Losers

Trutanich's spectacular failure

Embattled City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is rumored to be considering launching a 'suspicious political activity' investigation into the reasons why he failed so monumentally to con voters into electing him as District Attorney. 'It was a failure of biblical proportions,' a source close to the former ambulance chaser turned career politician told the Dragnet on election night, 'There must be a reason why so many good lies failed to impress voters,' the nonplussed supporter said.

We take a look at some of the reasons why Trutanich, with three times more money to spend on nauseating self-aggrandizing tv ads, the endorsement of Governor Brown, the illegal in-uniform endorsement of Sheriff Lee Baca, endorsements from non-existent police associations, three quarters of a million grassroots bought and paid for YouTube supporters in Bangladesh and New Delhi, failed to pull off the political crime of the century.

The men behind the scenes:

Michael Goldstein

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey won first place in the primary election on Tuesday night, but she would be the first to admit that she didn't do it alone. District Attorney Steve Cooley's endorsement of Lacey as 'the most qualified' to run the DA's office clearly gave her an advantage. The man pictured above, appropriately, in the background to the left of Cooley in the LA Times election eve victory party photo, is Michael Goldstein who worked tirelessly to ensure Lacey's success. Goldstein was the mastermind of Lacey's 'Blockbuster' Hollywood fundraiser which gave Lacey's campaign a quantum leap forward in the critical weeks before the election.

John Thomas

Alan Jackson listens as his political strategist, John Thomas, analyzes the election night results.

Second-placed Assistant Head Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson was the first to announce his candidacy for District Attorney, and had the benefit of the advice of political strategist John Thomas from day one. Thomas cut his teeth on on DA Steve Cooley's successful campaign to win a record third term as Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor and then did the 'heavy lifting' on Carmen Trutanich's one and only successful campaign - his run for City Attorney. Thomas masterminded Jackson's stunning courtroom defeat of Trutanich over a false and misleading ballot designation, and then quickly parlayed that defeat into valuable media coverage portraying Trutanich as a 'pathological liar.'

Trutanich blames 'talk radio' for defeat

On election night City Attorney Carmen Trutanich faced his worst nightmare, a humiliating defeat and even worse, the media he had been hiding from in the final weeks of his campaign, as the wheels came of his wagon. This short audio clip captures Trutanich's reality distortion field perception of the role talk radio played in his downfall.

McIntyre interviews 'Joe Friday' on the political ruin of Carmen Trutanich

KABC 790AM's Doug McIntyre's Thursday morning interview with 'Joe Friday' sums up some of the reasons why Trutanich failed on another promise to 'win this thing in the primary.'

ADDA to weigh in on DA Race

Hot on the heels of the stupendous defeat of ADDA 'recommended' candidate Carmen the Clown Trutanich, a move that did nothing to inspire the confidence of DDAs in their Agency Shop enforced union, this from the President:

Dear ADDA Members and Supporters:

The ADDA congratulates Chief Deputy Jackie Lacey and Assistant Head Deputy Alan Jackson on their successful campaigns in the June 5, 20012 primary.

The ADDA will facilitate a vigorous, healthy, democratic debate of the issues between these two finalists. Whatever the outcome of the November election, we will work together with the next District Attorney for a common goal: How to best protect the economic security and well-being of the professional prosecutors of this office who dedicate their lives to promoting justice on behalf of the people of the County of Los Angeles every day.

Hyatt Seligman

Few DDAs can understand why the ADDA even allowed Trutanich as seat at the table to ply them with his lies about non-existent police association endorsements, let alone give him the 'Thumbs Up' over Lacey and Jackson. Let's hope that now that Trutanich has been consigned to political oblivion, the ADDA will give its members and supporters a clear and credible explanation as to why Trutanich coned them into giving him any credence at all. If they were threatened, bullied or otherwise manipulated into helping Trutanich, the members and supporters need to understand why.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Trutanich to seek second term as City Attorney


Now that the former 'frontrunner' for Los Angeles District Attorney had his sorry ass handed to him on a plate by voters, Carmen 'the Clown' Trutanich has announced his intent to try to hold on to the $234k a year job that he didn't want yesterday.

