Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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Met News reports Trutanich blames Shallman for
'Hindenburg-like' campaign missteps

The Met-News article did not use the photo of the Hindenburg disaster
to analogize Trutanich's failed bid to advance his political career.
According to a front page article in the Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise covering the announcement of City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's lobbyist-lead campaign to hang on to the job he did not previously want, the former ambulance chaser turned career politician blames his former campaign strategist and $112,000 creditor, John Shallman, for what KABC host Doug McIntyre described as the 'Hindenburg-like' attempt to become District Attorney.

The Met-News quoted Trutanich's newly appointed lobbyist/campaign consultant, Rick Taylor, who was quick to embrace Trutanich's trademark blame-shifting strategy in explaining away Trutanich's unfavorable poll-ratings. The poll figures were released by John Thomas, campaign strategist for both Alan Jackson who successfully denied Trutanich a place in the November run-off election for District Attorney, and for City Attorney Candidate Greg Smith, who will likely displace Trutanich in the March 2012 primary election for City Attorney where most believe it will be Smith who will face termed out Assemblyman Mike Feuer in a run-off.

Tayor dismissed Truanich's negative approval ratings as  the work of 'an angry young man out there who’s trying to pretend he’s a political consultant,' Taylor said of Thomas. The poll of 500 county voters showed Trutanich’s job approval at 17 percent, with 43 percent disapproving; the city respondents were 22 percent positive and 49 percent negative.

Beyond the ad hominem attack on Thomas, Taylor challenged the accuracy of the poll data stating that it had previously 'failed to accurately predict the outcome of the district attorney contest.' Once again, Taylor seems to be slipping seamlessly into the Trutanich camp's well established propensity for misstatement. In fact poll data released by Thomas predicted Jackson and Trutanich would be separated by less than two percentage points in the DA race. That proved to be the outcome of the June 5 primary which saw Trutanich politically hobbled, if not castrated.

Taylor concluded his remarks to the Met News say that 'whatever Trutanich’s favorables are today, he expects them to go up as the campaign focuses on the incumbent’s record of accomplishment.' That's a very bold statement, and one that ignores the rather inconvenient truth that LA voters have already passed judgment on what they think of Trutanich's record of accomplishment; they don't like liars. Thus far Taylor seems to be continuing where Shallman left off by further enabling a candidate who cannot bring himself to take responsibility for anything that goes wrong, and who continues to distort the truth as characterized by John Thomas, who called Trutanich a 'pathological liar.'


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Anonymous said...

You should be asking questions about what happened to this years annual city attorney family BBQ. If you thought last year was bad, this year was even worse. Nuch had to cancel it for a whole bunch of reasons, but mostly because he lost all credibility and power after his defeat in the DA race.