Monday, July 30, 2012

Mystery of Trutanich's downfall remains topic of debate

The disastrous downfall of Carmen Trutanich, Los Angeles' most despised and unpopular City Attorney, continues to be the source of as much speculation and conjecture as surrounded the disaster which befell the SS Titanic.

Ironically, perhaps, Carmen Trutanich's downfall almost completely coincided with events commemorating the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. While the cause of the maritime disaster that claimed the Titanic is now known, the cause of the political disaster that ended the career of Trutanich remains unclear.

Many in Los Angeles' legal and political circles still express amazement at speed at which Trutanich's political career sank, making analogies with the sinking of the Titanic inevitable. While it is as easy to attribute the sinking of the Titanic to an iceberg, the reality is that it was a combination of many missteps that caused the Titanic to be on a collision course with an iceberg that could have so easily been avoided.

So too with the Trutanich disaster; the assassination-gate scandal that accused Trutanich of lying about being surrounded and shot at by gangmembers in Green Meadows Park was not the sole cause of Trutanich's downfall. Just as with the Titanic, there were many missteps that led to Trutanich's downfall.

It is often said that 'Pride cometh before the fall' and in much the same way that the White Star Line claimed the Titanic was 'unsinkable,' the Trutanich bragged that he was going to 'win this thing in the primary [election].' 

Support for the Titanic's claims of invincibility were predicated on money; the Titanic was touted as the most expensive ocean liner ever built. By the same token, Trutanich boasted the most expensive campaign of all candidates and had long been bragging about his multi-million dollar campaign.

But while the two disasters have some common components; even surprisingly similar names, the similarities end when it comes to the issue of honesty and integrity. There has never been any suggestion that the sinking of the Titanic was due to deception or a deliberate act to mislead. The same, of course, is not true of the Trutanich. There was a well-established pattern of deceit and deception surrounding the Trutanich disaster.

Deception and betrayal were the hallmarks of the Trutanich administration, stretching all the way back to the very first days of the administration when he unashamedly reneged on his promise to support the City Controller's right to audit fraud, waste and corruption in programs run by elected officials.

From there it was 'no big deal' for the former ambulance chaser to renege on his promises to the medical marijuana community, any more that it was a problem for him to maintain his own off-site billboards while jailing a businessman on a million dollar bail over a different but equally un-permitted off-site billboard.

The 'Pledge to Serve' was soon dismissed as a campaign stunt, and for a solid year Trutanich was adamant that he had not yet decided whether he was going to run for District Attorney, even though it was obvious that he had orchestrated the bogus 'Draft Trutanich for District Attorney.'

When pressed as to his intentions, he avoided answering the question saying he was too busy caring for his son who 'just came back from Iraq, and he's got an injury,' implying that Trutanich was suffering the same plight and anguish of those with family members injured in the service of our country. In fact his son, an attorney, suffered a mild sports injury during a recreational game which may or may not have occurred in Iraq while on assignment with the Department of Justice.

Trutanich's troubled relationship with the truth continued to define his candidacy with glaring misrepresentations about non-existent police association endorsements, false claims about YouTube views of his campaign video, an attempt to use a false and misleading ballot designation proclaiming himself to be the 'Chief Criminal Prosecutor,' and of course, the most publicized of all Trutanich's lies - assassination-gate; the false claims about being the victim of an assassination attempt in Green Meadows Park.

Trutanich's response to assassination-gate was, perhaps, even more contemptible than the lie itself; he hid from the press claiming that he had to partially suspend his campaign in order to be at the hospital bedside of his ailing mother. It was a claim regarded by many with derision.

Whether assassination-gate or the response was the iceberg that finally sank the Trutanich campaign continues to be the source of entertaining debate in legal and political circles. All expect the very same credibility issues to be prominent in the City Attorney campaign that Trutanich now claims he will shortly launch. And just as his lack of character and credibility led to his downfall in 2012, so too will it lead to his downfall in 2013. Trutanich claims that the debate should be about the real issues facing Los Angeles, not his record of lies and 'missteps.' What he may finally be realizing is that the real issue isn't headline-grabbing bogus lawsuits against banks and billboard, but rather it is about the character of an elected official.

