Thursday, June 7, 2012

Trutanich to seek second term as City Attorney


Now that the former 'frontrunner' for Los Angeles District Attorney had his sorry ass handed to him on a plate by voters, Carmen 'the Clown' Trutanich has announced his intent to try to hold on to the $234k a year job that he didn't want yesterday.

The LA Times reported that Trutanich 'told reporters from LA Weekly and other media outlets that he blamed his loss on media “onslaught.” On Wednesday, however, he took a more conciliatory approach, saying he was “humbled” by his third-place finish and bore responsibility for his campaign's problems.'

Trutanich doesn't get it. He is finished in LA politics. The same group of people who expressed their utter disgust for his thuggish boorish bullying and lying are not going to forget why they voted 'A.B.C.' on Tuesday. We might have short memories in Los Angeles, but not that short.

But as arrogant and egocentric as Trutanich is, he must also know that when 77% of voters believe him to be unfit for public service, the chances of turning that negative to a positive are next to nothing. The likely reason for his announcement could have more to do with the need to try make himself look like less of a laughing stock in the last year that he has as City Attorney. It will not work.

If Trutanich ever steps foot in a courtroom or the Council Chamber again, he does so as deeply damaged goods. A man with no credibility and no viability. A man whose word has no value and whose reputation is in tatters. A man that will have to look down at the ground as he walks, in order to avoid making eye contact with 77% of the people around him who will be sneering, sniggering and rejoicing in the fact that they brought him to his knees on Tuesday night.

LA's Best After School Program is still waiting for the $100,000 personal check that you promised them Trutanich. Losing the DA race in an even more humiliating a way than we could have hoped for does not eradicate that debt. Pay up, shut up and get the hell out of City Hall and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.


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