Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Election Day Dawns - Jackson & Lacey rise, Trutanich faces ruin

Live election results will be available after the polls close tonight from the LA County Registrar:

'A week is a long time in politics'

That quote, attributed to British Prime Minister Harold Wilson, dates from 1964, coincidentally and perhaps poignantly the year of the last 'open' election for Los Angeles District Attorney. The last week in the race to replace retiring District Attorney Steve Cooley has been just such a long time. The winds of political capital have shifted sharply away from the self-anointed 'front-runner' Carmen Trutanich, and now favor legitimate candidates Assistant Head Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson and his boss, Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey.

While Trutanich has been forced into a self-imposed media blackout as Los Angelenos recoil at the horrific revelation that he falsified a report of an implausible assassination attempt, the legitimate candidates have seen their fortunes rise as voters seek a leader for the Office of District Attorney, not a liar. Reliable polling data is virtually non-existent, but experts now say that Trutanich's boast to 'win this thing in the primary' has no basis in reality.

Raphael Sonenshein, executive director of the Pat Brown Institute at Cal State L.A., told the Daily News 'The fact is that you've got several candidates of any seriousness - including three major ones -- which means it may be difficult to get to a majority.' That difficulty is now a virtual impossibility given that Trutanich is seen as being to the DA's office, what Meg Whitman was to the Governor's office - all money, but a deeply flawed and repugnant personality.

While Trutanich's money will likely buy him a place in the November run-off, his chances of winning that run-off diminish as voters learn more about him, and that further and deeper investigation into his lies about the Green Meadows Park assassination attempt continue to unravel his self-generated and baseless image of himself a crime fighter. If fighting crime means lying about crime, then Trutanich is a crime fighter.

The trouble is that lying about crime to win at all costs is, as the Supreme Court has stated, not the role of the prosecution. It is, however, what plaintiff's attorney's do; 'slip-and-fall' lawyers like Trutanich lie to win at all costs, and Trutanich has been a plaintiff's attorney for the majority of his professional career. Lying is seemingly in his DNA, and when challenged over his record of untruthfulness, Trutanich shamelessly told NBC News that he can basically say whatever he likes as long as he 'is not under oath.'

Robert Stern, former president of the Center for Governmental Studies, told the Daily News that he agreed with Sonenshein that 'Trutanich's chances of getting elected will be diminished if the campaign drags on.' Their opinion is doubtless a reference to the goldmine of inconvenient truths about who Trutanich really is that lie within the 100-page VR Research report that Trutanich commissioned on himself. Ironically, the very existence of the VR Research report would not have come to light had Trutanich not lied about not knowing his DA personnel file was missing. Oh what a tangled web ...

While this last 'long' week has been Trutanich's nadir, it has been quite the reverse for Jackson and Lacey. Their campaigns have surged to the point where experts can no longer be assured not only as to which one of them will face Trutanich in the now inevitable November run-off, but that it is equally possible that Trutanich could fail to make the cut altogether, seeing a Jackson-Lacey runoff.

Lacey draws high praise

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey's campaign to replace her boss DA Steve Cooley continues to find support in the influential entertainment community. Black Entertainment Television  touted her candidacy in glowing terms in this report, highlighting Lacey's tenacity and determination.

Lacey also garnered the support of the influential and politically savvy Liemert Park Beat. In their op-ed they stated that "She will administer the law fairly for our community. Leimert Park is proud of her. The County of Los Angeles will benefit from her growing up in the Crenshaw District."

Yard signs spring up

Suddenly the streets of Los Angeles are awash with campaign signs, with Jackie Lacey's signs seemingly the most prevalent of all.

Not all campaign signs are welcome and some, like their candidates belong in the trash.

Jackson holds Election Eve Rally

The momentum of the Jackson campaign was palpable as a vocal crowd gathered in Pasadena Monday night to cheer Assistant Head Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson on the night before Election Day. Jackson was the first to throw his hat in the ring to continue DA Steve Cooley's legacy as the next District Attorney of Los Angeles, with most of the crowd comprising supporters who have been with Jackson from the beginning.

The cheers from the crowd were interrupted and matched only by the sounds of tooting horns from passing cars, signaling widespread local support for Jackson's candidacy. The mood in the crowd was electrifying, positive and most of all cautiously optimistic.

Jackson spoke to his supporters succinctly, passionately and positively, thanking them for their support in the first phase of his campaign, and promising as committed and effective campaign in the next phase, one that he predicts will see him challenge and defeat Carmen Trutanich in the November run-off election.

Jackson goes to the polls as the only Republican in the race with a slew of law enforcement endorsements and sufficient funds for an effective and highly acclaimed television advertising campaign.

Los Angeles Dragnet Endorsement for District Attorney

The Los Angeles Dragnet has not endorsed any particular candidate for District Attorney.  Endorsements are not our forte, giving you the facts is. Voters have a simple choice on the one hand; a choice between a liar or a leader. Carmen Trutanich is the liar, and should be roundly and resolutely rejected.

On the other hand, the harder choice is whether Alan Jackson or Jackie Lacey is best qualified to be the leader of the nation's largest and most respected prosecutorial agency. We leave that decision to your good judgment, it's a win-win result for Los Angeles whichever of these two eminently qualified candidates succeed. Both have the ethical and moral compass to seek justice, and not win at all costs.



Anonymous said...

Joe, I liked the endorsement you gave at the end of your piece. You should have put it at the beginning. Thank you for helping to make people more aware of who and what Carmen Trutanich is, and that they have real choices in Lacey and Jackson. I wish both of them every success tonight, and whoever emerges the winner will, as you so rightly say, make an excellent DA and will defeat Trutanich if he is even in this 'thing' after tonight.

Anonymous said...

Hah! You must have the Big Tuna really worried. He won't even tell the media where his victory party is. Maybe that's because there isn't going to be a victory, and he knows it. Go AJ! Go Jackie!

Anonymous said...

Joe Friday, since people are probably doing this anyway, you should ask readers to send in reports of any election day/election night hanky-panky by any of the DA campaigns. Should make for an interesting post just listing out the hi jinks.