Thursday, August 16, 2012

Trutanich breaks another promise - Is that even news these days?

According to the LA Weekly, Carmen Trutanich, the Chief Liar of Los Angeles, has again failed to deliver on one of his many promises.

The tough talker with a record of making empty threats and false promises has again stiffed the kids of LA's Best After School Enrichment Program and failed to deliver the $100,000 check he promised they would have by his birthday. That was last Sunday.

Trutanich's debt to kids of LA's Best arises from his 'Pledge to Serve,' a promise he made when running for City Attorney that he would not run for higher office until he had completed his full first term as City Attorney. Trutanich also promised that if he did break his pledge, the kids would get $100,000 personal check.

Trutanich started his campaign for higher office within months of becoming City Attorney, and he stiffed the kids of the $100,000 almost immediately, saying the $100,000 promise was just a gimmick, a campaign trick. But when Trutanich realized how unpopular cheating kids was, and how damaging it was to his political aspirations, he relented. He said he couldn't afford to write a personal check to cover his debt, but he would nevertheless raise the money by his birthday.

The LA Weekly also noted that despite Trutanich's assurances that he was seeking reelection as City Attorney, he had also failed to announce the formation of a campaign committee this past week, as promised. Speculation is that Trutanich was unable to persuade anyone with any credibility to chair his campaign committee, and that several campaign consultants have told Trutanich that they will not work for him. It seems, increasingly, that people who care about their reputations are avoiding association with Trutanich.


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Anonymous said...

Go easy on the Big Tuna, he has had a bad day every day for the last few weeks and Sunday was the worst. It was his birthday and it was also supposed to be the date of the City Attorney Family BBQ. Imagine how upsetting it must have been for the Big Tuna to have to cancel the family BBQ and birthday party because nobody was going to show up. He couldn't even get a donation for the food and booze like he always does, because he is such a big loser now that nobody wants to know him. He has to pick his time to go to and leave the office so that he doesn't run into folks who either laugh or look at the ground when they see him. Maybe that's why he hasn't been to the office much since he got his butt kicked all the way back to SP in the election. Really sucks bad being the Big Tuna, almost as bad as working for him.