Thursday, August 23, 2012

DA candidates' polls conflict

With the November 6, 2012 General Election fast approaching, both candidates for Los Angeles District Attorney released poll data this week, and both claim to lead the polls.

On August 20, 2012, Assistant Head Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson issued a press release with polling data from the research firm of Normington Petts and Associates claiming 'that in a profile match up, in which the candidates’ names are withheld, Alan Jackson defeats opponent Jackie Lacey by 14 points. Jackson garners 48% of the vote to Lacey’s 34%, with less than 18% of voters undecided.'

Jackson’s chief strategist John S. Thomas said, 'It is clear that voters want a top notch prosecutor who is tethered to the courtroom as their next Chief Prosecutor for Los Angeles County.'

That was swiftly followed by a press release from Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey with polling data from from pollster Paul Goodwin claiming that 'Polling Shows Lacey Leading D.A.'s Race By a 2-to-1 Margin.' Goodwin, of Goodwin Simon Strategic Research, said that 'In short, Lacey starts ahead, expands her lead when voters compare the qualifications of the candidates, and will solidify her advantage as voters divide along partisan lines. She is a strong favorite to win this seat.' Goodwin's said that 'there are many undecided voters,' but did not state the percentage.

Both candidates reiterated their positions along the lines first mentioned at the August 7, 2012 LA Cops District Attorney forum, with Jackson stressing his accomplishments as a prosecutor and Lacey stressing her management experience with the backing of District Attorney Steve Cooley.

Lacey also stressed the value of partisanship in the upcoming election, saying 'she will have the Democratic party endorsement in an election in Obama will win handily in L.A. County – our poll shows he leads Romney by 46 points here. This is a virtually insurmountable advantage for Lacey – Democratic registration among likely voters is nearly two and half times larger than GOP registration.'

Jackson, however, does not believe partisanship will be as significant, saying his 'message and frontline experience resonates strongly with voters. Alan Jackson is leading by every benchmark: fundraising, law enforcement support and polling.'

The candidates will face each other on September 20, 2012 in a DA Candidates' Forum sponsored by the Association of Deputy District Attorneys.

The ADDA sponsored forum will be moderated by LA Weekly reporter Gene Maddaus and will take place at Japanese American National Museum, which followers will recall was the location of the very first DA Candidates' forum. Failed DA candidate Carmen Trutanich did not attend that forum, and this time it is unlikely that he will dispatch a spy to report back on what might have been.

It is equally unlikely that Trutanich will 'drop by' as he did at the recent Mayoral candidates' forum; he looked like he had seen a ghost when LA Mayoral candidate Kevin James' campaign strategist John Thomas offered a friendly handshake to the former frontrunner. Trutanich then left the forum abruptly, to the delight of all in attendance.


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Anonymous said...

Note that the Alan Jackson press release says his poll results are based on the cantidates' names being witheld.

Since the votors will be pulling the lever for a "name" on election day, one wonders about this poll's relevance.