The LA Times reported that Trutanich 'told reporters from LA Weekly and other media outlets that he blamed his loss on media “onslaught.” On Wednesday, however, he took a more conciliatory approach, saying he was “humbled” by his third-place finish and bore responsibility for his campaign's problems.'

Trutanich doesn't get it. He is finished in LA politics. The same group of people who expressed their utter disgust for his thuggish boorish bullying and lying are not going to forget why they voted 'A.B.C.' on Tuesday. We might have short memories in Los Angeles, but not that short.

But as arrogant and egocentric as Trutanich is, he must also know that when 77% of voters believe him to be unfit for public service, the chances of turning that negative to a positive are next to nothing. The likely reason for his announcement could have more to do with the need to try make himself look like less of a laughing stock in the last year that he has as City Attorney. It will not work.

If Trutanich ever steps foot in a courtroom or the Council Chamber again, he does so as deeply damaged goods. A man with no credibility and no viability. A man whose word has no value and whose reputation is in tatters. A man that will have to look down at the ground as he walks, in order to avoid making eye contact with 77% of the people around him who will be sneering, sniggering and rejoicing in the fact that they brought him to his knees on Tuesday night.

LA's Best After School Program is still waiting for the $100,000 personal check that you promised them Trutanich. Losing the DA race in an even more humiliating a way than we could have hoped for does not eradicate that debt. Pay up, shut up and get the hell out of City Hall and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trutanich Defeated - Jackie Lacey & Alan Jackson in runoff

UPDATED: Election Day broadcast on the John Phillips Show KABC 790AM

The Biggest Loser will have a new contestant - Carmen the Clown Trutanich. The man who had it all; the endorsement, support and trust of Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley, almost every law enforcement association, neighborhood councils, the medical marijuana community, the anti-billboard activists, and Los Angelenos sick and tired of career politicians, paid a heavy price for lying to and betraying all those who elected him in 2009. They repaid the compliment last night with a crushing and humiliating defeat that not only denied him his self-supposed right to higher office, but also denied him a begging bowl in a runoff that he would have lost.

Trutanich must have known it was going to be bad, but even his bloated ego could not have comprehended just how humiliating tonight's defeat would be. The arrogant egocentric narcissist clearly had doubts when he cast his vote this morning.
The worried expression on the face of LA's Chief Liar left no doubt that
he knew he his days of grandstanding and lying were over.
(Credit  Brittany Murray / Staff Photographer awesome photo)

 The worried expression on the face of LA's Chief Liar as he cast his vote belied the fact that he must have known that his campaign of deception and deceit had failed, he just did not realize quite how monumental the defeat was going to be. Having bragged and boasted about 'winning this thing in the primary,' Trutanich must have been warned that he was likely facing a runoff, a disaster in and of itself.

However, when the first results came out, Trutanich was in third place and any hope of another lie-filled runoff campaign vanished as he remained solidly in third place throughout the night behind second-placed Alan Jackson, who had one third of Trutanich's budget. As the night wore on, Jackson increased his lead to the point where Trutanich could not even demand a recount.

According to a Tweet from LA Weekly reporter Gene Maddaus, who gate-crashed Trutanich's 'victory' party, Trutanich left his secret location in somber mood, having had little or no interaction with the very small group of supporters who were dumbfounded at the rapid demise of their hero.

In an apparently terse statement, the wannabe DA was blaming everyone but himself for his 'apparent' defeat. It is not clear whether the word 'traitor' was used, but it is easy to imagine Trutanich muttering that word under his breath.

Trutanich thought he had evaded the press, having kept the location of his 'victory' party a closely guarded secret. Unfortunately for the self-proclaimed super-crime-fighter, the location was made known to the Dragnet by (multiple) anonymous sources believed to be leaks from City Attorney staffers, and somehow the gentlemen of the press were finally able to speak to Trutanich.