Character counts.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Trutanich 'unelectable.' Sounds unconvincing in re-election statement

Despite Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's recent statement that he is running for re-election when his term expires in 2013, many now consider him 'unelectable' based on his disastrous loss in the District Attorney primary election.

Trutanich was considered to be the front-runner even before he had officially announced his intention to run for DA and thereby renege on his 'Pledge to Serve' in February 2012; he had the name recognition, a slew of political endorsements and over a million dollars in his campaign coffers - three times more than any of his rivals. He seemed invincible, the heir apparent, the putative incumbent.

But four months later, on June 5, when the first results from the primary election became known, Trutanich was in a surprisingly distant third place. To describe the mood at Trutanich's victory party in his hometown San Pedro as somber would be an understatement; the local boy made good had bragged about winning the election outright, or at least being the leading candidate in a run-off election. But in an instant the mood in the room changed from jubilation to despondency.

Trutanich remained separated from his supporters as the night wore on, perhaps unable to face the reality of what had happened, or desperately hoping for an improvement as more votes were counted.

It was not to be. Trutanich remained solidly and remotely in third place throughout the evening. His loss to first-placed Jackie Lacey, the Chief Deputy District Attorney, and to second placed Alan Jackson, the Assistant Head Deputy of the Major Crimes Division, must have been insufferably humiliating and embarrassing for Trutanich; they were political novices with a fraction of Trutanich's campaign warchest.
Trutanich looked visibly shaken when forced to face the small group
of supporters who remained as his political career expired.
When he could no longer avoid the dwindling number of supporters who endured the victory party's funeral-like atmosphere, Trutanich emerged to offer his thoughts on his political castration. He told the small group of stalwarts and reporters that his devastating downfall was largely the fault of talk radio. Notwithstanding, his bitter blame-shifting, those close to him actually believe that outgoing District Attorney Steve Cooley's refusal to support Trutanich was the cause of his downfall.

Others in Trutanich's inner circle blamed campaign manager John Shallman for the many 'missteps' in Trutanich's campaign. Most notably, the false claims about non-existent police association endorsements, the phony 'viral' YouTube campaign video, the attempt to mislead voters with the false and misleading ballot designation of 'Chief Criminal Prosecutor,' and of course, Trutanich's lies about being the victim of a gangland assassination attempt in the 1980's.

But while it is easy to point the finger at Shallman for the many falsehoods that came to characterize Trutanich as untrustworthy, even 'truth challenged,' the fact remains that Trutanich approved of each and every one of those 'missteps.' His inability or reluctance to correct false or misleading campaign claims was likely the reason that voters so definitively rejected his candidacy for District Attorney.

Trutanich's conduct during his ill-fated DA campaign will continue to define him if indeed he is serious about seeking re-election as City Attorney. The serious credibility issues will not go away simply because Trutanich is running in a different race, and the media are unlikely to accept his 'sick mother' excuse for avoiding inconvenient questions again.

Last week Trutanich told KCRW's Warren Olney that he was 'definitely' running for re-election. Those familiar Trutanich, however, say that his voice sounded weak and unconvincing. 'He might want to be re-elected,' one source said, 'but it's not going to happen, he is unelectable after losing the DA race so dramatically.' He said. 

Trutanich's DA campaign manager, John Shallman, has made no secret of his belief that Trutanich is finished in politics; 'he [should] "finish his term strong," and then look for other ways to stay involved in civic affairs.' Shallman told the LA Weekly, adding that 'I did suggest to Carmen that he should consider what his options are at this point,' Shallman said. 'He could continue to do a good job as city attorney and finish his term strong, and focus on some of the issues he cares about ... without necessarily being city attorney. A lot of people have foundations that can help rehabilitate his name.'

