Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thursday's Briefs

Jackson picks up endorsements

It's two weeks since the District Attorney primary saw Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey and Assistant Head Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson secure their places in the November runoff, leaving Carmen Trutanich out of the race and grasping at straws.

If the DA candidates deserve a break from campaigning, they're not taking it. Alan Jackson announced two significant endorsements this past week. On June 12, Jackson announced that State Board of Equalization Vice Chair Michelle Steel had given him her endorsement.

This from the Jackson campaign:  "Coming off a tremendous victory on Election Night, Alan Jackson remains the frontrunner with the most BOE and law enforcement organization endorsements. Jackson had been endorsed by BOE member George Runner prior to the June 5th Election."

BOE Vice Chair Michelle Steel said, “I am proud to endorse Alan Jackson for District Attorney of Los Angeles County. In the years ahead California and Los Angeles will face unprecedented public safety challenges. It is critical that we elect our top prosecutor to lead the largest prosecutorial agency in the nation. That top prosecutor without a doubt is Alan Jackson. Alan has been battle-tested and will serve Los Angeles County well as our next District Attorney.”

Gang prosecutor Alan Jackson stated, “Michelle Steel’s support means a great deal to my campaign. If elected, I pledge to utilize my skills and knowhow as a prosecutor to lead the DA’s office into the future. I look forward to partnering with Michelle Steel and other members of the BOE to make LA County a safer place for our families to live.”

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On June 19, Jackson also announced his endorsement by County Supervisor Don Knabe. 


First Supervisor to weigh in since Election Day picks Jackson.

Los Angeles, June 19th – Supervisor Don Knabe announced his endorsement today of gang prosecutor Alan Jackson for District Attorney. Supervisor Knabe serves Los Angeles County’s Fourth District, from Marina Del Rey and Long Beach to Whittier and Diamond Bar.

Jackson is the frontrunner in the race for DA, claiming support from Supervisor Michael Antonovich (the only other Supervisor to endorse a candidate for DA) as well as George Runner and Michelle Steel, the only California State Board of Equalization members to endorse in this contest. Jackson continues to far outpace his competition as the clear choice of LA County elected officials, law enforcement organizations and victims’ rights leaders.

Visit to view Jackson’s support.

Supervisor Knabe stated, “Throughout his nearly two decades as a prosecutor with the District Attorney’s Office, Alan Jackson has shown a commitment to public safety and innovative approaches to fighting crime and managing resources. I have every confidence that Alan will be an excellent District Attorney, dedicated to keeping all residents of Los Angeles County safe.“

Gang prosecutor Alan Jackson continued, “Our campaign is moving at a breakneck pace into the November runoff. I could not be more pleased to have earned Supervisor Knabe’s support. As District Attorney, I fully intend to work with our Supervisors to ensure public safety across the county.”

For more information, please visit Alan Jackson’s campaign website at

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Knabe had previously endorsed Carmen Trutanich for DA, and perhaps after seeing how abysmally Trutanich performed, he gave the endorsement to Jackson. 

It now remains to be seen whether either of the run-off candidates can attract the endorsements of Governor Jerry Brown and Sheriff Lee Baca, Both had previously endorsed Trutanich and both are understood to be shocked at the way Trutanich squandered their endorsements with his campaign of lying and deceiving. 

Trutanich is understood to be keen to do a deal with either of the DA candidates that would see him giving his endorsement in return for an endorsement from whichever DA candidate is politically suicidal enough to want to be associated with a serial liar and loser. The former front-runner is reported to still be in something of a shell-shocked state, having had to suffer the humiliation of facing his victory party crowd and trying to explain the monumental failure of his campaign strategy.



Anonymous said...

Trutanich looked like a dead man at the Ceritos event. It was like someone had kicked him in the balls so hard that he couldn't talk. He looked like he was going to tear-up and cry his eyes out. If he wasn't such an asshole, I would feel sorry for him, but he deserves everything he got, and some.

He never, ever, thought it would come to this. He is looking at failure after failure every time he looks in the mirror, and he knows March 2013 is the end of his political career.

Thank you for making it happen Dragnet and all the other bloggers, reporters and talk radio folks. You deconstructed all his lies and forced him into telling even bigger lies.

Anonymous said...

Jackson's campaign seems to be picking up steam.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Board of Equalization endorsement! That's the local version of the much-beloved IRS, by the way. The Board of Equalization is HATED by small businesses in LA County. Next thing you know, he'll be endorsed by the LA Parking Ticket Writers Union. Good call.

And why is Jackson being referred to as the "frontrunner" in this race? Lacey destroyed him in the primary, especially given the number of minority/Democrat candidates she split the vote with.

BOARD OF EQUALIZATION? REALLY? THAT'S WORTH A PRESS RELEASE? How many votes does an endorsement from a BOE member bring in? (One.)