KPCC's Frank Stoltze tweeted these bitter parting words from LA's Chief Liar
The bulk of this report clearly takes what some might see as unseemly delight in Trutanich's downfall. I make no apology. Trutanich betrayed every decent person who was coned by his scams. He made the lives of the hard working Deputy City Attorneys miserable, forcing them to take a 15% pay cut while he took every cent of his $234k salary and used LAPD's security detail like a limousine service to ferry him to and from campaign events. He micro-managed cases inflicting his facile schoolyard bully-boy 'porcupine defense' strategy on seasoned trial lawyers who knew the value of a case while all he know was the value of a headline. He made inappropriate pre-trial statements about Dream Act and Occupy LA protesters, only to see those cases fail because, as with most things Trutanich, he talks the talk, and then walks to the next headline.

Last night the voters of Los Angeles delivered their verdict on Carmen the Clown Trutanich. He is finished in Los Angeles and will likely not seek re-election as City Attorney, unless he wants to be doubly humiliated. Trutanich's remarks to his supporter have now been published in full be LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus, and as Tweeted, Trutanich bears no responsibility for his downfall.

It seems that there was no photographer to capture the moment when Trutanich faced the music, so the following altered photograph represents our impression of how Trutanich handled defeat.

No prizes for guessing where that comes from. Karma's a bitch isn't it?

That's enough about Carmen Trutanich for now.

Congratulations, of course to Jackie Lacey and Alan Jackson for giving the voters of Los Angeles a real choice between real prosecutors in the November election. We will have more on that as the campaigns develop.

This from the Alan Jackson campaign:

Statement from Alan Jackson for District Attorney

Los Angeles, June 6th

“We see tonight as a huge victory. The Jackson campaign took on Carmen Trutanich and saved the people of Los Angeles County from a politician who was more concerned about winning the next office instead of winning the next case. We were outraised, outspent and outsized by the City Attorney, yet we prevailed because voters clearly want a modern prosecutor not a politician. We look forward to November where voters will once again have a choice to elect a modern prosecutor to lead the District Attorney’s office.”

- # - # - # -

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Election Day Dawns - Jackson & Lacey rise, Trutanich faces ruin

Live election results will be available after the polls close tonight from the LA County Registrar:

'A week is a long time in politics'

That quote, attributed to British Prime Minister Harold Wilson, dates from 1964, coincidentally and perhaps poignantly the year of the last 'open' election for Los Angeles District Attorney. The last week in the race to replace retiring District Attorney Steve Cooley has been just such a long time. The winds of political capital have shifted sharply away from the self-anointed 'front-runner' Carmen Trutanich, and now favor legitimate candidates Assistant Head Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson and his boss, Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey.

While Trutanich has been forced into a self-imposed media blackout as Los Angelenos recoil at the horrific revelation that he falsified a report of an implausible assassination attempt, the legitimate candidates have seen their fortunes rise as voters seek a leader for the Office of District Attorney, not a liar. Reliable polling data is virtually non-existent, but experts now say that Trutanich's boast to 'win this thing in the primary' has no basis in reality.

Raphael Sonenshein, executive director of the Pat Brown Institute at Cal State L.A., told the Daily News 'The fact is that you've got several candidates of any seriousness - including three major ones -- which means it may be difficult to get to a majority.' That difficulty is now a virtual impossibility given that Trutanich is seen as being to the DA's office, what Meg Whitman was to the Governor's office - all money, but a deeply flawed and repugnant personality.

While Trutanich's money will likely buy him a place in the November run-off, his chances of winning that run-off diminish as voters learn more about him, and that further and deeper investigation into his lies about the Green Meadows Park assassination attempt continue to unravel his self-generated and baseless image of himself a crime fighter. If fighting crime means lying about crime, then Trutanich is a crime fighter.

The trouble is that lying about crime to win at all costs is, as the Supreme Court has stated, not the role of the prosecution. It is, however, what plaintiff's attorney's do; 'slip-and-fall' lawyers like Trutanich lie to win at all costs, and Trutanich has been a plaintiff's attorney for the majority of his professional career. Lying is seemingly in his DNA, and when challenged over his record of untruthfulness, Trutanich shamelessly told NBC News that he can basically say whatever he likes as long as he 'is not under oath.'