Many see Shallman's comment about Trutanich's need to 'rehabilitate' his name as a discrete but clear signal that Trutanich's reputation for misleading and mischaracterizing the truth is an insurmountable barrier to his re-election. 'Los Angelenos don't like liars, and Trutanich was shown to be a liar on so many occasions that I lost count.' A former supporter said. 'I was not surprised that he lost, but I was surprised that so many voters found him unacceptable, I thought it would be a lot closer.' He said.

Shallman also confirmed that he will no longer work for Trutanich. Instead, the seasoned campaign strategist will work for State Assemblyman Mike Feuer's rival campaign to become Los Angeles City Attorney.

Weakened by the loss of the DA election, further weakened by the loss of his campaign manager, and still facing the same character issues that caused his downfall in the DA primary, few believe that Trutanich has a realistic chance at winning re-election. Rival City Attorney candidates Greg Smith and Mike Feuer both have already established campaign committees, have professional campaign managers, and have raised six-figures sums in campaign donations. Trutanich has thus far done nothing but say he is running for re-election, and if anything has defined Trutanich recently, it is that what he says cannot be believed.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Themes

Trutanich claims he is running for re-election

Using the much hyped filing of another 'headlines only' lawsuit to break his six week long radio silence since suffering the biggest downfall in political history, the former front-running failed wannabe DA Carmen the Clown Trutanich blithely told KCRW's Warren Olney that he was going to run for re-election in 2013.

Insisting that he has 'done a good job' as City Attorney, Trutanich claimed that he has saved the City of Los Angeles $235M in three years. It's a claim that, like every other claim made by Trutanich, bears greater scrutiny. If he has saved us so much money, how come the City of LA isn't flush with cash? The answer seems to be that Trutanich's claim to have 'saved' money is based on voodoo math; a $1M meritless slip-and-fall lawsuit against the City which gets thrown out of court is not a 'saving' because it is the kind of lawsuit that would never win anyway.  Expect Greg Smith and Mike Feuer to rip Trutanch's voodoo math apart if, indeed, Trutanich does run.

Speaking of Mike Feuer, Trutanich said he has not spoken the Feuer since losing the DA election. Presumably that's because Trutanich really hasn't got much to say to Feuer - it's not like Feuer is going to withdraw his candidacy now that Trutanich has decided that he does want to be City Attorney after all.  From Feuer's perspective, Trutanich is not a threat. Politically, Trutanich is unelectable. He has no campaign manager, he has no campaign, he has no 'big name' endorsers; he is finished, and he knows it.

Lacey announces major endorsements

Despite our earlier observation that endorsements for November's DA runoff election were looking increasingly partisan, Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey proved us wrong with the surprise announcement that Frank Visco was amongst her latest endorsements. This from the Lacey campaign:

'Frank Visco served as Chair of the California Republican Party from 1989 to 1991 and is a prominent community leader in the Antelope Valley, where he is known as "Mr. Republican."'

Jackson announces significant law enforcement endorsements

This from the Jackson campaign:


Los Angeles, July 18th – Today the Burbank Police Officers’ Association (BPOA) and Glendale Police Officers’ Association (GPOA) issued independent statements endorsing gang prosecutor Alan Jackson for District Attorney. BPOA President Officer Mark Armendariz applauded Jackson’s “excellent leadership performance.” BPOA and GPOA join more than 20 more law enforcement unions backing Jackson’s candidacy, growing Jackson’s steady lead in endorsements in the District Attorney’s race from public safety, police and fire.

Visit to view Jackson’s support.

Glendale POA President Detective Jason Ross stated, “Glendale Police are on the front lines of the new realignment and budget challenges threatening our communities’ safety. We know that Los Angeles needs its top prosecutor for District Attorney to bring a progressive approach to crime-fighting and crime prevention in this new climate.”

