Tuesday, September 25, 2012

City Attorney candidate Greg Smith launched campaign ad, Trutanich to dodge debates

City Attorney candidate Greg Smith attacks career politicians in campaign ad

Police rights attorney Greg Smith launched his first City Attorney campaign ad, taking direct aim at failed DA wannabe Carmen Trutanich's woeful record. Although there's a laundry list of failures, disappointments and deceptions streaming from Trutanich's brief tenure as City Attorney, Smith focused on the startling 31% drop in gang prosecutions by the City Attorney's Office under Trutanich's watch.

While Trutanich was busy running his failed attempt to become District Attorney, he was asleep at the wheel at the City Attorney's Office. Trutanich's chickens are now coming home to roost, and his shocking dereliction of duty is likely to be the Achilles Heel of his attempt to be re-elected as both Smith and Feuer focus on his abysmal record as City Attorney.

Trutanich to dodge debates

As usual, you cannot believe anything Trutanich says. In response to a challenge from the Feuer campaign calling for 10 debates, Trutanich said he wants 100, according to the LA Weekly. But with a proven and accomplished liar like Trutanich, you always have to look at the details; the devil is in the details. As the LA Weekly pointed out, during his Hindenburg-like District Attorney campaign, Trutanich welcomed the prospect of debate much like Dracula greets daylight; he ran like a chicken at first claiming he didn't get invitations, then claiming scheduling conflicts, and finally claiming to be too busy looking after his sick mummy.

We are now expected to believe that Trutanich's aversion to debates where he can be challenged over his awkward relationship with the truth and his ambulance-chaser background as a liar, is a thing of the past? Hardly.

We can fully expect Trutanich to insist on two things. First, he will not debate Greg Smith. Smith has a record of achievement and performance in the real world of litigation, something that neither Trutanich nor Feuer can lay claim to, so he 'won't go there.' Second, Trutanich will restrict the topic of debate so that laundry list of his deceit and deception are excluded. What kind of 'debate' is that? Well it not a debate. Neither Feuer nor Smith will debate Trutanich on those terms, and any claim by Trutanich that he only wants to debate the 'issues' is baseless. The biggest single issue is Trutanich's record as a liar. That was his downfall in his failed bid to become District Attorney, and it will be his downfall in his bid to be re-elected.

Once again, Trutanich's challenge of 100 debates is smoke and mirrors and as deceitful and deceptive as his 'Pledge to Serve.' If Trutanich has his way, there will not be a single debate where he doesn't get to set the agenda.

Trutanich accuses Feuer of violating promise not to run

File this one in the 'you cannot make this stuff up' category. Trutanich posted the comment above in the LA Weekly. It seems Trutanich is either hallucinating or, once again, lying. This time Trutanich's trouble with the truth stems from his assertion that Mike Feuer pledged not to run for City Attorney if Trutanich failed to become District Attorney.

Such a promise, if true, is probably an illegal attempt to manipulate the electoral process, but let's not go there. The fact is that Feuer, when asked what he would do about his City Attorney campaign if Trutanich failed to become DA, artfully dodged the question, saying that he fully expected Trutanich to become DA. There was no promise, illegal or otherwise. But, of course, Trutanich never let the truth trouble him and assumes Los Angelenos are too stupid to know better.

Trutanich, of course, has been proven to have violated his promises on countless occasions, so perhaps he expects his rivals to be just as dishonest and deceptive? This time, however, the egg looks to be very firmly on the Clown's face.


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Anonymous said...

Carmen Trutanich can talk the legs off a wooden horse, but he cannot debate. Ask anyone who has had to sit through on of his painfully awful speeches. He mixes his metaphors and strays off topic to the point where you just want the noise to stop and his fat mouth to stay shut. He will never agree to a real debate, he hasn't got the brains or the guts to go up against Smith ot Feuer. Joe's right, this is just more bullshit from Carmen the Clown.