Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Briefs

DA Election - endorsements define campaigns

The 'non-partisan' election for DA Steve Cooley's successor appears to be taking a decidedly partisan course based on the endorsements announced by candidates Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey and Assistant Head Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson this week.

Lacey lands endorsements as 'front runner' in DA race

In addition to announcing her endorsement by the Los Angeles Democratic Party, District Attorney candidate Jackie Lacey also announced three major endorsements for her bid to become Los Angeles County District Attorney. This from the Lacey campaign:

LOS ANGELES - Jackie Lacey, the front-running candidate for Los Angeles County District Attorney, today announced that she has been endorsed by three major leaders:

Dave Jones, California State Insurance Commissioner
Mark Ridley-Thomas, Los Angeles County Supervisor
Wendy Greuel, Los Angeles City Controller

"California District Attorneys work closely with the office of the Insurance Commissioner to crack down on insurance fraud," stated Dave Jones. "Los Angeles County needs a District Attorney who will fight to protect consumers from exploitation."

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas added, "Jackie Lacey is a hope and inspiration for all our communities. She rose from a hard-working family in the Crenshaw District to become second-in-command of the nation's largest local prosecutorial office. She is a leader of extraordinary talent and dedication."

"Jackie Lacey has years of experience leading an office comprised of 1,000 lawyers and 300 law enforcement officers. She has been at the forefront of delivering cost-saving reforms to the judicial system," said City Controller Wendy Greuel. "I am confident she is the best candidate to deliver justice in Los Angeles."

Jackie Lacey expressed gratitude for the support. "All of these leaders are among the best and most effective elected officials in our state," she said. "I am deeply honored by their trust in me and their support."

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Mayor Riordan endorses Alan Jackson

Former Mayor Riordan formally announced his endorsement of Alan Jackson for District Attorney on Wednesday July 11, 2012. This from the Jackson campaign:

Former Mayor Richard Riordan had this to say about his support for Alan Jackson, “Public safety has always been my top priority both as Mayor of Los Angeles and as a private citizen. It is essential that our next District Attorney be a top-notch courtroom prosecutor. That is why I am supporting Alan Jackson for DA without hesitation. Alan knows what it takes to put criminals behind bars and will keep us safe as District Attorney."

Alan Jackson said, “I am humbled by Mayor Riordan’s support. As someone with years of experience leading the second largest city in the country, his voice is important to our community and his endorsement has special significance to my campaign. If elected I promise to take my courtroom knowledge and fight for the public’s safety across the County.”

For more information, please visit Alan Jackson’s campaign website at

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Mayor Riordan had previously endorsed City Attorney Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich's ill-fated campaign for District Attorney, however, it is understood that Riordan was unaware of Trutanich's many credibility issues until his endorsement was challenged on the Peter Tilden show.

Although Riordan tried to deflect criticism of Trutanich's record as a liar as simply the antics of a politician, Riordan is understood to have been upset that Trutanich had not been vetted more thoroughly. It is believed that Riordan would not have endorsed Trutanich had he known that the 'Assassingationgate' scandal was about to break.

Former Tru-believers may regret endorsements

Trutanich's Trio; Sheriff Lee Baca, Governor Jerry Brown and Councilmember Dennis Zine
all very vocally and enthusiastically endorsed a dishonest and deceptive candidate. Will that now hurt them?
Sheriff Lee Baca, Governor Jerry Brown and Councilmember Dennis Zine have one thing in common; they all made the same mistake in backing Carmen Trutanich for District Attorney. It could prove to be a very costly mistake because the magnitude of Trutanich's defeat casts doubts not only on their judgment, but also on their credibility.

They endorsed a candidate who had completely and unequivocally reneged on a promise he made to voters with his 'Pledge to Serve.' They also stood by silently through the many scandals that rocked the Trutanich campaign, and by their silence they impliedly expressed approval for a candidate who lied about non-existent police endorsements, lied about YouTube views, tried to mislead voters with a false ballot designation, and of course, lied about being surrounded and shot at by gangmembers.

Trutanich paid a high price for his deceptive candidacy - he not only lost the DA race in the most dramatic and humiliating way imaginable, but he will neither be re-elected as City Attorney, nor will he ever be elected to any other office. He has proven that he cannot be trusted and that he is, as has been said, a 'political dead man walking.'

But how does his drubbing reflect on those who so vocally supported him? Had Trutanich not lost by such a huge margin, had his defeat been a close call, the damage might not be an issue. But the massive voter rejection of Trutanich surely leaves Baca, Brown and Zine vulnerable to criticism, if not attack, for supporting such a deceptive and dishonest candidate for a top law enforcement position.

It will be interesting to see whether either of the District Attorney candidates will seek out or accept endorsements from 'Trutanich's Trio.' Certainly the Trio will be keen to rehabilitate their reputations by being closely associated with the next District Attorney, but will the next District Attorney want to be endorsed by someone who showed such poor judgment?

Interestingly, Sheriff Baca has endorsed State Assemblyman Mike Feuer to replace Trutanich as City Attorney. That might now be an endorsement that Feuer will be keen to dump; surely it leaves him open to attack by his opponents for being supported by someone who approves of lying and deceitful campaigns?

Feuer must be banking on voters having very short memories, which is a strategy that Carmen Trutanich also banked on in his ill-fated bid to deceive voters with his DA campaign. But it does seem that voters don't forget the people who try to make fools of them, and they probably won't forget Sheriff Baca's attempt to explain away Trutanich's 'Pledge to Serve' in this illegal in-uniform endorsement that Baca made for Trutanich. 

