Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trutanich Defeated - Jackie Lacey & Alan Jackson in runoff

UPDATED: Election Day broadcast on the John Phillips Show KABC 790AM

The Biggest Loser will have a new contestant - Carmen the Clown Trutanich. The man who had it all; the endorsement, support and trust of Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley, almost every law enforcement association, neighborhood councils, the medical marijuana community, the anti-billboard activists, and Los Angelenos sick and tired of career politicians, paid a heavy price for lying to and betraying all those who elected him in 2009. They repaid the compliment last night with a crushing and humiliating defeat that not only denied him his self-supposed right to higher office, but also denied him a begging bowl in a runoff that he would have lost.

Trutanich must have known it was going to be bad, but even his bloated ego could not have comprehended just how humiliating tonight's defeat would be. The arrogant egocentric narcissist clearly had doubts when he cast his vote this morning.
The worried expression on the face of LA's Chief Liar left no doubt that
he knew he his days of grandstanding and lying were over.
(Credit  Brittany Murray / Staff Photographer awesome photo)

 The worried expression on the face of LA's Chief Liar as he cast his vote belied the fact that he must have known that his campaign of deception and deceit had failed, he just did not realize quite how monumental the defeat was going to be. Having bragged and boasted about 'winning this thing in the primary,' Trutanich must have been warned that he was likely facing a runoff, a disaster in and of itself.

However, when the first results came out, Trutanich was in third place and any hope of another lie-filled runoff campaign vanished as he remained solidly in third place throughout the night behind second-placed Alan Jackson, who had one third of Trutanich's budget. As the night wore on, Jackson increased his lead to the point where Trutanich could not even demand a recount.

According to a Tweet from LA Weekly reporter Gene Maddaus, who gate-crashed Trutanich's 'victory' party, Trutanich left his secret location in somber mood, having had little or no interaction with the very small group of supporters who were dumbfounded at the rapid demise of their hero.

In an apparently terse statement, the wannabe DA was blaming everyone but himself for his 'apparent' defeat. It is not clear whether the word 'traitor' was used, but it is easy to imagine Trutanich muttering that word under his breath.

Trutanich thought he had evaded the press, having kept the location of his 'victory' party a closely guarded secret. Unfortunately for the self-proclaimed super-crime-fighter, the location was made known to the Dragnet by (multiple) anonymous sources believed to be leaks from City Attorney staffers, and somehow the gentlemen of the press were finally able to speak to Trutanich.

KPCC's Frank Stoltze tweeted these bitter parting words from LA's Chief Liar
The bulk of this report clearly takes what some might see as unseemly delight in Trutanich's downfall. I make no apology. Trutanich betrayed every decent person who was coned by his scams. He made the lives of the hard working Deputy City Attorneys miserable, forcing them to take a 15% pay cut while he took every cent of his $234k salary and used LAPD's security detail like a limousine service to ferry him to and from campaign events. He micro-managed cases inflicting his facile schoolyard bully-boy 'porcupine defense' strategy on seasoned trial lawyers who knew the value of a case while all he know was the value of a headline. He made inappropriate pre-trial statements about Dream Act and Occupy LA protesters, only to see those cases fail because, as with most things Trutanich, he talks the talk, and then walks to the next headline.

Last night the voters of Los Angeles delivered their verdict on Carmen the Clown Trutanich. He is finished in Los Angeles and will likely not seek re-election as City Attorney, unless he wants to be doubly humiliated. Trutanich's remarks to his supporter have now been published in full be LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus, and as Tweeted, Trutanich bears no responsibility for his downfall.

It seems that there was no photographer to capture the moment when Trutanich faced the music, so the following altered photograph represents our impression of how Trutanich handled defeat.

No prizes for guessing where that comes from. Karma's a bitch isn't it?

That's enough about Carmen Trutanich for now.

Congratulations, of course to Jackie Lacey and Alan Jackson for giving the voters of Los Angeles a real choice between real prosecutors in the November election. We will have more on that as the campaigns develop.

This from the Alan Jackson campaign:

Statement from Alan Jackson for District Attorney

Los Angeles, June 6th

“We see tonight as a huge victory. The Jackson campaign took on Carmen Trutanich and saved the people of Los Angeles County from a politician who was more concerned about winning the next office instead of winning the next case. We were outraised, outspent and outsized by the City Attorney, yet we prevailed because voters clearly want a modern prosecutor not a politician. We look forward to November where voters will once again have a choice to elect a modern prosecutor to lead the District Attorney’s office.”

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Anonymous said...

Anyone gonna call out Hyatt and the ADDA for their foolish, thoughtless, and unsupported endorsement of danette? Not only did they completely blow it, but they harmed themselves and their credibility by not asking The rank and file. Shame on you ADDA, you continue to harm us with your stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Anyone seen Mario Trujillo recently? I heard he was not feeling well.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dragnet, for dropping the net on this guy. Thanks for your courage and persistence. You were instrumental in helping to save the citizens of LA, particularly the employees of the DA's office, from a lot of grief.

Ha ha 7:34, I couldn't have put it better. Oh wait-- Suck an egg, Mario! Suck. An. Egg.

Anonymous said...

To 7:34 a.m.: Mario Traitorjillo is probably out returning the curtains he bought for the Chief Deputy office he was promised!

