Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wheels continue to come off Trutanich Wagon

The Downfall of Carmen Trutanich video - 'Very telling'

Former DA wannabe Carmen Trutanich blithely blamed talk radio and 'the media' for his humiliating downfall as he fled his 'victory' party on election night. Other reports, however, indicate that Trutanich privately blames his (former) senior political consultant, John Shallman, for his downfall.

Shallman, often referred to by Trutanich as 'my ambassador of Quan' features heavily in 'The Downfall of Carmen Trutanich - The Final Days,' a satirical parody of Trutanich's final days of his DA campaign.

Shallman, is seems, bears the blame for betraying Trutanich by suggesting the use of the 'sick mother' excuse to protect Trutanich from the onslaught of media questions challenging the veracity of his story about an 'assassination attempt' in Green Meadows Park.

Trutanich had been besieged by the media regarding the Green Meadows Park assassination attempt story and his false claims of 'suspicious political activity' by the DA's office in hiding his personnel file. It seems that it was Shallman's idea to force Trutanich into a media blackout by suspending the 'media portion' of his campaign based on having to spend time at his ailing mother's bedside.

If Shallman succeeded in anything it was in preventing Trutanich from making a bigger fool of himself in the final week of the campaign. For a while it seemed like Shallman's strategy was working. The media stopped asking questions about Trutanich's lies. However, the release of a YouTube video called 'The Lies of Carmen Trutanich' appeared to re-ignite concerns about Trutanich's fitness for office, and led to FOX 11 News challenging Trutanich to break his media blackout and explain his actions. Trutanich remained in hiding, but Shallman appeared on FOX 11 News instead.

By all accounts Shallman did a lousy job of trying to defend the indefensible with Shallman appearing to be 'weaselly' when faced with FOX 11 New Anchorman Jeff Michael's probing questions. Clearly neither Shallman nor Trutanich can have been pleased by the interview, and that's likely when they realized that the DA campaign was over.

Whether Trutanich's downfall was caused by Trutanich's own false 'assassination attempt' story, or by Shallman's weaselly responses, it was likely the cause of much heated debate and dissension in the last days of Trutanich's DA campaign. 'The Downfall of Carmen Trutanich - The Final Days' video portrays this dissension in the form of an embattled Trutanich flying into an apoplectic rage at being told that Shallman has appeared on FOX 11 on his behalf. Trutanich apparently thought that the media blackout applied to Shallman as much as it did to him, and sees himself betrayed by Shallman, especially when told that Shallman 'sucked' and told 'three stupid lies.'

Trutanich also blames Shallman for not doing anything about the many disastrous comments made by talk show hosts and political correspondents. 'Where was Shallman when my reputation was getting jail raped?' Trutanich asks rhetorically, perhaps referring to John and Ken calling him a 'lying boob,' Doug McIntyre calling him 'Truth Challenged,' as well as Gene Maddaus' iconic 'Carmen the Barbarian' LA Weekly front cover.

Trutanich's rage is also directed at LA Times reporter Jack Leonard, who Trutanich refers to as 'that Limey bastard,' for writing three hit pieces against him. Returning to Shallman, Trutanich appears to question the wisdom of appearing on FOX 11 News, noting that he (Trutanich) had been 'ambushed' when he was interviewed by FOX News Anchorman Jeff Michael. Trutanich apparently was assured by Shallman that the FOX 11 interview would be a 'softball,' but Trutanich notes that 'Jeff Michael ripped me a new asshole that day.'

While 'The Downfall of Carmen Trutanich - The Final Days' is clearly one of many similar parodies of political downfalls, it may appear to some that the degree of blame-shifting, rage and paranoia displayed in the Hitler rant scene from 2004 classic 'Downfall' is particularly fitting to the Trutanich regime. It may also explain why his long-time supporter, John Franklin, has decided to call it quits.

Trutanich 'press deputy' to retire

LA Observed reports that Los Angeles City Attorney's Office Public Information Officer John Franklin has become the first of Carmen the Clown Trutanich's executive staff to bail following the one time wannabe DA's spectacular downfall on June 5.

Franklin, a former LA Sheriff's Dept. Commander, is pictured above wearing a blue shirt and an expression that perhaps explains why he has chosen to part company with the Clown. Franklin, as Trutanich's P.I.O., must have told his boss on numerous occasions that his pathetic lies were not cutting the mustard with the press, and that his DA campaign would be his downfall.

Trutanich, of course, would not listen to Franklin, nor anyone else in his doomed administration. Franklin's departure is significant not only because he was one of Trutanich's original executive appointments, but also because Franklin helped maintain the relationship between Trutanich and Sheriff Lee Baca. Franklin's departure now adds fuel to the fire of speculation that Sheriff Baca will not endorse Trutanich in his bid to be re-elected as City Attorney.

