Sunday, June 3, 2012

Trutanich delivers 3 more lies as campaign is rocked by 'Con Man' accusation

Trutanich fails to defend 'Con Man' accusation 

Dragnet blogger 'Joe Friday' laid out the many false statements that have characterized Trutanich's campaign,
and was unchallenged when he freely called Trutanich 'an extremely good Con Man'

City prosecutor Carmen Trutanich has kept his word on only one thing in his campaign to become DA; he will not speak to the media in the light of the LA Times exclusive that there was no credible evidence to support his claim to have been a victim of an assassination attempt; plainly put, he's a liar.

Trutanich flat out refused to return to FOX 11 News to deny that he had lied in his 2009 campaign, and repeated the lie in his 2102 campaign about being 'surrounded and shot at by gangmembers' in an all too convenient tall tale of selfless heroism that can now be seen to be as lacking in credibility  as his first campaign lie; his 'Pledge to Serve.'

Trutanich is said to have been 'devastated' by the way that accusations of him being 'a liar,' 'an extremely good Con Man,' and 'the consummate politician, you cannot believe a word he says' went unchallenged on FOX 11 News, with Anchorman Jeff Michael seemingly accepting those characterizations of Trutanich with nodding acknowledgement, perhaps even approval.

The man who once regarded himself as the 'front runner' and 'heir apparent' to the DA's office was reported to have been besieged by frantic calls from his closest supporters. They were apparently shocked to discover not only that Trutanich's foolish lie about being the victim of an assassination attempt could actually prove to be his undoing, but that Trutanich had no answer, perhaps invoking memories of Bernie Madoff's infamous quote 'There is no innocent explanation.'

Instead of personally denying being a 'an extremely good Con Man,' Trutanich lamely sent his spokesman, John Shallman, to FOX News to try to salvage what now appears to be a fading hope to secure a place in the runoff. It's a long, long way from 'winning this thing in the primary' as Trutanich has bragged and boasted to his ever-shrinking group of supporters.

Shallman can easily be accused of doing a piss-poor job of defending Trutnanich's tarnished reputation. His shifty body language belied the insurmountable problems he has in defending Trutanich. Shallman's strategy was, apparently, to lie as brazenly as his master, and he did so just as in-artfully with at least three crass lies.

Shallman squirmed and wriggled as he tried to defend Trutanich from the accusation that Trutanich and Bell were lying about the Green Meadows Park assassination attempt. He had no explanation for Trutanich's vastly differing account of the incident in which Trutanich says he was with Jim Bell in the park taking photos when Bell pulled him down. Under oath, Trutanich did not say he say he saw anything, let alone was surrounded and shot at by gun toting gangmembers. He did, however, tell the LA Times that either he or Bell had seen something 'Was it a gun, was it a hand, I don't know. Gimme a break'

In Bell's version, Bell is not with Trutanich in the park, but is elsewhere when he hears a radio call of 'Shots fired, possible DA!' and comes rushing to rescue.  Bell says he drove his police car into the park to find to find Trutanich interviewing a witness and surrounded by gangmembers who are shooting at Trutanich. Bell told the LA Times that he returned gunfire and the gangmembers fled.

Both stories are sheer fantasy, with Bell's being even more implausible than Trutanich's.
  • First of all, if there had been a radio call of 'Shots fired, possible DA!' that would have been a LAPD broadcast and there would be a record of the call. There is none. 
  • Second, such a call would have resulted in a high-priority (Code 3) response by multiple LAPD units, but there is no record for such a response, no police reports, and no evidence such as the recovery of spent shell casings from firearms used by the phantom gangmembers. 
  • Third, the idea that LAPD would broadcast a radio call of 'Shots fired, possible DA!' is ludicrous, as anyone with any knowledge of police radio broadcast protocol is aware.
  • Fourth, if Bell did return gunfire, there would have to be a full investigation into an O.I.S. - an Officer Involved Shooting. There was none.
  • Fifth, if Bell's version of the incident is true, there is a third witness - the person Trutanich was interviewing. But there is no record of any other witness to this alleged incident but its two protagonists. 
The whole story of the Green Meadows Park assassination attempt is just that; a story, a fantasy so implausible that Shallman's only hope was not to address any of the five points, but to instead accuse Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey of orchestrating a 'Swift Boat attack' on Trutanich.

