Monday, August 27, 2012

Trutanich launches City Attorney reelection campaign with a lie

According to an email blast from City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's quickly cobbled together reelection campaign, the former wannabe DA is holding true to his colors and is continuing to attempt to mislead, lie and deceive voters.

The first piece of 'campaign news' blasted to his koolaide drinkers proudly proclaims that 'TRUTANICH RAISES $100,000 FOR LA'S BEST,' and continues to claim that 'LA City Attorney Carmen Trutanich has delivered on his promise to raise at least $100,000 for LA’s BEST by Aug. 12, his birthday.'

It's a characteristically false claim for at least three reasons:

First, Trutanich was supposed to pay $100,000 to LA's BEST if and when he broke his promise not to run for higher office. Although the Dragnet had been reporting on Trutanich's stealth DA campaign since early in 2011, it was not until February 9, 2012 that Trutanich came clean and admitted he was running. The $100,000 was due and payable then, but Trutanich kept on trying to weasel his way out of his promise until his shatteringly humiliating defeat in the DA primary election.

Second, the $100,000 was supposed to come from Trutanich's personal funds, not from some half-assed fundraising effort to try to salvage Trutanich tattered reputation. If Trutanich can be believed, and that is a huge stretch, Trutanich personally donated $10,000 to LA's BEST, and 'unnamed' benefactors came up with another $20,000, which leads us to the third reason why Trutanich has commenced his reelection campaign with a lie;

Third, it is patently false to claim that 'Carmen Trutanich has delivered on his promise to raise at least $100,000 for LA’s BEST by Aug. 12, his birthday. He has delivered $30,000 but that is $70,000 short of the $100,000 he owes. He has neither raised nor paid that $100,000 and to try to maintain that he has, is just further proof of how Trutanich is utterly unfit and wholly untrustworthy.

LA's BEST tries to offer underprivileged school kids a chance to succeed. They desperately need the money Trutanich promised to pay them, so they are in the rather awkward situation of having to accept the scraps Trutanich tosses their way, while being fearful of the consequences of demanding full payment. Trutanich, like a deadbeat dad, dangles the promise for more money if they play the game. It is truly disgusting the to see the way Trutanich has victimized those who are the most needy and least able to defend themselves, but that is what a bully and a a thug does.

If the LA Times were to offer an opinion on the topic, it might look something like this:

Just as Trutanich made the lie about being surrounded and shot at by gangmembers the
centerpiece of his failed DA campaign, he appears to being making the lie about paying $100,000 to LA's BEST the centerpiece of his City Attorney reelection campaign. He should man-up, pay-up, and shut-up, but hell will freeze over before Trutanich actually follows through on his worthless words.

Trutanich's campaign website not listed on Google?

Hold on to your barf bags, here's the link to City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's 'official re-election' campaign website: Funny thing is that you cannot find that website by searching Google, the world's leading search engine.

There is probably an innocent explanation as to why Trutanich's formerly easily searchable DA campaign website, was not used, but we're scratching our heads wondering why, having paid so much money to have his eponymous DA campaign website supremely search-engine optimized, Trutanich now has to use a different domain name that so far remains invisible on Google?

Also missing from Trutanich's 'official re-election' website is a link to 'endorsements.'

Surely there a veritable laundry list of political hacks, law enforcement associations, State Governors, State Assemblymen, organized labor groups and the ubiquitous Dennis Zine, all willing to commit political suicide to endorse the man formerly known as 'The People's Lawyer,' but who preferred to be called 'Los Angeles Chief Criminal Prosecutor,' and who now self-styles himself as 'The People's Prosecutor?'

Perhaps the missing link to the 'Endorsements' page is a mistake by a campaign volunteer?

Or perhaps the reality is that anyone who wants to retain any shred of credibility is not answering the plaintiff calls from LA's Chief Liar?


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