GPOA President Ross continued, “Alan’s record of pursuing justice combined with his proven ability to manage resources will allow him to lead effectively and keep Los Angeles County safe as District Attorney,”

Alan Jackson said, “From the start I have been honored to be called the Cops’ Prosecutor. After nearly two decades of service, I am humbled to have earned the confidence of my colleagues in law enforcement, who risk their lives to keep us safe. As District Attorney, I will continue to lead effectively as a partner in our shared mission to protect families and serve the public.

Jackson’s chief campaign strategist John S. Thomas concluded, “One thing is clear in the race for District Attorney: Cops want the best prosecutor as their next DA. Without a doubt, Alan Jackson is that prosecutor, with the experience and record to guide Los Angeles through the public safety challenges to come.”

For more information, please visit Alan Jackson’s campaign website at


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Midweek Musings

LA Downtown News ponders Carmen the Clown's demise

Jon Regardie at the LA DownTown News thinks that the March 2013 primary election for City Attorney could be the most entertaining political race if Carmen the Clown Trutanich honors his DA election night defeat promise (threat?) to run for re-election as City Attorney after LA voters soundly declared him unfit to be DA.

Trutanich has not started a campaign for re-election and has no campaign manager. DA Steve Cooley, who famously supported Trutanich for City Attorney will not support Trutanich's re-election scam after Trutanich reneged on his 'Pledge to Serve,' although in all probability Cooley is more likely livid at the way Trutanich tried to accuse him of 'suspicious political activity' when Trutanich's personnel file could not be found. Equally, Sheriff Lee Baca has already endorsed termed out Assemblyman Mike Feuer for City Attorney, and again, Baca is also still smarting from being made into a lawbreaker by participating in Trutanich's foolish illegal in-uniform endorsement.

With no big names seemingly willing to trash their reputations to further Trutanich's bid to hang onto the job he didn't want, the former ambulance chaser turned career politician's chances at re-election look slim. Add into the mix that both his former campaign managers are now working for his opponents, and the only certainty would appear to be that Trutanich will crash and burn a second time.

Trutanich announces another 'get tough' bogus lawsuit

Two kids watch the pathetic spectacle of LA's Chief Clown, Carmen Trutanich, making his first tv appearance since his June 5 shattering defeat. Trutanich chose the steps of City Hall to explain his latest headline grabbing piece of flawed legal logic to the sole reporter and cameraman.

In essence Trutanich is suing US Bank in a copycat lawsuit to the one he filed last year against Deutsche Bank accusing the financial institutions of being 'slumlords.' Most believe that Trtuanich's motives in filing these lawsuits has more to do with his political aspirations than any sound legal logic or desire to improve the quality of life for Los Angelenos.

The US Bank filing comes at a time when many of Trutanich's other headline grabbing lawsuits have fallen apart like cheap suits, most notably with the recent collapse of his lawsuit against billboard badboys WorldWide Rush.

Timing is everything in politics and Trutanich probably thought he would be measuring the windows at the DA's office for new drapes by the time his headline cases actually came close to a courtroom. Now that Trutanich's bunny hop to the DA's office is but a distant dream for the former ambulance chaser turned pathological liar career politician, and Trutanich might actually have to explain to a jury why Deutsche Bank and US Bank are more liable than the loan servicers who repossess the properties and are supposed to maintain them pending resale.

While the problem of urban blight caused by unoccupied and unattended properties is one that is crying out for a solution, it is a pity that the loudest voice that can be heard on the topic is that of Carmen the Clown Trutanich - empty vessels make the most noise.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Briefs

DA Election - endorsements define campaigns

The 'non-partisan' election for DA Steve Cooley's successor appears to be taking a decidedly partisan course based on the endorsements announced by candidates Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey and Assistant Head Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson this week.

