Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Free For All - Winners and Losers

Trutanich's spectacular failure

Embattled City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is rumored to be considering launching a 'suspicious political activity' investigation into the reasons why he failed so monumentally to con voters into electing him as District Attorney. 'It was a failure of biblical proportions,' a source close to the former ambulance chaser turned career politician told the Dragnet on election night, 'There must be a reason why so many good lies failed to impress voters,' the nonplussed supporter said.

We take a look at some of the reasons why Trutanich, with three times more money to spend on nauseating self-aggrandizing tv ads, the endorsement of Governor Brown, the illegal in-uniform endorsement of Sheriff Lee Baca, endorsements from non-existent police associations, three quarters of a million grassroots bought and paid for YouTube supporters in Bangladesh and New Delhi, failed to pull off the political crime of the century.

The men behind the scenes:

Michael Goldstein

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey won first place in the primary election on Tuesday night, but she would be the first to admit that she didn't do it alone. District Attorney Steve Cooley's endorsement of Lacey as 'the most qualified' to run the DA's office clearly gave her an advantage. The man pictured above, appropriately, in the background to the left of Cooley in the LA Times election eve victory party photo, is Michael Goldstein who worked tirelessly to ensure Lacey's success. Goldstein was the mastermind of Lacey's 'Blockbuster' Hollywood fundraiser which gave Lacey's campaign a quantum leap forward in the critical weeks before the election.

John Thomas

Alan Jackson listens as his political strategist, John Thomas, analyzes the election night results.

Second-placed Assistant Head Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson was the first to announce his candidacy for District Attorney, and had the benefit of the advice of political strategist John Thomas from day one. Thomas cut his teeth on on DA Steve Cooley's successful campaign to win a record third term as Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor and then did the 'heavy lifting' on Carmen Trutanich's one and only successful campaign - his run for City Attorney. Thomas masterminded Jackson's stunning courtroom defeat of Trutanich over a false and misleading ballot designation, and then quickly parlayed that defeat into valuable media coverage portraying Trutanich as a 'pathological liar.'

Trutanich blames 'talk radio' for defeat

On election night City Attorney Carmen Trutanich faced his worst nightmare, a humiliating defeat and even worse, the media he had been hiding from in the final weeks of his campaign, as the wheels came of his wagon. This short audio clip captures Trutanich's reality distortion field perception of the role talk radio played in his downfall.

McIntyre interviews 'Joe Friday' on the political ruin of Carmen Trutanich

KABC 790AM's Doug McIntyre's Thursday morning interview with 'Joe Friday' sums up some of the reasons why Trutanich failed on another promise to 'win this thing in the primary.'

ADDA to weigh in on DA Race

Hot on the heels of the stupendous defeat of ADDA 'recommended' candidate Carmen the Clown Trutanich, a move that did nothing to inspire the confidence of DDAs in their Agency Shop enforced union, this from the President:

Dear ADDA Members and Supporters:

The ADDA congratulates Chief Deputy Jackie Lacey and Assistant Head Deputy Alan Jackson on their successful campaigns in the June 5, 20012 primary.

The ADDA will facilitate a vigorous, healthy, democratic debate of the issues between these two finalists. Whatever the outcome of the November election, we will work together with the next District Attorney for a common goal: How to best protect the economic security and well-being of the professional prosecutors of this office who dedicate their lives to promoting justice on behalf of the people of the County of Los Angeles every day.

Hyatt Seligman

Few DDAs can understand why the ADDA even allowed Trutanich as seat at the table to ply them with his lies about non-existent police association endorsements, let alone give him the 'Thumbs Up' over Lacey and Jackson. Let's hope that now that Trutanich has been consigned to political oblivion, the ADDA will give its members and supporters a clear and credible explanation as to why Trutanich coned them into giving him any credence at all. If they were threatened, bullied or otherwise manipulated into helping Trutanich, the members and supporters need to understand why.



Anonymous said...

Mr. Berger. You have made your point about your personal vendetta against your former employer Carmen Trutanich, The City Attorney, quite effectively. Now it is time to move on. Get yourself some therapy and get over this. I assure you Mr. Trutanich does not hold any personal animosity towards you and he is moving on to getting down to the serious business of protecting the citizens of Los Angeles as their City Attorney. All you are doing by continuing to spread lies and unsubstantiated rumors about him is making yourself look foolish. Please cease and desist immediately or the will be consequences. It is time for you to get back to work instead of wasting taxpayer resources on your personal gripes. Grow up.

Walter Moore said...

Carmen, if you're going to post at this website, you should use your name, not hide in anonymity.

David Berger has done the people of Los Angeles County a tremendous public service by giving them, pardon the expression, "just the facts, ma'am."

With Trutanich now planning to run for re-election, this is no time to stop sounding the alarm.

Walter Moore

Anonymous said...

The voters of LA agreed with the sentiments expressed here for over two years, that Carmen Trutanich was unfit for public service. His defeat wasn't even close and Trutanich must be in need of psychiatric help to even think he has a chance at being reelected. He will succeed only if the Dragnet listens to the advice given by Trutanich aka Anonymous 1:25pm. Keep on keepin' on Dragnet, take this clown down.

Anonymous said...

I woke up this morning with the same sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, that Carmen the Clown was going to be DA in November 2012. It's a feeling I've had for over a year and even though it's now 4 days since the election, and there is no way that's going to happen, it is still hard for me to come to grips with the reality that my biggest fear has been extinguished.

I'm going to use that sound clip of Trutanich claiming his record was 'distorted' as a ring tone on my phone to serve a reminder that the asshole got ripped a fresh one, and I hope you continue telling the truth about this lying sack of sh*t.