Lie # 1 "Los Angeles Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey put Deputy District Attorney David Berger on FOX 11 News to 'Swift Boat' Trutanich."

According to Shallman, Jackie Lacey not only orchestrated the 'Swift Boat attack' questioning Trutanich's tall tale of heroism, but also arranged for Deputy District Attorney David Berger to appear on FOX 11 News to repeat the Swift Boat attack first mentioned in the LA Times.

"I'm accusing Jackie Lacey, the Chief Deputy District Attorney, of putting this guy on the air, who you had here yesterday, for seven minutes, this guy David Berger who is a Deputy District Attorney, his boss is Jackie Lacey." Shallman said.

It is a pity that Jeff Michael did not immediately slam Shallman for lying so blatantly, Michael had simply contacted 'Joe Friday' by Twitter to advise that FOX 11 News were running the Dragnet's video showing the implausibility of Trutanich and Bell's claims, and was surprised that the offer of an interview was accepted.

The interview, of course, had nothing to do with Jackie Lacey, but that did not stop Shallman from lying about it, and Michael was probably too stunned at Shallman's ability to lie to his face to challenge him it. Hopefully, Micheal will set the record straight about this shortly.

Lie # 2 David Berger 'was an opponent of Carmen Trutanich, who ran against Carmen Trutanich'

Perhaps the most stupid of Shallman's lies was to try to suggest that the reason for questioning Trutanich and Bell's credibility was motivated by Berger having been an 'opponent of Carmen Trutanich, who ran against Carmen Trutanich.'

That John Shallman could deliver such a palpable lie without even batting an eyelid shows not only how lying has become so deeply embedded in the Trutanich campaign, but that both Trutanich and his spokesperson can no longer tell the difference between a lie and the truth.

Here is a photograph of Carmen Trutanich's 'opponent,' center stage with Trutnaich at his victory party in May 2009. Also present are Steve Cooley who also no longer supports Trutanich, as well as John Shallman, who now seemingly lies serially for Carmen Trutanich.

Trutanich's 'opponent' who 'ran against him' pictured center stage with Trutanich
and Shallman at the May 2009 City Attorney Victory Party as the results came in.

Trutanich's 'opponent' also endorsed Trutanich immediately following Trutanich's second-place finish in the March 2009 primary election.

The Trutanich response to the sad state of affairs whereby former enthusiastic supporters have had to re-evaluate the ethical suitability of Carmen Trutanich for continuing to hold public office is not explained by a lie that these former supporters were 'opponents.'

It is a pathetic lie and shows the depth of desperation in the Trutanich camp as he faces the reality possible defeat, if not in the primary, then certainly in a run off.

Lie # 3 'Carmen Trutanich and John Shallman were both unaware that his DA file was missing'

One of Trutanich's spokesperson's more stupid explanations for a letter sent to Attorney General Kamala Harris demanding a 'suspicious political activity' investigation into Trutanich's missing DA files, was that Trutanich was unaware of his missing file until LA Times reporter Jack Leonard told him there was no evidence of the Green Meadows Park assassination attempt at the DA's office. Trutanich claimed to be 'shocked' at hearing this.

Trutanich did not know that the LA Times had obtained a copy of a background check that Trutanich commissioned from Oakland-based VR Research when he ran for City Attorney in 2008. That report includes the results of VR Research's efforts to obtain his DA files, indicating that the files were missing.

When confronted with the 100 page report, Trutanich first claimed the report was 'stolen.' Now it seems that Trutanich acknowledges that the report exists, but that he did not read it, and Shallman claims there is no reference to missing DA files because, as he told FOX 11 News Anchor Jeff Michael 'when someone does research they give you information they find, they don't give you  information they don't find.' 

Unfortunately for Trutanich, page 22 of the VR Research report does give the information they 'didn't find.'

In case the image above is not clear enough, VR Research reports that "We have requested all releasable portions of Trutanich’s personnel file from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, along with a listing of the cases Trutanich handled. We have been informed through a written response that the requested information is no longer maintained by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. We were informed that Trutanich served as an Assistant District Attorney from April 27, 1981 until he resigned from his position as a Deputy District Attorney III."

As previously noted, there appears to be no innocent explanation.