Robert Stern, former president of the Center for Governmental Studies, told the Daily News that he agreed with Sonenshein that 'Trutanich's chances of getting elected will be diminished if the campaign drags on.' Their opinion is doubtless a reference to the goldmine of inconvenient truths about who Trutanich really is that lie within the 100-page VR Research report that Trutanich commissioned on himself. Ironically, the very existence of the VR Research report would not have come to light had Trutanich not lied about not knowing his DA personnel file was missing. Oh what a tangled web ...

While this last 'long' week has been Trutanich's nadir, it has been quite the reverse for Jackson and Lacey. Their campaigns have surged to the point where experts can no longer be assured not only as to which one of them will face Trutanich in the now inevitable November run-off, but that it is equally possible that Trutanich could fail to make the cut altogether, seeing a Jackson-Lacey runoff.

Lacey draws high praise

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey's campaign to replace her boss DA Steve Cooley continues to find support in the influential entertainment community. Black Entertainment Television  touted her candidacy in glowing terms in this report, highlighting Lacey's tenacity and determination.

Lacey also garnered the support of the influential and politically savvy Liemert Park Beat. In their op-ed they stated that "She will administer the law fairly for our community. Leimert Park is proud of her. The County of Los Angeles will benefit from her growing up in the Crenshaw District."

Yard signs spring up

Suddenly the streets of Los Angeles are awash with campaign signs, with Jackie Lacey's signs seemingly the most prevalent of all.

Not all campaign signs are welcome and some, like their candidates belong in the trash.

Jackson holds Election Eve Rally

The momentum of the Jackson campaign was palpable as a vocal crowd gathered in Pasadena Monday night to cheer Assistant Head Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson on the night before Election Day. Jackson was the first to throw his hat in the ring to continue DA Steve Cooley's legacy as the next District Attorney of Los Angeles, with most of the crowd comprising supporters who have been with Jackson from the beginning.

The cheers from the crowd were interrupted and matched only by the sounds of tooting horns from passing cars, signaling widespread local support for Jackson's candidacy. The mood in the crowd was electrifying, positive and most of all cautiously optimistic.

Jackson spoke to his supporters succinctly, passionately and positively, thanking them for their support in the first phase of his campaign, and promising as committed and effective campaign in the next phase, one that he predicts will see him challenge and defeat Carmen Trutanich in the November run-off election.

Jackson goes to the polls as the only Republican in the race with a slew of law enforcement endorsements and sufficient funds for an effective and highly acclaimed television advertising campaign.

Los Angeles Dragnet Endorsement for District Attorney

The Los Angeles Dragnet has not endorsed any particular candidate for District Attorney.  Endorsements are not our forte, giving you the facts is. Voters have a simple choice on the one hand; a choice between a liar or a leader. Carmen Trutanich is the liar, and should be roundly and resolutely rejected.

On the other hand, the harder choice is whether Alan Jackson or Jackie Lacey is best qualified to be the leader of the nation's largest and most respected prosecutorial agency. We leave that decision to your good judgment, it's a win-win result for Los Angeles whichever of these two eminently qualified candidates succeed. Both have the ethical and moral compass to seek justice, and not win at all costs.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Trutanich delivers 3 more lies as campaign is rocked by 'Con Man' accusation

Trutanich fails to defend 'Con Man' accusation 

Dragnet blogger 'Joe Friday' laid out the many false statements that have characterized Trutanich's campaign,
and was unchallenged when he freely called Trutanich 'an extremely good Con Man'

City prosecutor Carmen Trutanich has kept his word on only one thing in his campaign to become DA; he will not speak to the media in the light of the LA Times exclusive that there was no credible evidence to support his claim to have been a victim of an assassination attempt; plainly put, he's a liar.

Trutanich flat out refused to return to FOX 11 News to deny that he had lied in his 2009 campaign, and repeated the lie in his 2102 campaign about being 'surrounded and shot at by gangmembers' in an all too convenient tall tale of selfless heroism that can now be seen to be as lacking in credibility  as his first campaign lie; his 'Pledge to Serve.'

Trutanich is said to have been 'devastated' by the way that accusations of him being 'a liar,' 'an extremely good Con Man,' and 'the consummate politician, you cannot believe a word he says' went unchallenged on FOX 11 News, with Anchorman Jeff Michael seemingly accepting those characterizations of Trutanich with nodding acknowledgement, perhaps even approval.

