Thursday, July 19, 2012

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Trutanich claims he is running for re-election

Using the much hyped filing of another 'headlines only' lawsuit to break his six week long radio silence since suffering the biggest downfall in political history, the former front-running failed wannabe DA Carmen the Clown Trutanich blithely told KCRW's Warren Olney that he was going to run for re-election in 2013.

Insisting that he has 'done a good job' as City Attorney, Trutanich claimed that he has saved the City of Los Angeles $235M in three years. It's a claim that, like every other claim made by Trutanich, bears greater scrutiny. If he has saved us so much money, how come the City of LA isn't flush with cash? The answer seems to be that Trutanich's claim to have 'saved' money is based on voodoo math; a $1M meritless slip-and-fall lawsuit against the City which gets thrown out of court is not a 'saving' because it is the kind of lawsuit that would never win anyway.  Expect Greg Smith and Mike Feuer to rip Trutanch's voodoo math apart if, indeed, Trutanich does run.

Speaking of Mike Feuer, Trutanich said he has not spoken the Feuer since losing the DA election. Presumably that's because Trutanich really hasn't got much to say to Feuer - it's not like Feuer is going to withdraw his candidacy now that Trutanich has decided that he does want to be City Attorney after all.  From Feuer's perspective, Trutanich is not a threat. Politically, Trutanich is unelectable. He has no campaign manager, he has no campaign, he has no 'big name' endorsers; he is finished, and he knows it.

Lacey announces major endorsements

Despite our earlier observation that endorsements for November's DA runoff election were looking increasingly partisan, Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey proved us wrong with the surprise announcement that Frank Visco was amongst her latest endorsements. This from the Lacey campaign:

'Frank Visco served as Chair of the California Republican Party from 1989 to 1991 and is a prominent community leader in the Antelope Valley, where he is known as "Mr. Republican."'

Jackson announces significant law enforcement endorsements

This from the Jackson campaign:


Los Angeles, July 18th – Today the Burbank Police Officers’ Association (BPOA) and Glendale Police Officers’ Association (GPOA) issued independent statements endorsing gang prosecutor Alan Jackson for District Attorney. BPOA President Officer Mark Armendariz applauded Jackson’s “excellent leadership performance.” BPOA and GPOA join more than 20 more law enforcement unions backing Jackson’s candidacy, growing Jackson’s steady lead in endorsements in the District Attorney’s race from public safety, police and fire.

Visit to view Jackson’s support.

Glendale POA President Detective Jason Ross stated, “Glendale Police are on the front lines of the new realignment and budget challenges threatening our communities’ safety. We know that Los Angeles needs its top prosecutor for District Attorney to bring a progressive approach to crime-fighting and crime prevention in this new climate.”

GPOA President Ross continued, “Alan’s record of pursuing justice combined with his proven ability to manage resources will allow him to lead effectively and keep Los Angeles County safe as District Attorney,”

Alan Jackson said, “From the start I have been honored to be called the Cops’ Prosecutor. After nearly two decades of service, I am humbled to have earned the confidence of my colleagues in law enforcement, who risk their lives to keep us safe. As District Attorney, I will continue to lead effectively as a partner in our shared mission to protect families and serve the public.

Jackson’s chief campaign strategist John S. Thomas concluded, “One thing is clear in the race for District Attorney: Cops want the best prosecutor as their next DA. Without a doubt, Alan Jackson is that prosecutor, with the experience and record to guide Los Angeles through the public safety challenges to come.”

For more information, please visit Alan Jackson’s campaign website at



Anonymous said...

Wow! Jackie got UFCW, the longshoreman, and the big kahuna: SEIU 721! So much for all that "union-busting" crap.

Anonymous said...

I would MUCH rather elect a socially liberal, fiscally conservative "Republican" like Alan Jackson than an union-busting, perjurer, Cooley-clone "Democrat" like Jackie Lacey. It's pretty significant that even though Cooley has been calling all his buddies in law enforcement for the past year on Jackie's behalf, AJ has secured practically every major law enforcement endorsement.

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:16pm! How do you square away you're union-busting claim with the stuff the other guy pointed out? It's not like the longshoremen don't know how to run a union. And SEIU 721 is huge, covering a territory larger than LA. Something about this union busting claim doesn't add up.

Anonymous said...

The union busting claim falls apart when you actually start looking at who the so-called 'union' was run by. At that time the ADDA was run by Steve Ipsen and was basically his campaign machine. Anyone with half a brain knew that getting involved with Steve Ipsen was a bad idea. All Jackie Lacey did was tell her friend that Ipsen was toxic. Remember, at the time the ADDA was not the DDA's union, they did not represent all DDA's just a handful of Ipsen koolaide drinkers and a few others who couldn't get out. A real union that actually represents its members is a very differed animal from Ipsen's ADDA, and since Ipsen quit the ADDA, things have improved, and will get better now that Seligman has stepped down. So the idea of Jackie or AJ being a 'union buster' is crazy, and the reality is that as the ADDA emerges from the Ipsen era, things will improve and big labor groups (all of who did not support Ipsen) now realize that Lacey is the ideal leader for the DA's office and will actually work with the new ADDA to improve working conditions for DDAs.

Anonymous said...

Lacey is going to be the next DA. She has raised a ton of money and has all the right (left) people behind her. AJ should get some recognition for what he did to keep Trutanich out of the race. Things would have been very different if the runoff was going to be between Jackie and Trutanich, but this isn't even going to be close. Jackie wins easy.

Anonymous said...

7:26am is on to something. We need to take a look at who has the dough right now and, especially, where did they get it. Alan is a good guy, but I don't know if he's caught on to how stingy alot of these police unions are, even with people they like. From this point forward, all forms of advertising are going to become VERY expensive.

As to the claims about Lacey and unions, it's Occam's razor: the simplest explanation is right. If some bozo is ranting about Lacey being anti union, but all the stalwarts of organized labor are lining up behind her, then its pretty obvious the bozo doesn't know what he's talking - or ranting - about.