Thursday, August 2, 2012

BREAKING NEWS - Trutanich dogged by debts from DA dreams

Trutanich is reported to owe $154,000 in unpaid bills from his failed DA campaign.
$19,000 of that debt is believed to refer to his failed attempt to call himself 'Los Angeles Chief Criminal Prosecutor'
It's the dream that turned into a nightmare for former DA wannabe Carmen Trutanich; he is learning the true price of his disastrously foolhardy DA campaign - a fistful of unpaid bills. According to the LA Times, Trutanich owes around $154,000 from the days before his downfall. Some of the 'big ticket' unpaid bills includes $19,000 in 'legal fees,' probably the costs of his failed attempt to call himself 'Los Angeles Chief Criminal Prosecutor' on the ballot. Also listed amongst his campaign debts is $112,000 owed to his former 'Ambassador of Quan' John Shallman for a bunch of tv ads. Trutanich is apparently waiting for 'backup documents' from Shallman's firm to justify the $112,000 that is being claimed.

Trutanich told the LA Times that he expects the issues surrounding his campaign debt will be resolved. 'On a going forward basis, I don't think it'll be a problem,' he said. But his principal opponent in his hastily cobbled together scramble to hang on to the City Attorney job that previously wasn't good enough for him, disagrees. City Attorney candidate Greg Smith, who coincidentally announced his campaign team on the same day as Trutanich's debts became public, says that Trutanich 'will run into difficulties' raising money for his reelection. 'The period [of time] is getting shorter and shorter and paying off that kind of debt is going to be a concern,' Smith told the LA Times.

Smith has a point. After loosing the DA race so humiliatingly, it is going to be very hard for Trutanich to CONvince anyone that he is a viable candidate for anything. His own campaign strategist John Shallman publicly advised Trutanich not to seek reelection but instead to 'finish strong' and seek to help civic foundations to 'rehabilitate his name,' recognizing that he is utterly finished in politics.

The reality is that before Trutanich can raise a dime towards the fast approaching City Attorney election, he needs to raise at least $154,000 to cover the DA campaign debts that are known, as well as a further $100,000 that he promised to pay to LA's Best After School Enrichment Program for underprivileged kids for reneging on his 2009 'Pledge to Serve.' 'It's a case of throwing good money after bad,' opined one former supporter who, like so many, will not support Trutanich again.

Despite the very real obstacles facing Trutanich, he nevertheless told the Times that he would be announcing the formation of his campaign committee next week. He might as well have also said 'the check's in the mail.' 

UPDATED: Trutanich says debt from DA race is down to $112,000

Thin-skinned Carmen Trutanich wasted no time telling the LA Times that he had paid off his campaign debts except the $112,000 he owes John Shallman. Trutanich, still reeling from the lambasting he took in the press from his multi-'misstep' DA campaign, is clearly a little prickly about the accuracy of reports concerning him. It is understood that Trutanich's spokeman contacted the Time requesting the correction within hours seeing Tweets about being dogged with debt.

Of course, Trutanich failed to advise how quickly he would be paying off the $100,000 still owed to LA's Best After School Enrichment Program. Perhaps he thought people had forgotten?

They haven't. They won't.



Anonymous said...

LA Times just reported that Jackson has raised a staggering $383,000, compared to a measly $70,000 for Lacey. What's wrong Lacey, was Cooley too busy to make fundraising calls for you last month?

Anonymous said...

Phah! like someone else said, this is f'ing priceless.

Anonymous said...

Nuch had a sh*t fit today when he heard that the Times had blasted him for being a deadbeat. It is going to be so much fun to watch him sizzle and spit like a fatty steak on a BBQ - he is so finished it ain't even funny.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Trutanich and enjoyi seeing him suffer the humiliation of loosing so badly that folks won't answer his calls. But it is perfectly right for Trutanich to demand an accounting for the $112,000 bill that he owes for tv ads.. It could even be the case that Trutanich did not auhorize this expense especially as he said that he was doing badly in the polls. He should pay the $100k to the kids like he promised.

Anonymous said...

Stop lying about Greg Smith raising $200,000. He loaned himself $100,000 and has only raised $63,000 (mostly from relatives) in 8 months. Hardly anything to brag about.

John Thomas will probably clean him out in short order.

Have you looked at Kevin James report? He won't have bus money by the time the primary rolls around.

Anonymous said...

Nuch is going to announce his campaign committee next week and will use nearly all volunteers from USC Annenburg School of Communications. It's a tech- savvy social network oriented campaign that will tap into younger voters with plenty do disposable income.