Lacey lands endorsements as 'front runner' in DA race

In addition to announcing her endorsement by the Los Angeles Democratic Party, District Attorney candidate Jackie Lacey also announced three major endorsements for her bid to become Los Angeles County District Attorney. This from the Lacey campaign:

LOS ANGELES - Jackie Lacey, the front-running candidate for Los Angeles County District Attorney, today announced that she has been endorsed by three major leaders:

Dave Jones, California State Insurance Commissioner
Mark Ridley-Thomas, Los Angeles County Supervisor
Wendy Greuel, Los Angeles City Controller

"California District Attorneys work closely with the office of the Insurance Commissioner to crack down on insurance fraud," stated Dave Jones. "Los Angeles County needs a District Attorney who will fight to protect consumers from exploitation."

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas added, "Jackie Lacey is a hope and inspiration for all our communities. She rose from a hard-working family in the Crenshaw District to become second-in-command of the nation's largest local prosecutorial office. She is a leader of extraordinary talent and dedication."

"Jackie Lacey has years of experience leading an office comprised of 1,000 lawyers and 300 law enforcement officers. She has been at the forefront of delivering cost-saving reforms to the judicial system," said City Controller Wendy Greuel. "I am confident she is the best candidate to deliver justice in Los Angeles."

Jackie Lacey expressed gratitude for the support. "All of these leaders are among the best and most effective elected officials in our state," she said. "I am deeply honored by their trust in me and their support."

# # #

Mayor Riordan endorses Alan Jackson

Former Mayor Riordan formally announced his endorsement of Alan Jackson for District Attorney on Wednesday July 11, 2012. This from the Jackson campaign:

Former Mayor Richard Riordan had this to say about his support for Alan Jackson, “Public safety has always been my top priority both as Mayor of Los Angeles and as a private citizen. It is essential that our next District Attorney be a top-notch courtroom prosecutor. That is why I am supporting Alan Jackson for DA without hesitation. Alan knows what it takes to put criminals behind bars and will keep us safe as District Attorney."

Alan Jackson said, “I am humbled by Mayor Riordan’s support. As someone with years of experience leading the second largest city in the country, his voice is important to our community and his endorsement has special significance to my campaign. If elected I promise to take my courtroom knowledge and fight for the public’s safety across the County.”

For more information, please visit Alan Jackson’s campaign website at

- # - # - #  -

Mayor Riordan had previously endorsed City Attorney Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich's ill-fated campaign for District Attorney, however, it is understood that Riordan was unaware of Trutanich's many credibility issues until his endorsement was challenged on the Peter Tilden show.

Although Riordan tried to deflect criticism of Trutanich's record as a liar as simply the antics of a politician, Riordan is understood to have been upset that Trutanich had not been vetted more thoroughly. It is believed that Riordan would not have endorsed Trutanich had he known that the 'Assassingationgate' scandal was about to break.

Former Tru-believers may regret endorsements

Trutanich's Trio; Sheriff Lee Baca, Governor Jerry Brown and Councilmember Dennis Zine
all very vocally and enthusiastically endorsed a dishonest and deceptive candidate. Will that now hurt them?
Sheriff Lee Baca, Governor Jerry Brown and Councilmember Dennis Zine have one thing in common; they all made the same mistake in backing Carmen Trutanich for District Attorney. It could prove to be a very costly mistake because the magnitude of Trutanich's defeat casts doubts not only on their judgment, but also on their credibility.

They endorsed a candidate who had completely and unequivocally reneged on a promise he made to voters with his 'Pledge to Serve.' They also stood by silently through the many scandals that rocked the Trutanich campaign, and by their silence they impliedly expressed approval for a candidate who lied about non-existent police endorsements, lied about YouTube views, tried to mislead voters with a false ballot designation, and of course, lied about being surrounded and shot at by gangmembers.

Trutanich paid a high price for his deceptive candidacy - he not only lost the DA race in the most dramatic and humiliating way imaginable, but he will neither be re-elected as City Attorney, nor will he ever be elected to any other office. He has proven that he cannot be trusted and that he is, as has been said, a 'political dead man walking.'

But how does his drubbing reflect on those who so vocally supported him? Had Trutanich not lost by such a huge margin, had his defeat been a close call, the damage might not be an issue. But the massive voter rejection of Trutanich surely leaves Baca, Brown and Zine vulnerable to criticism, if not attack, for supporting such a deceptive and dishonest candidate for a top law enforcement position.