Baca's support for Trutanich dates back to the 2009 City Attorney campaign, and Baca was more recently used by  Trutanich to front the faux 'Draft Trutanich for DA' movement, designed to give Trutanich an easy out from his 'Pledge to Serve.' Unfortunately, in Baca's zeal to help Trutanich he allowed himself to be filmed in uniform giving Trutanich a political endorsement. That violated state law, and Baca was forced into making the embarrassing admission that he had broken the law to help Trutanich. Strangely, while Baca was man enough say 'mea culpa,' his endorsee, the tough-guy super-crime-fighter Trtuanich made no comment, and merely edited out the illegal endorsement.

Baca cannot have been pleased to have found himself breaking the law for someone who is supposed to know the law, and then being given no support whatsoever. It is understood that Baca was looking for a way of cooling the relationship with Trutanich, and that had Trutanich managed to make it into the run-off, Baca would likely have withdrawn his endorsement based in part on the screw-up regarding the uniform, but perhaps more saliently on the questions arising from Trutanich's lies about the Green Meadows Park assassination attempt.

Given the drubbing Trutanich received at the polls, his split with so many former supporters, allegations of serial untruthfulness, and his senior political strategist now working for opponent Mike Feuer, most expect Baca to decline to endorse Trutanich for City Attorney.



Anonymous said...

Don't be so quick to write off de Big Tuna. He may have taken a lickin but he keeps on tickin. He is going to win the City Attorney election and then become DA next time around. You can't keep de Big Tuna down.

Anonymous said...

Nuch really screwed up this time. Shallman will be working to destroy him and Franklin won't be running interference for him any more. You are obviously continuing your petty war against him and the media hates him. Sheesh, how could Nuch have screwed up so bad?

Anonymous said...

Trutanich for City Attorney! Please don't do it Nuch, there are sooooo many people who are still crapping themselves with fits of laughter after you lost, I mean really LOST the DA thing, and now you want some more? Gimme a break Nuch, we are only human, we cannot take so much f'ing entertainment before we split our sides with laughter. Nuch, please don't do it. Please spare a thought for others who cannot take the amount of hysterical laughter associated with another one of your numb nuts campaigns.

I hear that Zuma Dogg is going to Green Meadows Park to dedicate a plaque to the memory of the assassination attempt that you invented. He's gonna video the whole ceremony and put it on YouTube just in time for the election to make sure you never live that lie down.

You are a total piece of sh*t Nuch, you deserve it all asshole.

Anonymous said...

It is easy for Trutanich to blame Shallman, but it was Trutanich who created the impossible situation in the first place. Trutanich should not have reneged on his pledge, and once he did that Shallman should have said 'F you Nuch, you cannot treat voters like stupid jurors in your slip and fall cases.'

Shallman's mistake was to stick with Trutanich and milk his campaign for all the cash he could get to make up for what he lost with Kinde Durkee. Shallman made money but he lost credibility.

Anonymous said...

FYI Sheriff Baca will not be endorsing Trutanich for City Attorney, nor will he be doing any fundraising for him. Baca has already endorsed Mike Feuer and is a co-chair on his fundraising committee. Trutanich really screwed up in letting that happen. The arrogant prick probably was so convinced he would win the DA race that the City Attorney gig didn't matter. Who's sorry now Nuch? Asshole!

Anonymous said...

I think Commander Franklin deserves a medal for hanging in with Carmen the Clown for so long, but he has probably had enough of the Clowns craziness and wants to let the asshole crash and burn all by himself, without anyone to blame for his screw ups. It must have been deeply humiliating for Frankiln to have to deal with calls from the media knowing that his boss has screwed up big time, and not be able to say 'Hey guys, Nuch made a mistake, but it's going to be ok.' Instead Frankilin has to tell stupid lies for Nuch, like 'Oh, Nuch's mummy is sick so Nuch can't answer any questions right now.'

Anonymous said...

Franklin leaving Trutanich is a big deal. There must have been some kind of fundamental disagreement and Franklin wouldn't compromise. Trutanich is looking like a major loser now, so people are bailing fast. Baca has endorsed Feuer, so that relationship is over. Cooley won't take calls from anyone remotely connected to Nuch, and Kama,a Harris is going to endorse Jackie Lacey for DA and Feuer for CA. Nuch is finished. Over. Get out of City Hall you fat asshole, go back to chasing ambulances. You blew it.

Anonymous said...

Wonder who will be next to leave the sinking ship? The SS Trutanic is going down fast, get out while you can.

Anonymous said...

It took a lot of guts to publicly attack Trutanich knowing that he could win the election, be your boss, and retaliate against you. You obviously are either incredibly stupid, or you had some inside information that the fix was in to deny Carmen a fair election. You are stupid, but not that stupid. Expect a subpoena from US Attorney Andre Birotte who has been asked to investigate suspicious political activities surrounding the DA election. Nuch should have won the election and everyone knows something happened that ruined that plan. Whoever talks first might get a deal for ratting out the others. Save your skin.

Anonymous said...

Just stopped laughing at 11:34's comment. Hey Joe, isn't this the 27th or 28th time some anonymous poster has promised that you're gonna get a federal subpoena? I love these guys in the tin foil hats! They're proof that legalizing pot will probably raise alot of IQs ....