Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Briefs

Trutanich claims to pay-off $100k debt to LA's Best

According to the LA Weekly, City Attorney Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich issued a press release last week claiming that:

LA City Attorney Carmen Trutanich has delivered on his promise to raise at least $100,000 for LA's BEST by Aug. 12, his birthday."

The presser, rapidly put out by Trutanich's apparently unpaid campaign spokesperson John Schwada, (how the mighty do fall), gives the impression that LA's Chief Liar actually had paid off his $100k debt in full. In fact Trutanich only gave $30k to LA's Best After School Enrichment Program for underprivileged kids, and only $10k of that was from his own money, the identity of those who gave the $20k was not revealled.

Trutanich was, apparently, panicked into doing something after the LA Weekly called him out earlier in the week for reneging on his promise to the school kids.

Of course, $30k is not $100k, and as for the $70k balance, it seems that the poor kids at LA's Best will just have to make do with Carmen's assurance that he check is in the mail.

Trutanich announces lobbyist as campaign consultant -
City Hall for sale?

According to the LA Weekly, Carmen Trutanich has secured the services of lobbyist and campaign consultant Rick Taylor in his bid to retain his City Attorney position. No details were released as to any financial arrangement between Trutanich and Taylor, however, as Trutanich has not been able to raise money for his reelection until filing papers, the arrangement could be fluid one.

It is understood that most mainstream political consultants were unwilling to work on Trutanich's reelection campaign. That could be because they consider Trutanich to be essentially unelectable after have been trapped by his own lies on so many occasions during his ill-fated run for District Attorney. Additionally, they may also believe it unlikely that Truanich will be able to raise the kind of money needed to pay for their services.

Rick Taylor, however, may believe that investing his time in trying to manage Trutanich's campaign may have other benefits; such as the ability to offer his lobbying clients access to the man who will be  City Attorney at least until June 30, 2013, when LA's voters are expected to once again 'vote A.B.C.' (Anyone But Carmen Trutanich) and kick LA's Chief Liar out of office a second time.

Taylor's prior ties to Trutanich are unknown. Taylor's business partner at Dakota Communications, Kerman Maddox, is married to Deputy City Attorney Capri Maddox, who was recently appointed by Mayor Villaraigosa as a salaried commissioner to the LA City Board of Public Works.  

Tayor, like Schwada, may be offering his services without a formal fee arrangement. Taylor was recently reported to have been representing failed CD15 candidate Jayme Wilson, however, a search of Wilson's campaign finance disclosure statements filed with the City Ethics Commission did not show any payments from the Wilson campaign.  

According to polling data received by the LA Weekly, Trutanich is severely damaged goods; 'Trutanich was at breakeven in February (15% favorable, 14% unfavorable, with the rest saying, "Who's that?"). But after his failed D.A. bid, the numbers have moved to 15% favorable, 19% unfavorable. That's actually hard to do, and suggests that some image rehab is urgently needed.'
'The numbers are actually worse when you look at job approval. On that question, 17% give him a positive rating, and 43% give him a negative rating. Those are countywide numbers, but if you look at the results only within the City of L.A., it gets slightly worse: 22% positive, 49% negative. (Pollster: Jill Normington of Normington, Petts & Associates. 500 respondents countywide, 193 respondents in L.A.)' The LA Weekly said.

With polling data confirming Trutanich's 'unelectable' status, it looks like Rick Taylor has his work cut out trying to rehabilitate Trutanich.



Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that we have to deal with another Trutanich election in Los Angeles.

This guy simply will not go away. I believe that after he loses this election that they will have to literally drag him out from his office at city hall....

I was hoping that he would simply go away because I have so many things to deal with and I really do not need to be spending my time on this ambulance chaser.

This is not the case however. He obviously wants to hold on to his comfortable good paying job at city hall that boosts his ego and where he does not have to really earn his living as most of us hard-working common people do and where he uses his office at will to support criminal activity and to cover up corruption and extortion among other things.

Well, I guess I will have to really expose Trutanich to our thousands of Los Angeles customers this time around and Rick Taylor cannot save him because this guy messed up so bad that nobody can save him at this point. HE IS DONE.

Why he is done? He is done because has offended too many people in Los Angeles by his actions that will campaign again against him. That is why.

In my case he used his office to cover up corruption within the Los Angeles County Health Department and extortion and conspiracy to commit extortion. These are Hobbs Act and RICO Act violations. These are serious federal crimes!!!

We have a city attorney therefore that is using his office to cover up federal crimes against a small business that is LOVED BY LOS ANGELES and its owner by falsely attacking the whistleblower small business owner for retaliation by filling 55 criminal counts in two separate cases WHILE KNOWING (he has been repeatedly informed) that the criminal health inspectors and their supervisors that are behind these charges have conspired to commit and have committed numerous violations of state and federal laws with personal gain as a motive!!!!



James McCuen said...

Question: If someone performs a service for a campaign such as consulting or public relations and doesn't not bill the client, isn't that considered an "in kind" donation to the campaign?

And shouldn't that be reported as a donation?