It will be interesting to see whether either of the District Attorney candidates will seek out or accept endorsements from 'Trutanich's Trio.' Certainly the Trio will be keen to rehabilitate their reputations by being closely associated with the next District Attorney, but will the next District Attorney want to be endorsed by someone who showed such poor judgment?

Interestingly, Sheriff Baca has endorsed State Assemblyman Mike Feuer to replace Trutanich as City Attorney. That might now be an endorsement that Feuer will be keen to dump; surely it leaves him open to attack by his opponents for being supported by someone who approves of lying and deceitful campaigns?

Feuer must be banking on voters having very short memories, which is a strategy that Carmen Trutanich also banked on in his ill-fated bid to deceive voters with his DA campaign. But it does seem that voters don't forget the people who try to make fools of them, and they probably won't forget Sheriff Baca's attempt to explain away Trutanich's 'Pledge to Serve' in this illegal in-uniform endorsement that Baca made for Trutanich. 

Baca defends Trutanich's decision to renege on his promise to voters by saying 'So this pledge, of well, if you promise, I'll promise, I mean all this to me is merely a diversion from the real fact and that is who is best qualified to serve as District Attorney of the County of Los Angeles, and that's Carmen Trutanich.' It does seem that voters did not agree with Sheriff Baca about Trutanich being best qualified, any more than they agreed that a solemn, sworn promise is a diversion.

Sheriff Baca should have known better than to try to defend the indefensible - Trutanich was called a 'pathological liar,' 'truth challenged' and a 'lying boob,'  and by supporting that kind of deceptive and dishonest conduct, what does it say about the candidacy of Mike Feuer who Sheriff Baca now supports?


Friday, July 6, 2012

Trutanich City Attorney campaign news 'No Cash, No Consultant, No Concern'

Embattled City Attorney Carmen Trutanich feigned confidence when told that the two leading contenders for his job have raised substantial funds towards their campaigns to take the position he did not want last month.

Termed-out State Assemblyman Mike Feuer reports raising $650,000 towards his fight to win the office he narrowly lost to Rocky Delgadillo twelve years ago, while Police Rights Attorney Greg Smith has $200,000 on hand as he ramps up his campaign.

Trutanich, who now seems to be able to talk the the media, told the LA Daily News that he does not feel any pressure at this point to begin raising money for his re-election campaign. 'The one thing I learned (in the district attorney's race) is that money doesn't get you elected,' Trutanich said. 'Only God and doing your job can do that.' Trutanich made no mention of when, or even if, he will try to raise money for his re-election campaign, as he probably has to figure out who will support his re-election bid.

Former supporter District Attorney Steve Cooley is unlikely to support Trutanich's re-election having seen how recklessly Trutanich threw away all the political goodwill he had built by reneging on his 'Pledge to Serve' in an ego-driven bid to become DA.

Equally, Sheriff Lee Baca, one of Trutanich's principal supporters in his failed DA campaign, may be both unwilling and unable to support Trutanich's re-election. Baca is probably still smarting from being labeled a law-breaker thanks to Trutanich's ignorance of a state law that prohibited Baca from endorsing Trutanich in uniform. But even if Baca is willing to forgive and forget Trutanich's stupidity, Baca has already endorsed City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer and has agreed to serve as his Campaign Co-Chair, so it's unlikely (but not unheard of) that Baca will try to dance at both parties.

Without Cooley, Baca or someone of a similar stature, Trutanich is left without a strong law enforcement supporter for his re-election campaign, and that probably presents Trutanich will the biggest problem of all. Having rolled the dice and lost, it seems that nobody is willing to double-down and back Trutanich again.

It is also highly likely that Trutanich will not be able to raise anything close to the amount of money needed to compete for City Attorney. He taped out most of his sources for funds in his failed DA campaign, and many will now see him as the likely loser to Feuer or Smith, and keep their check books shut. Additionally, many of those who contributed to his DA campaign may be prevented from contributing to his City Attorney campaign because of Measure H; a city ordinance that prohibits businesses who contract with the City of LA from making campaign donations to elected officials.