Other bizarre statements made by Shallman include "Carmen Trutanich has devoted his life to public service," yet between 1981 and today, Trutanich was a deputy DA for 6 years and a city prosecutor for 2, that''s 8 years out of 31, the rest of the time he was in private practice, something he hopefully will soon return to.

Other Shallman gems: "The Times got the story wrong," "Jim Bell is a hero who stepped in front of bullets ... the bullets missed," and "Carmen Trutanich is profoundly honest."   

That Shallman appeared on FOX 11 News instead of Trutanich is bad enough, Trutanich should answer the grave questions about his lack of candor and misstatements to allow voters to decide if they want a liar or a leader at the DA's office. But that Trutanich allowed three more significant false statements to be made on his behalf just underlines the reasons why Trutanich is unfit for District Attorney.

Shallman's lies on FOX 11 News can be viewed in entirety on FOX 11 News' website.


Anonymous said...

I heard that Nuch was told that as long as he hides from the press, he may still make it into the runoff, but that the reaction to all the negative reports about him being a liar have hurt him. Great job Dragnet,

Anonymous said...

You can kiss your days of blogging on county time goodbye, Berger. Nuch is going to file an ethics complaint about Lacey ordering you to appear on FOX. And don't expect the ADDA to help you, they've already done a deal with Nuch to endorse him if Meyers doesn't make the cut.

Anonymous said...

Nuch is going to file an ethics complaint? Really?? That lying sack of s**t filing an ethics complaint would be about the same as the devil complaining that he is getting unfair bad press. Maybe the city attorney should have decided to MAN UP and do his elected job instead of becoming a lying, self-serving, bullying, worthless politician. By the way Nuch, breaking your promise to the City of L.A. and lying to just about everybody you've come into contact with shows just what a scumbag you really are. Good example you're setting for members of your family. As for the voters, we see through your lies, you contemptible low-life dirtbag.

Anonymous said...

The word is that Trutanich is holed up in San Pedro with his loyal supporters. They are keeping him away from his campaign staff because of the way things have gone south. He was supposed to 'win this thing in the primary,' and nobody is predicting that is even a remote possibility since the fake shooting story went out on FOX11.

Trutanich knows he is toast if he gets into a runoff with any of the real DA candidates, especially Jackson who has creamed him in court and in the press. Maybe after Tuesday night Trutanich will change his mind about medical marijuana, 'cause he sure is gonna need something to kill the pain of the slow defeat that his coming down the pike.

So many people are looking forward to seeing Trutanich crash and burn that after the initial spike from the mail in ballots, Trutanich will see his margin fall and fall. By midnight, Trutanich will have 42% at most, and that's the end of his political career. It's already over, and he knows it.

Anonymous said...

Alan Jackson's ads are beginning to annoy me. He seems to have more of them now than Trutanich. I hope AJ doesn't turn off voters with so many ads, we get the message, OK? Save your money for the victory party, AJ, you are going to the runoff with the Big Tuna and you're going to take him down. Hard.

Anonymous said...

Alan Jackson has one of the best campaign ads I have ever seen, and it is great that he has raised enough money to challenge Trutanich for ad space on TV. AJ will be in the runoff with Trutanich tomorrow night, and AJ will crush Trutanich in the general election.

Anonymous said...

If AJ's ad is so amazing, then you must have loved Nuch's ad too, given they were nearly identical scene-for-scene. AJ has run a bold campaign and taken the fight to Nuch, but his TV spot was the epitome of typical political advertising which I believe the electorate has soured on as we've all grown more skeptical of politicians.

Anonymous said...

Nuch's ad is amazing. He is the hero of the people of LA. He is the only hope for salvation. He will destroy all criminals and make their families pay for the cost of putting them in prison. He is the only candidate with a 38 page blueprint to save the DA's office from ruin. He has the guts to force all the lazy DDAs to take a pay cut and reduce their bloated pensions to save the DA's office from fiscal ruin. He is the only candidate with MBA credentials. He speaks twelve languages fluently. Vote Trutanich for DA and join the winning team!

Anonymous said...

Um, I am pretty sure that the (hardworking) DDAs are unaware of Trutanich's plan to "force them to take a pay cut and reduce their bloated pensions" -- according to 12:00 pm. Just curious, is Nuch planning on doing that the law enforcement officers that DDAs work with too?