It's already desperation time over at little AJ's place.

Every major media outlet in LA is gonna endorse Lacey. She'll have BY FAR more money to advertise. She's the same party as 76% of LA County voters. She's a female minority. But let's call little AJ the frontrunner. Really?

Anonymous said...

I hate to bring this up, but we need to face facts. Not all endorsements are alike. Yes, of course the value of the endorsement is greatly based in the prestige of the endorser (though I guess there are kooks who would even value an endorsement from the Klan or the Communist Party, though I imagine most candidates hope those institutions would endorse their opponent). However, the value of the endorsement can be greatly affected by the conduct of the endorser in the election.

For instance, this primary saw an extreme example. Most people would think getting an endorsement from the county sheriff would be fantastic. A huge county like LA, even better! But in this primary, the endorsement of the Sheriff, Lee Baca, lost much of its luster. He began stumping for Trutanich well before Trutanich announced his candidacy. In a breath-taking double standard, he wore his badge and uniform in photos in Trutanich's fundraising literature (a disciplinary offense for any of his deputies). Then he stuck with Trutanich during an assortment of scandals culminating with the debunking of Trutanich's "I was shot at!" claim, a moment that was a profound embarrassment to rank and file law enforcement. Can anyone doubt that an endorsement by Baca now comes with many pungently distasteful footnotes? It's damaged goods.

Labor took a hit too, with county labor backing Trutanich and sticking with him through the various scandals. Even worse, Trutanich was at the center of a swirl of intrigue surrounding the endorsement process in the DDA's union, though that endorsement eventually went to Dannette Meyers (she polled even worse than Trutanich in the primary).

Even an endorsement by Governor Brown is not necessarily a welcomed sight. Since getting back in the Governor's office, he has been in one misadventure after another, culminating in an early endorsement of Trutanich.

Of course there will be some value to endorsements by some of Trutanich's former backers, for instance Supervisor Knabe appears to still be considered well respected.

But I think the real value is in the number of organizations and individuals who exercised caution and kept their powder dry during the food fight that happened during the primary. I would be more interested in seeing where they finally throw their support.

Anonymous said...

6:40PM You must be that bitter broken Dave Jacobsen who managed the impossible - increasing the number of people who hate Carmen Trutanich with your inane logic-challenged blog posts. How does it feel to be a member of the Trutanich for DA victory party planning team? You must be a busy guy.

Sure, the BOE is the state equivalent of the IRS, but it is not the IRS or the BOE who are endorsing Jackson, it is BOE Vice Chair Michelle Steel who has been the sharpest critic of the BOE's anti-small business tax laws and is recognized by the Howard Jarvis group as a champion of small business. That's the kind of endorsement that resonates with real people.

Your sorry sack Trutanich had endorsements up his ass, but they didn't resonate with voters. Governor Moonbeeam is a one-termer who has screwed up even more badly than he did before. His association with a proven pathological liar like Trutanich has sealed his fate.

Say what you like about AJ, he beat the crap out of Trutanich, with one-third the money but ten times more credibility. Trutanich is toast thanks to AJ, and the people of LA won't forget that he saved them from a demonic asshole with a wafer thin ego and a potty mouth to boot.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if AJ is going to win in November, Lacey is a pretty formidable opponent and with Steve Cooley backing her, the November election is as much a referendum on Steve Cooley's leadership as the primary was a referendum on Carmen Trutanich's two years as the Chief Liar of Los Angeles.

The point is that AJ has made a name for himself in LA such that if he doesn't win in November, he can at least hold his head up high if he runs for something else. Aj can be proud of his record, unlike the FORMER FRONTRUNNER Carmen the Klown Trutanich, who is probably hiding under a rock somewhere.

Anonymous said...

So the word is that the Trutanich executives are really pissed at you and Shallman. They blame you two for messing up their chances of moving up. Funny thing is that I bet there's no love lost between you and Shallman, yet you both totally fu*ked Nuch. So now all Nuch's executives will be looking for new jobs in March 2013, because they know they ain't staying around to watch Captain Nuch go down with the SS Trutanic. You guys are so over.

Anonymous said...

There are reports of several people from the DAs and CAs office having been hospitalized due to severe stomach pains caused by being doubled over in fits of hysterical laughter for over two weeks. Some also required treatment for a form of locked jaw syndrome - the inability to stop smiling. The cause of these medical conditions is that the patients are still celebrating the downfall of Carmen Trutanich.

Trutanich, the big Tuna, the front-runner, the Governor's choice, the Sheriff's choice, got defeated by a pair of political novices. He is finished in LA politics, cannot raise a dime for a comeback campaign, and all his top execs are looking to bailout at the earliest chance they get. They all had started measuring the windows at the DAs office for drapes and carpets, thinking they were moving in in December. Too bad losers, you are stuck with the Big Tuna and your are going down with him.