Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Briefs - Jackson leads fundraising, Greg Smith gets ink, Trutanich excluded from DA forum

Jackson surprise leader in post election fundraising

In case you missed it last week, what with all the excitement about Carmen Trutanich being dogged by campaign debts, the LA Times also reported that District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson had 'raised $383,000 in cash between May 20 and June 30 compared to just $70,875 for Lacey, who many political experts consider the favorite in the November run-off to become the county's top prosecutor. Lacey had $41,000 on hand by the end of the reporting period but listed more than $22,000 in debts. Jackson had $307,000 left in cash and listed debts of nearly $40,000.' the LA Times said.

Ironically, Trutanich, the man who raised the most amount of money in the primary election, not only lost the election, but is now looking at a pile of debts that will likely require his personal check. As Doug McIntyre told his KABC morning audience on Friday, 'Good luck with that.' he said referring to Trutanich's chances of raising money from donors to clear his debts 'When you've got the big 'L' for 'LOSER,'  the scarlet 'L' tagged on you, it's real hard to get anyone to write fresh checks.' he said.

Trutanich told the LA Times that he will announce his campaign committee staff this week, which coincidentally happens to be National Clown Week.  No kidding. Seriously. You can't make this stuff up.

City Attorney Candidate Greg Smith in the news

 The Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise gave City Attorney candidate Greg Smith front page coverage with their report on the popular Police Rights Attorney's candidacy.

Smith, who will likely mount strongest challenge to Carmen Trutanich's 'plan B' retention of his City Attorney position, also received a good account of his candidacy from Joseph Mailander (the blogger formerly known as Mulholland Terrace). Mailander, writing at CityWatchLA, is no fan of Trutanich. Indeed as we prepare to celebrate National Clown Week, it is worth remembering that it was Mailander who first dubbed the San Pedro ambulance chaser turned career politician 'Carmen the Clown,' and who found himself threatened with a defamation lawsuit by one of the Clowns' henchmen.

Smith's campaign website,, is near completion, and he has also established a FaceBook page for his campaign. 

LA COPS hosts first DA candidates forum for finalists
Lacey and Jackson

Mark your calendars, Tuesday night August 7, 2012, the Los Angeles County Organization of Police and Sheriffs (LACOPS) will host the first candidate forum for Jackie Lacey, Chief Deputy District Attorney, and Alan Jackson, Gang Homicide Prosecutor. The two remaining candidates in the race for Los Angeles District Attorney will go head to head in the first debate held for the November runoff.

Warren Olney, Host of Which Way L.A. and To The Point on KCRW Radio will moderate the forum.
The public is invited, and will be allowed to ask questions of the candidates at the end of the debate.

This will also be the first debate in which the former frontrunner Carmen Trutanich actually wanted to participate. However, he will only be able to attend as a spectator, not a participant. The former ambulance chaser turned career politician's office is a short limo ride from the location, so he could make an appearance. Any guesses as to what his question for Lacey and Jackson might be? How about; "Why is it that you guys beat me so badly that I not only lost, but also have a pile of bills to pay off?"

Seriously, we doubt that Trutanich will actually show up, but he has been known to party-crash events with an armful of calligraphic scrolls. On the other hand he may be too busy putting the finishing touches to his reelection campaign committee, taking care of his mother, or writing his acceptance speech for the Clown of the Year award.

See you at the debate!



Anonymous said...

I think the question that should be asked is how much longer are you going to keep on with your pathetic lampooning of Carmen Trutanich? He is the elected City Attorney as should be given the respect and deference to which he is entitled. You may think it funny to liken Mr. Trutanich to a clown, liar or a deadbeat, but that is no longer relevant nor is it entertaining. It is shameful that a man like Mr. Trutanich, who has dedicated his life to public service and been the victim of gang violence, should continue to be ridiculed relentlessly by your blog which nobody reads. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

12:38AM if nobody reads this bog, then I guess you are nobody. Trutanich deserves all the criticism he gets fron the Dragnet and other media. He really is a piece of sh*t who has devastated the lives of thousands of innocent people with his bullying and thuggish behavior. I look forward to voting ABC in 2013, as will 78% of Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

National Clown Week has to be a spoof, but Nuch owns it.

Anonymous said...

Whoever said Carmen Trutanich was politically castrated on June 5 was so right. It is almost sad to see how low Trutanich was sunk. Used to be that if you called him you would only get a message saying you cant leave a voice mail because LA's chief criminal prosecutor was too busy and too important to take messages. Now you get straight through. Only nobody is calling. About the only thing he can do with his phone is erase his speed dial list - nobody takes his calls any more.

TRU: Hey buddy! What's up big guy?
BACA: Who is this?
TRU: Nuch!
BACA: Who?
TRU: Hah hah, you're a funny guy, so what's happening? Coming to my fundraiser next week?

Anonymous said...

12:38am you are grossly mistaken! Trutanich IS an elected official he is fully accountable for the actions of his office and he MUST defend his conduct as it's leader. Likewise, he is a candidate for office and must expect heightened scrutiny. SHAME ON YOU if you feel he is some sort of privileged character entitled to a "free pass."

Anonymous said...

Alan Jackson killed it at the debate tonight. He out-performed, out-witted, and out-classed Lacey every step of the way. Could she possibly have stumbled over the questions about how she perjured herself any worse? How embarassing for her.

Anonymous said...

Did Jackie Lacey say that Kamala Harris had endorsed her? I just checked her campaign website and it's not there. Either that was a 'breaking news' item, or she's doing a Trutanich.

If it is true it is a game changer for the DA's race. It's over for AJ. Kamala Harris took LA County by 19 points two years ago. Even Steve Cooley couldn't overcome the demographics - Female, African American and Democrat. Yup, LA's going to elect the first Female DA, and the first African American DA too. Too bad for AJ, maybe he can get a job in the Romney administration. After what he said about Jackie Lacey tonight, he can kiss his career goodbye.

Anonymous said...

The Kamala Harris endorsement is no game-changer. Remember, Trutanich was endorsed by the Governor, who also won LA by a huge margin over Meg Whitman, and Trutanich crashed and burned in the primary. Is anyone surprised that an African-American female Democrat endorsed another African-American female Democrat? Finally, let's not forget that Cooley lost LA because he is so incredibly egotistical that he didn't even bother campaigning in this county, while Kamala made a ton of fundraising and voter outreach visits to LA.