The man who once regarded himself as the 'front runner' and 'heir apparent' to the DA's office was reported to have been besieged by frantic calls from his closest supporters. They were apparently shocked to discover not only that Trutanich's foolish lie about being the victim of an assassination attempt could actually prove to be his undoing, but that Trutanich had no answer, perhaps invoking memories of Bernie Madoff's infamous quote 'There is no innocent explanation.'

Instead of personally denying being a 'an extremely good Con Man,' Trutanich lamely sent his spokesman, John Shallman, to FOX News to try to salvage what now appears to be a fading hope to secure a place in the runoff. It's a long, long way from 'winning this thing in the primary' as Trutanich has bragged and boasted to his ever-shrinking group of supporters.

Shallman can easily be accused of doing a piss-poor job of defending Trutnanich's tarnished reputation. His shifty body language belied the insurmountable problems he has in defending Trutanich. Shallman's strategy was, apparently, to lie as brazenly as his master, and he did so just as in-artfully with at least three crass lies.

Shallman squirmed and wriggled as he tried to defend Trutanich from the accusation that Trutanich and Bell were lying about the Green Meadows Park assassination attempt. He had no explanation for Trutanich's vastly differing account of the incident in which Trutanich says he was with Jim Bell in the park taking photos when Bell pulled him down. Under oath, Trutanich did not say he say he saw anything, let alone was surrounded and shot at by gun toting gangmembers. He did, however, tell the LA Times that either he or Bell had seen something 'Was it a gun, was it a hand, I don't know. Gimme a break'

In Bell's version, Bell is not with Trutanich in the park, but is elsewhere when he hears a radio call of 'Shots fired, possible DA!' and comes rushing to rescue.  Bell says he drove his police car into the park to find to find Trutanich interviewing a witness and surrounded by gangmembers who are shooting at Trutanich. Bell told the LA Times that he returned gunfire and the gangmembers fled.

Both stories are sheer fantasy, with Bell's being even more implausible than Trutanich's.
  • First of all, if there had been a radio call of 'Shots fired, possible DA!' that would have been a LAPD broadcast and there would be a record of the call. There is none. 
  • Second, such a call would have resulted in a high-priority (Code 3) response by multiple LAPD units, but there is no record for such a response, no police reports, and no evidence such as the recovery of spent shell casings from firearms used by the phantom gangmembers. 
  • Third, the idea that LAPD would broadcast a radio call of 'Shots fired, possible DA!' is ludicrous, as anyone with any knowledge of police radio broadcast protocol is aware.
  • Fourth, if Bell did return gunfire, there would have to be a full investigation into an O.I.S. - an Officer Involved Shooting. There was none.
  • Fifth, if Bell's version of the incident is true, there is a third witness - the person Trutanich was interviewing. But there is no record of any other witness to this alleged incident but its two protagonists. 
The whole story of the Green Meadows Park assassination attempt is just that; a story, a fantasy so implausible that Shallman's only hope was not to address any of the five points, but to instead accuse Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey of orchestrating a 'Swift Boat attack' on Trutanich.

Lie # 1 "Los Angeles Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey put Deputy District Attorney David Berger on FOX 11 News to 'Swift Boat' Trutanich."

According to Shallman, Jackie Lacey not only orchestrated the 'Swift Boat attack' questioning Trutanich's tall tale of heroism, but also arranged for Deputy District Attorney David Berger to appear on FOX 11 News to repeat the Swift Boat attack first mentioned in the LA Times.

"I'm accusing Jackie Lacey, the Chief Deputy District Attorney, of putting this guy on the air, who you had here yesterday, for seven minutes, this guy David Berger who is a Deputy District Attorney, his boss is Jackie Lacey." Shallman said.

It is a pity that Jeff Michael did not immediately slam Shallman for lying so blatantly, Michael had simply contacted 'Joe Friday' by Twitter to advise that FOX 11 News were running the Dragnet's video showing the implausibility of Trutanich and Bell's claims, and was surprised that the offer of an interview was accepted.

