Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Midweek Musings

LA Downtown News ponders Carmen the Clown's demise

Jon Regardie at the LA DownTown News thinks that the March 2013 primary election for City Attorney could be the most entertaining political race if Carmen the Clown Trutanich honors his DA election night defeat promise (threat?) to run for re-election as City Attorney after LA voters soundly declared him unfit to be DA.

Trutanich has not started a campaign for re-election and has no campaign manager. DA Steve Cooley, who famously supported Trutanich for City Attorney will not support Trutanich's re-election scam after Trutanich reneged on his 'Pledge to Serve,' although in all probability Cooley is more likely livid at the way Trutanich tried to accuse him of 'suspicious political activity' when Trutanich's personnel file could not be found. Equally, Sheriff Lee Baca has already endorsed termed out Assemblyman Mike Feuer for City Attorney, and again, Baca is also still smarting from being made into a lawbreaker by participating in Trutanich's foolish illegal in-uniform endorsement.

With no big names seemingly willing to trash their reputations to further Trutanich's bid to hang onto the job he didn't want, the former ambulance chaser turned career politician's chances at re-election look slim. Add into the mix that both his former campaign managers are now working for his opponents, and the only certainty would appear to be that Trutanich will crash and burn a second time.

Trutanich announces another 'get tough' bogus lawsuit

Two kids watch the pathetic spectacle of LA's Chief Clown, Carmen Trutanich, making his first tv appearance since his June 5 shattering defeat. Trutanich chose the steps of City Hall to explain his latest headline grabbing piece of flawed legal logic to the sole reporter and cameraman.

In essence Trutanich is suing US Bank in a copycat lawsuit to the one he filed last year against Deutsche Bank accusing the financial institutions of being 'slumlords.' Most believe that Trtuanich's motives in filing these lawsuits has more to do with his political aspirations than any sound legal logic or desire to improve the quality of life for Los Angelenos.

The US Bank filing comes at a time when many of Trutanich's other headline grabbing lawsuits have fallen apart like cheap suits, most notably with the recent collapse of his lawsuit against billboard badboys WorldWide Rush.

Timing is everything in politics and Trutanich probably thought he would be measuring the windows at the DA's office for new drapes by the time his headline cases actually came close to a courtroom. Now that Trutanich's bunny hop to the DA's office is but a distant dream for the former ambulance chaser turned pathological liar career politician, and Trutanich might actually have to explain to a jury why Deutsche Bank and US Bank are more liable than the loan servicers who repossess the properties and are supposed to maintain them pending resale.

While the problem of urban blight caused by unoccupied and unattended properties is one that is crying out for a solution, it is a pity that the loudest voice that can be heard on the topic is that of Carmen the Clown Trutanich - empty vessels make the most noise.



Anonymous said...

I don't know if there is any merit to the lawsuits against Deutsche and US Banks, bur I do agree that the moment I heard 'Carmen Trutanich filed a lawsuit ...' I stopped listening. As the LA Weekly pointed out, 90% of the headline case he boasts about when he filed them, have either been dismissed or are still awaiting their day in court. I am sick of hearing about Trutanich filing lawsuits, how about the media only reporting the outcome of these cases? Like the dismissal of the World Wide Rush case?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind Nuch going off on these misadventures if he at least he got some money for the city. Its aggravating when he does this and comes back with nothing. He needs to remember that we pay the bills on this stuff, and we cover his inflated salary, and the mountain of perks he grabs. Come on man, we got cities filing for bankruptcy. If your gonna spend, go it wisely.