Pretty sad that Traitorjillo threw away any hopes of a political career when he sold his soul to the Devil/Trutanich. You really shouldn't have betrayed your colleagues Mario.

Anonymous said...

Actually, 7:17am, its not just the endorsement of Dannette. Alan and Jackie weren't even in the list of four candidates that were recommended by the ADDA to the County Federation of Labor. All the losing candidates yesterday had that thumbs up.

I thought that we had a right to plebiscite but I guess they don't have to do it. Its a shame because it seemed like a poll of the rank and file would have mirrored yesterday's results, but we'll never know.

Anonymous said...

Hallelujah!! Is it just me or is the sun shining a little brighter today? Thank you LA voters for sending a clear message to Carmen the Clown. The DA's Office has been saved!! Thank you to Joe Friday for all of your efforts and tireless work in keeping the public informed on Trutanich. You rightfully should claim credit for exposing and helping defeat this unethical monster. Well done Joe Friday!!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, Trujillo wasn't the only DDA supporting Nuch. One of the local stations did a camera pan of Nuch's "celebration" last night and I saw alot of DDA's, AHD's and even a Head Deputy or two. And, of course, who can forget the big wet kiss he got from AFSCME and the County Federation of Labor.

Anonymous said...

I'm really getting misty reminiscing about all those hilarious "Berger's gonna get it when Nuch takes over" posts. Those posts were a real trip!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Alan Jackson for making the runoff and defeating one of the worst politicians in LA's history. I hope Jackson will be the next DA because we could really use someone with his leadership, initiative, and innovation.

Dragnet, THANK YOU for your tireless efforts to expose Trutanich for the lying sack of scum that he is. Today LA can rest assured that the DA's Office will remain in good hands.

Anonymous said...

Before we get carried away, I'd like to remind the winners that many LA residents are unhappy with the lack of corruption charges against LA politicians under Cooley. We hope his successor will not be a Cooley clone or they will meet Trutanich's fate next time around.

Anonymous said...

The second biggest looser is Mario Trujillo, who was willing to sell out his colleagues as the office to a piece of sh*t asshole like Trutanich.

Do you really think he would have followed through with his promise? Why should you be any different to everyone else who is still waiting for the promotions he promised when he wanted help to become CA? You must be stupid as well as being disloyal.

Anonymous said...

Well Berger, now that we know who you are, it looks like you may not want to declare mission accomplished just yet. Trutanich told the Times that he is going to run for a second term. So do please keep up the good work. Your friends at the City Attorney's office need your help to get rid of this asshole.

Anonymous said...

11:22 a.m.: Okay some DDA's might have supported Trutanich but let's be real! The rank and file OVERWHELMINGLY opposed Trutanich for DA. Trujillo supporting Trutanich was much more significant than a DDA or a AHD/HD supporting Trutanich since Trujillo was a former candidate and opponent! Trujillo made alot of money and had tons of support so his endorsement was poised to possibly be influential in this race. Luckily for us, Trujillo's endorsement did diddly squat for Trutanich.

But the baffling question remains. How could Trujillo even associate himself with someone with such a lack of character and ethics? As a prosecutor, Trujillo should have known better! It was a severe lack of judgment for Trujillo to sell out his colleagues and endorse Trutanich. Frankly, Trujillo put his own management aspirations above the well being of the DA's Office. Thank goodness Trujillo dropped out of the race because Trujillo's support of Trutanich exposed Trujillo's bad judgment. It's clearer than ever that Trujillo was never fit to be DA in the first place. Now we are luckily left with two candidates with character and professionalism and I'd be honored to work under either Jackie or Alan.

Anonymous said...

It was outright comical for Nuch to blame his loss on the "smear campaign" levied against him. Reporting the truth is not a smear campaign! And Nuch wants to run for a second term as CA? This nut is clearly delusional.


Anonymous said...

Someone out there has a Mario fetish. Disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Okay, So Danette Meyers had THE ADDA endorsement, as well as the backing of Gil Garcetti. What did that yield? 13.3 percent, according the registrar-recorder.

Steve Ipsen got 15 percent when he was trounced by by Cooley in 2008. Ipsen was the ADDA president at the time. (Cooley wasn't required to campaign past the primary, he got about 60 percent of the vote and was automatically re-elected. Albert Robles, the other candidate, got 20 percent).

So basic math requires us to ask the following question: Does anyone else see a pattern here?

Anonymous said...

I thought that Berger was brave to come out against someone that he had supported before. He didn't make the mistake of "doubling down" on a bad hand (Trutanich) as so many others did. Maybe he should go head-to-head with Carmine again for the City Attorney office?

Anonymous said...

You are so right, June 6 2012 @8:31pm. Add to the ADDA Board as a culprit too! They included Trutanich in the approved list that they forwarded to the County Federation of Labor for consideration of an endorsement, along with Meyers, Ipsen and Grace. I agree, Jackie and Alan are candidates with character and professionalism. The ADDA didn't think so and left them off the approved list.

Just think of the controversy if Trutanich had been specifically excluded from the approved list. It would have been a credibility gaffe of epic proportions for the County Federation of Labor to endorse and support him if the ADDA had specifically said "No on Trutanich."

But alas, Trutanich had a secret meeting with the ADDA president before the interviews, and a friend in need. . . .

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your help in defeating CONman Trutanich. Now who will the ADDA endorse without asking any of us?