The interview, of course, had nothing to do with Jackie Lacey, but that did not stop Shallman from lying about it, and Michael was probably too stunned at Shallman's ability to lie to his face to challenge him it. Hopefully, Micheal will set the record straight about this shortly.

Lie # 2 David Berger 'was an opponent of Carmen Trutanich, who ran against Carmen Trutanich'

Perhaps the most stupid of Shallman's lies was to try to suggest that the reason for questioning Trutanich and Bell's credibility was motivated by Berger having been an 'opponent of Carmen Trutanich, who ran against Carmen Trutanich.'

That John Shallman could deliver such a palpable lie without even batting an eyelid shows not only how lying has become so deeply embedded in the Trutanich campaign, but that both Trutanich and his spokesperson can no longer tell the difference between a lie and the truth.

Here is a photograph of Carmen Trutanich's 'opponent,' center stage with Trutnaich at his victory party in May 2009. Also present are Steve Cooley who also no longer supports Trutanich, as well as John Shallman, who now seemingly lies serially for Carmen Trutanich.

Trutanich's 'opponent' who 'ran against him' pictured center stage with Trutanich
and Shallman at the May 2009 City Attorney Victory Party as the results came in.

Trutanich's 'opponent' also endorsed Trutanich immediately following Trutanich's second-place finish in the March 2009 primary election.

The Trutanich response to the sad state of affairs whereby former enthusiastic supporters have had to re-evaluate the ethical suitability of Carmen Trutanich for continuing to hold public office is not explained by a lie that these former supporters were 'opponents.'

It is a pathetic lie and shows the depth of desperation in the Trutanich camp as he faces the reality possible defeat, if not in the primary, then certainly in a run off.

Lie # 3 'Carmen Trutanich and John Shallman were both unaware that his DA file was missing'

One of Trutanich's spokesperson's more stupid explanations for a letter sent to Attorney General Kamala Harris demanding a 'suspicious political activity' investigation into Trutanich's missing DA files, was that Trutanich was unaware of his missing file until LA Times reporter Jack Leonard told him there was no evidence of the Green Meadows Park assassination attempt at the DA's office. Trutanich claimed to be 'shocked' at hearing this.

Trutanich did not know that the LA Times had obtained a copy of a background check that Trutanich commissioned from Oakland-based VR Research when he ran for City Attorney in 2008. That report includes the results of VR Research's efforts to obtain his DA files, indicating that the files were missing.

When confronted with the 100 page report, Trutanich first claimed the report was 'stolen.' Now it seems that Trutanich acknowledges that the report exists, but that he did not read it, and Shallman claims there is no reference to missing DA files because, as he told FOX 11 News Anchor Jeff Michael 'when someone does research they give you information they find, they don't give you  information they don't find.' 

Unfortunately for Trutanich, page 22 of the VR Research report does give the information they 'didn't find.'

In case the image above is not clear enough, VR Research reports that "We have requested all releasable portions of Trutanich’s personnel file from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, along with a listing of the cases Trutanich handled. We have been informed through a written response that the requested information is no longer maintained by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. We were informed that Trutanich served as an Assistant District Attorney from April 27, 1981 until he resigned from his position as a Deputy District Attorney III."

As previously noted, there appears to be no innocent explanation.

Other bizarre statements made by Shallman include "Carmen Trutanich has devoted his life to public service," yet between 1981 and today, Trutanich was a deputy DA for 6 years and a city prosecutor for 2, that''s 8 years out of 31, the rest of the time he was in private practice, something he hopefully will soon return to.

Other Shallman gems: "The Times got the story wrong," "Jim Bell is a hero who stepped in front of bullets ... the bullets missed," and "Carmen Trutanich is profoundly honest."   

That Shallman appeared on FOX 11 News instead of Trutanich is bad enough, Trutanich should answer the grave questions about his lack of candor and misstatements to allow voters to decide if they want a liar or a leader at the DA's office. But that Trutanich allowed three more significant false statements to be made on his behalf just underlines the reasons why Trutanich is unfit for District Attorney.

Shallman's lies on FOX 11 News can be viewed in entirety on FOX 11 News' website.