Saturday, June 23, 2012

Trutanich dropped by campaign strategist as fallout from downfall continues

LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus broke news of the worst-kept secret in the post-Trutanich downfall era; relations with senior political strategist John Shallman have deteriorated to the point of no return.

Shallman, the man Trutanich once referred to as "my ambassador of Quan," had apparently advised Trutanich to 'finish his term strong' with his head held high, and not seek a problematic and likely disastrous re-election campaign.

Trutanich won't have liked listening to Shallman's reasoning, but the points made by the seasoned political strategist are likely to have included the following:
  • You lost LA County by 78% to a pair of relatively unknown political novices.
  • You raised 3 times more money but you came third.
  • You had endorsements from the Governor and the Sheriff, how could you lose?
  • You cannot possibly raise enough money for the City Attorney race because you are a loser. 
  • Who will want to donate to your doomed campaign?
  • Go back to chasing ambulances while you still can.
Shallman may not have used these exact words to tell Trutanich that his political career is over, but he will have made it clear to Trutanich that there is no 'mulligan' in politics and that he (Shallman) considers Trutanich to be a 'political dead man walking.' He could not do better than a lowly third place, and he cannot raise serous cash because everyone expects his City Attorney reelection campaign to be a repeat to his failed DA campaign.

Trutanich and his senior staffers are said to be very upset at Shallman for mis-handling the many 'hiccups' and 'missteps' Trutanich suffered since his DA campaign was officially launched. They also questioned the wisdom of Shallman's media clampdown in the last weeks of the campaign. They believe Trutanich could and should have talked his way out of the Green Meadows Park Assassination-Gate scandal, as well as directly responded to claims that he was a 'serial liar,' and 'an extremely good con man.' Trutanich believes Shallman did a horrible job of standing in for him on FOX 11 News, and should have stayed in the background and allowed Trutanich defend himself.

While it is certainly true that Shallman looked and sounded like a whining, weaselly liar, his was basically a mission impossible. There was not much that Shallman could say or do to overcome the negatives caused by Trutanich who not only lies serially, but in attempting to explain away one lie, creates a second, even larger lie.

What is interesting, based on the report in the LA Weekly, is that it was Shallman who dumped Trutanich, rather than Trutanich who dumped Shallman.  Clearly Shallman believes Feuer has a better chance at challenging Greg Smith in the race for City Attorney than Trutanich. Shallman's dumping of Trutanich also leaves the former wannabe DA now scrambling around looking for a campaign strategist.

Trutanich may find getting a new campaign strategist a lot harder after losing the DA race; few campaign strategists will want to take on Trutanich at all given the likelihood that he will lose again, and those who are willing to risk their reputations will likely only do so if they are very, very well paid.

A highly paid campaign strategist may be something Trutanich can no longer afford. He raised $1.8M for his DA campaign, and now has to go dialing those same donors for more dollars, saying 'Hey, thanks for the $1,500 you gave me to become DA, how about giving me another $1,000 to see if I can hang on to the job I said I didn't want?' That could be the real reason why Shallman was so willing to dump Trutanich - he knows that Trutanich probably cannot raise the kind of money Shallman needs.

All of this leaves Trutanich as very much the lame duck City Attorney. Any power or influence he used to have has been diminished by his failed bid to become DA. He is a laughing stock around City Hall, and must be wondering how everything could have gone so horribly wrong for him.



Anonymous said...

Trutanich 'must be wondering how everything could have gone so horribly wrong for him' Yeah, wonder yourself sick Nuch. It all went wrong because you forgot that the same people who helped you get into office, could get you out of office if you crossed them. You are one sorry assed loser Nuch.

Anonymous said...

Joe Friday, Carmen Trutanich will win the election and will be your boss. You will be begging for forgiveness when Nuch starts layin down the law for all you lazy deputy DAs. Enjoy your freedom while you can, Nuch is going to defeat Jackie Lacey or Alan Jackson, in 2016 and be the first pathological liar to be DA.

Anonymous said...

Political comebacks are not unheard of. In the 60's Nixon lost the presidency to Kennedy. Then he lost the Governer's race to Jerry Brown's dad. But by the end of that decade he was president.

We need to see if Trutanich can engage in the appropriate amount of observation, contemplation, contrition, humility and willingness to embrace reconciliation which would make such a comeback pos. . . . WAIT A MINUTE. . . .I just answered my own question. BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Anonymous said...

2:51PM Don't joke about it, Nuch could be the next comeback kid. All he needs to do is get those deputy CAs who helped him in his 2009 campaign to do the same thing again. The Black churches will welcome Nuch back like their own naughty kid who stayed from the flock, but has not returned. You can almost hear Nuch putting on a phony black accent (like Hillary does) and telling the folks how 'he was lost and now he is found' and tearing up while he tells them all to say 'amen.'

Yeah, Nuch can do it again. All he has to do is promise all those deputy CA's who helped him in 2009 that he really will promote them this time around. I am sure they will believe him. Oh, and he can also explain why he doesn't need to take the same 15% pay cut as everyone else, folks need to understand just how special Nuch and his essential staff are.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous at 10:45 (i.e. - Trutanich in disguise), Keep telling yourself you'll make a comeback in 2016. You have the stink of pathological liar and complete loser all over you. But it'll be fun to watch you run for office and suffer that same humiliating defeat again. You must be a glutton for pain. Personally I look forward to watching you get your butt handed to you again by the incumbant. You should really think of cutting back on the booze. It's causing you to make bad decisions, loser.

Anonymous said...

I would sure like to know how someone can lose an election by such a big margin after being the front runner with all the money, support and name recognition? It must blow to be John Shallman, he really could not have done more to 'make it happen' but ultimately too many people knew Carmen and were never going to vote for him, even if they were strongarmed into paying tributes. I feel no sorrow towards Carmen, he got what he deserved, a public humiliation like none other ever seen in LA, or even the US. I am also less concerned about his essential executives who were busy ordering Office Depot furniture for their new places over at the DA's office. You people behave like pigs and deserve to be just as trashed as Nouche Bag. I look forward to working with the next CA even before he is elected, to make sure none of Nouche Bag's essentials are needed for anything in the new administration.

Anonymous said...

It really is mind boggling that Nuch would want to stay in office. He should finish out his term and avoid running for anything else, that way he can avoid future scandals.

Let's give him his due. He had tons of supporters in the DA's offices south of downtown. He should do everyone (especially himself) a favor: go back into private practice as a criminal defense lawyer, use the connections to build up a profitable practice, and spend the rest of his career in the practice of law building a nice nest egg. Leave politics to someone else. For his benefit and ours.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that every time I hear the Nouche Bag's name I immediately think of a really vulgar and course slang word for a the female genitalia? I refer to the 'C' word.

Trutanich is a 'C.' Those who know him won't argue with you, they actually say that he is, in fact, a f'ing 'C.'

Nuch, I am so glad that this blog and others like it (Mayor Sam, Street Hassle, Phil Jenerjhan, Zuma Dogg, Witness LA, Ron Kaye LA) all regard you as a big f'ing 'C,' because that really is who and what you are.

Now that you've been jail raped out of the election for the DA's Office and are heading the same way in the CA's Office, just remember to keep the door to the executive latrine securely locked. We don't want to see you showing us how to 'fix' Los Angeles on some weird website.

Like ZD says, get the 'f' out of LA and especially LA politics. We're done with you.