Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lacey rocks the house at The Foundry on Melrose

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey took her ambition to become LA's first female DA and LA's first African American DA a step closer to realization at a major 'meet and greet' fundraiser at The Foundry on Melrose, Wednesday night.

The standing-room only event was well-attended with a crowd estimated to be in the region of 120, comprising prominent members of the defense bar including Host Committee members Michael Goldstein, Sam Solakyan, Richard Chacon, Alison Triessl, Percy Duran Sr., Steven Bernhein, Jeffrey Vallens, David S. Kestenbaum, Rabb Mahoney, Robert Schwartz, Arcand Naderi, Gina Di Domenico and Laura Stone. 

There was also a strong showing of judicial officers including the Hon. Judge Peter Espinosa, and a large number of Deputy District Attorneys. Also in attendance were LAUSD School Board President Monica Garcia, SEIU Executive Board Member Bianca Gomez, and Actor Romeo Miller. An eclectic mix of supporters and one representative of Lacey's 'wide appeal and broad range of support,' said Micheal Goldstein who played a central role in organizing the event.

District Attorney Steve Cooley's support for Lacey as 'most qualified' to replace him when he steps down after a record three terms as LA's chief prosecutor is well known. Tonight, however, he delegated the task of introducing Lacey to his daughter, Deputy District Attorney Shannon Cooley. Shannon spoke passionately about Lacey's candidacy and her oratory left little doubt that she has learned well from the master of the short, succinct introduction.

The capacity crowded room then enthusiastically welcomed Lacey who spoke of the many successes she has achieved in her campaign, including an ever-growing list of endorsements from law enforcement, political and labor groups. Lacey also delighted the crowd by speaking briefly and directly to the task at hand; campaigning fearlessly and tirelessly over the remaining weeks before the election.

It was Host Committee Chair Michael Goldstein who spoke even more directly to the issue; 'Max-out your contributions!' Goldstein said. Judging by the resounding cheer at Goldstein's words, it was a suggestion that was embraced by the crowd.

Flamboyant complex litigation attorney Steven Jay Bernheim, Prinicpal of the Beverly Hills based Berheim Law Firm, then stunned the audience by telling them that he wasn't going to give a penny to Lacey. That was because he had already maxed-out, and he urged others in the room to do the same.

The Foundry's celebrity chef, Eric Greenspan's contribution to the success of the event, beyond providing the stylish and dynamic venue for the fundraiser, was to supply the crowd with a seemingly never ending selection of delicious food from The Foundry's lounge menu. If you haven't tasted his signature grilled cheese sandwich, you don't know what you are missing. 

The message from Lacey and her supporters was clear; the task at hand for the remainder of the campaign is to raise money to mount the kind of campaign that will propel Lacey from her current position as the number two in the largest prosecutorial agency in the nation, to the number one slot. There was no doubt whatsoever that the strong support evinced by the crowd at The Foundry shows that they are committed and determined to doing that.



Anonymous said...

I respect Jackie Lacey and Alan Jackson. Both are fine lawyers and have the potential to be honorable and example-setting District Attorneys, unlike that lousy lying piece of sh*t Trutanich,

I think the election will be a close one, but given LA's democratic leaning, even though Obama is going down on November 6 nationally, so far as LA is concerned, republicans might as well stay home. Lacey will win big. It's a good thing too because the ADDA crazies need to be given a taste of their own medicine.

The ADDA Board Members are a deeply divided group. Half are 100% pure nuts, they are the 'ADDA crazies.' The other half are almost as nuts for thinking they can talk sense to the crazies.

About the only thing they got right was to throw Hyatt off the board because he was the one who supported Trutanich getting the ADDA seal of approval with AFSCME. Thank you Hyatt Seligman, for wasting any shot at goodwill with the future administration with you pathetic, self-serving squandering of our credibility by endorsing that asswad Trutanich. Did you really think that if he had won he would have followed through with his promise to promote you?

The ADDA needs to do some serious culling to rid themselves of their image as a bunch of losers who are more interested in their own petty battles, than the welfare of the rank and file.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dragnet, it looks like the rumors that you are a one trick pony are true. Now that Trutanich has been declawed, you are either not bothered with all the other crap that affects the DA's Office, or you're asleep at the wheel.

The Met News did a great job reporting that the former Presidente of the ADDA, Steve 'my best friend's a registered sex offender' Ipsen was FIRED from the DA's office:

It seems that Ipsen did not even dispute the reason why he was fired at his Skelly hearing, and he seems to be avoiding a civil service, hearing most likely because the reason(s) for his being FIRED will become public. His own lawyer, Eugene M. Salute, said he did not know if Ipsen would want a civil service hearing, which sounds a lot like lawyerspeak for 'Ipsen would not want the details to become public.'

Why don't you do a little digging and find out why the ADDA held a secret meeting and voted to use members' dues to pay for a lawyer to sue the DA's Office for firing Ipsen?

Since when has it become the job of the ADDA, which is supposed to represent all deputy district attorneys, to get involved in what seems to be Ipsen's personal vendetta against the DA's office?

It has been almost a year since the ADDA started forcibly taking union dues from all DDAs, but so far the ADDA has done NOTHING, ZERO, ZIP, NADA for them. Their challenge to the Performance Evaluations crashed and burned, but the ADDA didn't send out an email to say they screwed up. Nor did they say how much money they wasted on that exercise in futility. The ADDA 'Federal Lawsuit' is circling the crapper in the same way now that the emails showing improper ex-parte communications took place.

What has happened to the weekly emails from Hyatt Seligman (who has also resigned as Presidente) and his promise of greater transparency and better communications from the ADDA?

At the very minimum, the ADDA should tell its members what it is doing with THEIR money, and more importantly WHY they are spending members' dues on a personal matter.

Two Presidentes have now resigned from the ADDA, and any hope that the Ipsen era can be forgotten and the ADDA can move forward to actually represent all DDAs seems to be dashed with this bizarre secret deal for Ipsen. You should demand an explanation.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! The mention of the name Eugene Salute perks my interest! He is a long time Ipsen supporter and enforcer. When Ipsen launched his crusade against the superior court several years ago, Salute was one of the candidates who ran (and lost overwhelmingly) for a superior court seat. There were concerns then about dubious statements he made.

Salute surfaced again when Ipsen got the ADDA sued over canceling board and officer elections. He lost the case in the trial court, appellate court, and Supreme Court writ. The ADDA had to pay over $160,000 to the other side for legal fees in the whole mess. Wonder how much Salute made on that one?

These Skelly hearings ain't cheap. If Salute represented Ipsen at one that was tens of thousands of dollars to lose another one.

It's nice that Salute and Ipsen are friends. I got a buddy who can fix his own lawnmower . . . ain't gonna let him work on my car. Why are so much of our dues going to this guy to lose cases?