Baca defends Trutanich's decision to renege on his promise to voters by saying 'So this pledge, of well, if you promise, I'll promise, I mean all this to me is merely a diversion from the real fact and that is who is best qualified to serve as District Attorney of the County of Los Angeles, and that's Carmen Trutanich.' It does seem that voters did not agree with Sheriff Baca about Trutanich being best qualified, any more than they agreed that a solemn, sworn promise is a diversion.

Sheriff Baca should have known better than to try to defend the indefensible - Trutanich was called a 'pathological liar,' 'truth challenged' and a 'lying boob,'  and by supporting that kind of deceptive and dishonest conduct, what does it say about the candidacy of Mike Feuer who Sheriff Baca now supports?



Anonymous said...

Enough Trutanich bashing. Give the poor guy a break. He has taken a beating like he never experienced and he gets it now, ok? You won big time. Now move on an let him carry on as city attorney, your blessed DAs office isn't going to an outsider, so live and let live. Capiche?

Anonymous said...

It's not so much Nuch. I think (and I ain't Joe so take it with a grain of salt) that what Joe Friday is doing is focussing on the machine that produced the mess, not the mess itself. I don't know about you but I'm getting tired of all the "king makers" strutting around acting like their rings and asses must be kissed. Baca has gotten particularly nauseating. Thanks Dragnet for finally asking "oh yea, what the hell does he know?"

Anonymous said...

The machine is very fragile right now. Trutanich pushed the envelope too far. Baca's endorsement is the kiss of death to any candidate and the only reason Feuer hasn't kicked Baca out is because of Shallman. Brown and Zine are a pair of boobs compared to Baca, but they will all go down in the same shipwreck as the SS Trutanich. Adios assholes.

Anonymous said...

9:43pm So true. It's time these kingmakers were held responsible for trying to stuff a piece of sh*t like Trutanich on us. Feuer hasn't got the nuts to tell Baca to shove his endorsement where the sun don't shine, and in any case he is just as much a part of the machine. Baca has lost all credibility by backing Trutanich, he needs to publicly throw the clown under the bus if he wants to be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

Word is that Nuch is not actually going to run, but will pretend he is running until the deadline in November. Nobody wants to work on his campaign, nobody wants to support or endorse him (except for One-Bill Gil), and he can't raise a dime. Baca, Brown and Zine have deleted his name and number from their VIP lists, and now have their own problems thanks to Nuch. I hear that Feuer now does not want Nuch to endorse him, he's so scared that he will go the same way as Nuch if Smith paints him as a career politician.

Funny thing is that Nuch could have been the most popular politician in LA if he had honored his pledge. But once a liar always a liar; it's in his DNA.

Anonymous said...

The fact that a number of well known public figures like Governor Brown, Lee Baca, Mayor Riordan and supervisor Knabe endorsed this guy for the VERY IMPORTANT job of LA County District Attorney clearly reflects on them in a rather negative manner.

How can you endorse a liar and a cheat to be DA?

How can you endorse someone that uses his public office as city attorney to cover up serious criminal activity?

How can you endorse someone for city attorney that sounds like a common thug and not like a Stuart of the law?

What were you thinking?

My belief is that at least some of these Trutanich public supporters were doing so in order to have a DA that would act according their own desires and not according to law.

For example, Lee Baca and Mr. Knabe claimed ignorance when corruption within the LA County jails was exposed. They knew nothing about all these abuses.

Give me a break....

Anonymous said...

Do not forget that the single worst "kingmaker" responsible for creating the Trutanich monster is none other than Steve Cooley. Cooley is single-handledly responsible for putting Trutanich into his current position as City Attorney -- which Trutanich has used to ruin the lives of the Deputy City Attorneys, trash the reputation of the City Attorney's Office, and make the lives of everyday LA citizens and City Council members miserable. That doesn't exactly give inspire confidence that Cooley has good judgment -- no wonder Cooley's supporting his behind-the-scenes enforcer (Jackie Lacey) who's done his dirty work for years and is corrupt as the rest of them.

Anonymous said...

Cooley and Joe Friday aka DDA Berger were both guilty of supporting Trutanich for Ciy Attorney, like 10:47 says. But here's the difference between them and Baca and Zine - when they found out what a lousy lying sack of sh*t Trutanich was, they stopped supporting him, but Baca and Zine kept right on holding their hands up for Trutanich. That makes them as bad if not worse than Trutanich.

Whatever you say about Lacey or Jackson, they will be a million times better as DA than that piece of sh*t lying asshole Trutanich. I look forward to seeing Feuer and Smith kick Trutanich out in March 2013.

Anonymous said...

Sheriff Baca is a worthless piece of sht*t. The sole mark of his tenure has been the rampant corruption within the sheriff's department and jail system. I hope that neither Jackson nor Lacey are stupid enough to accept Baca's endorsement. We need the next DA to have the courage to stand up to Baca and reform the incomprehensible abuses of power going on every day in the jail system. LA deserves better than Baca and anyone else Baca supports.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich was lucky to win one election in 2009 for the sole reason that he was not Jack Weiss. Trutanich being the egomaniac that he is, actually thought people were voting for him, but once they saw that Nouche is an even bigger assess than Weiss, he got about 20% of, and most of that was from the old folks who go to homeowners meetings for the free pizza and don't know sh*t. Trutanich is finished in LA.

Anonymous said...

It was priceless watching Baca and Zine at Nuch's victory party as Nuch detonated. They couldn't get out of SP quick enough.

Anonymous said...

The Downtown News has a great piece on Nuch's downfall today. He ain't gonna run!