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The Biggest Loser in the Downfall of Carmen Trutanich?

According to the LA Weekly's recent article on what went wrong with Carmen the Clown's failed bid to become District Attorney, the blame for the Nouche bag's downfall is fairly and squarely laid on two people;
  • Trutanich's senior political campaign strategist John Shallman for the producing the  'Hindenburg' of political campaigns, and, 
  • DA Steve Cooley for not supporting Trutanich's lie-laden campaign. 
 Do I hear 'Sour Grapes' from the peanut gallery?

Interestingly, the LA Weekly's source for Trutanich's blame game is not the Clown himself, nor is it the Clown's highly-paid senor political campaign adviser John Shallman, but is the Clown's former landlord, Mort Allen who appears to be something of a loser himself in the downfall of Carmen Trutanich.

Trutanich's latest spokeshole is Mort Allen, pictured above to the far right.

Allen has apparently assumed the role of Trutanich's chief spokeshole now that the writing is well and TRUly on the wall for the former ambulance chaser's political career. Trutanich, despite having a multimillion dollar campaign warchest and significant political endorsements, lost his bid to become DA when his campaign crumbled amid allegations of untruthfulness and deception.

Mort Allen, who describes himself as a 'close friend of Trutanich,' told the LA Weekly that Trutanich is '... devastated. He's a broken man after what happened on this.' Allen said. The 'after what happened' portion of Allen's statement is believed to refer to Trutanich finding himself out of the running despite having bragged and boasted his 'front-runner' status.

Allen himself has much to rue from the Clown's downfall. Until the Dragnet reported on Trutanich maintaining un-permitted off-site advertising billboards for two years outside his former campaign headquarters, Allen had been able to brag and boast about his 'close and special relationship' with the City Clown Attorney.

Allen enjoyed associating himself with City Attorney Carmen 'the Clown' Trutanich
and is understood to have been 'devastated' when forced to remove the un-permitted off-site signs

However, once the story of Trutanich's billboard hypocrisy became public, Allen was ordered to remove the offending off-site billboards. The advertising space has been strangely vacant ever since, as if awaiting the Clown's return.

For nearly a year Trutanich's spokeshole has kept his off-site billboard space vacant in
anticipation for the campaign's return. That seems increasingly unlikely.
Trutanich may yet return to Allen's billboards if he is able to survive the primary election for City Attorney in March 2013. However, the chances of Trutanich actually being able to do better than the 22% he garnered on June 5, 2012, appear to be unlikely and the more realistic projection is that Trutanich will quit the City Attorney's office before he is forced to suffer a second politically humiliating defeat.

Trutanich hid massive loss in billboard litigation

One week before the District Attorney primary election, City Clown Attorney Carmen Trutanich was 'locked down' and unavailable to reporters. Most believed that Trutanich had gone into hiding to avoid confrontations arising from revelations that he may have lied about being surrounded and shot at by gangmembers. However, it now appears that there is another reason why Carmen the coward had to hide his face from the gentlemen of the press.

The LA Weekly reported that Trutanich's claims to have taken control of un-permitted offsite advertising was as untrue as just about everything else the former ambulance chaser says. In fact, Trutanich suffered a humiliating courtroom defeat a week before the election, and the only mystery is how he was able to prevent any reports of his defeat from being published.

Regardless of how Trutanich kept his defeat secret, the fact is that it now public knowledge, and yet another myth about the 'successes' of Carmen the Clown has been laid to rest.

Trutanich will face defeat as City Attorney on March 2013.



Anonymous said...

Uncle Fester is a regular at City Hall East. Nuch has arranged free parking for him even though all the other city attorney staffers have to pay for their parking. Still at least Uncle Fester pays his way. Just check Nuch's officeholder account to see all the great things Uncle Fester has done for Nuch. What? You can't find any? Must be a mistake, right?

Anonymous said...

There's a load of losers that hang out in Trutanic's office. They walk around the 8th floor like they own the place. It's a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

2 weeks ago today the polls opened and voters flushed carmine trutanich down the toilet. It is still hard to believe that this bloated arrogant prick has been demolished so utterly that he will never threaten anyone with anything again. He is a laughing stock around city hall, his own staff burst out in uncontrollable fits of hysterical laughter when he creeps in and out of his office with his LAPD limo drivers and his mirrored lens ray bans looking like a goodfella in the witness protection program. He is the biggest loser and he knows it. See y'all at Nuch's last annual summer BBQ, should be plenty of space and tons of left over food and booze.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic! Trutanich has refused to concede the election. He thinks that there are still enough uncounted votes that could see him replacing Jackson in the run-off. It's never gonna happen Nuch. You are f'ing finished. It's over me amigo, you should have won this thing in the primary like you boasted and bragged you would. Now you are looking like the loser that you really are, and you better get used to it. March 2013 is the City Attorney primary, and at the moment it looks like Greg Smith and A.B.C. in the run-off. Hell, I hear Berger is going to run just so he can give Trutanich the Weisshole treatment. Get out of LA Trutanich, you are an embarrassment.

HAHAHA said...