Given the practical problems that Trutanich faces toward fundraising, his statement that 'he does not feel any pressure at this point to begin raising money' is probably untrue. The reality is more likely that he is under tremendous pressure, but has no plan of action because failure appears to be the only option with or without money, just as in his failed DA campaign.

The same also applies to Trutanich's lack of concern over not having a campaign manager. With John Shallman now firmly committed to Mike Feuer and Greg Smith about to announce the appointment of a campaign strategist who probably knows more about the skeletons in Trutanich's closet than Shallman, Trutanich's statement that 'he doesn't feel any pressure to hire a campaign consultant,' is probably also untrue, as is the laughable notion that 'he is considering several potential candidates.'

The reality for Trutanich is that he is in something of a Catch 22 situation when it comes to campaign consultants. Few will want to be associated with a doomed campaign of a proven liar, and those who do, will only take on the job for all the cash they can squeeze out of Trutanich. Which takes us back to that other thorny little problem Trutanich has (or hasn't) about fundraising. It will cost him a lot of cash to hire a top line consultant, assuming he can find one who is willing to risk damaging their reputation by association with him. At the moment, Trutanich doesn't have any cash for his City Attorney campaign, and may have debts to retire from his failed DA campaign.

But if raising money to hire a campaign consultant is not an option, Trutanich could instead use City resources to provide alternative funding. The recent 'retirement' of Trutanich's Public Information Officer, John Franklin, could provide Trutanich with the opportunity to hire someone to replace Franklin who would actually be paid by taxpayers, but work on his political campaign. Although that would appear to be in violation of City Ethics laws, Trutanich has historically shown scant regard for those laws. He appears to use LAPD as a limo service to ferry him to and from campaign events, as well as in the production of his ill-fated 'True Stories' DA campaign docu-drama. 

But beyond Trtuanich's apparent free use of City resources for his political campaigns, it does appear that Trutanich actually uses taxpayer funds to pay for political staff. For the third year now, Trutanich has used City funds to pay Dan Raskov $4,4175.00 a month (under Contract C-116687) to source 'Grants and Alternative Funding,' for the City Attorney's Office.

It is unclear whether in three years Raskov has actually 'sourced' any such funding, however, given Trutanich's propensity to issue press releases at the drop of a hat, you can be reasonably sure that if Raskov had actually found a grant or 'alternative funding' for the City Attorney's Office, there would have been a press release about it. There is none. So what does Raskov actually do for Trutanich?

It does appear that Raskov is closely connected to Trutanich's political campaigns. In November 2011, when Trutanich ducked the first District Attorney forum, Raskov was spotted in the audience taking notes, presumably to report back to Trutanich.

In January 2012, Raskov was named as Trutanich's campaign manager in a questionnaire submitted to the ADDA.

While it is technically possible for Raskov to wear two hats, work for the City of LA sourcing 'Grants and Alternative Funding' without success for three years, and in his spare time work for Trutanich's political campaigns, the odd thing is that campaign finance reports submitted by the Carmen Trutanich for District Attorney Campaign have so far failed to list any payment to Raskov for his services.

There is, of course, always the possibility that there is an innocent explanation, and now that Trutanich has broken his self-imposed media blackout and is taking to the press, perhaps he will offer that explanation. We won't hold our breath.

Trutanich's comments to the Daily News shows he has learned nothing from the drubbing he received at the polls on June 5. What cost him the election was, primarily, his untenable position as a liar who reneged on his sworn 'Pledge to Serve,'  and then ran a campaign that came up with a new lie almost every week. Trutanich is the personification of that adage 'How can you tell when a politician isn't lying? His lips don't move.' He continues to make statements that are not just implausible, but are frankly insulting because they show that Trutanich really thinks we are stupid enough to buy what he is selling.