Thursday, September 27, 2012

Friday Free For All, Mayor Day LA

Jackie Lacey gains mayoral endorsement in DA campaign

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's support for Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey's bid to become District Attorney first became known when the Dragnet exclusively reported that LA's first Latino Mayor would be headlining her Blockbuster II fundraiser on October 10, 2012. In advance of that event, the Mayor will officially endorse Lacey's candidacy on the steps of the South Lawn at City Hall, Friday September 28, 2012 at 9:30AM.

District Attorney Steve Cooley to endorse Los Angeles Mayoral candidate Kevin James

The pace of the race to replace termed-out Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa sped up with the surprise announcement that Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley was giving his seal of approval to Mayoral candidate Kevin James.

James, a former federal prosecutor and accomplished talk show host, is the only 'outsider' a Mayoral race that pitches him against City Controller Wendy Greuel and Councilmembers Jan Perry and Eric Garcetti in his bid to become Mayor of the nation's second largest city.

This from the Kevin James for Mayor campaign:


CONTACT: John S. Thomas Kevin James for Mayor 2013


Who: Steve Cooley, LA County District Attorney Kevin James, Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles Other members of the community

What: DA Steve Cooley will announce his support and endorsement of Kevin James and talk about why Kevin James should be the next Mayor of Los Angeles. Cooley believes that Kevin James will make an outstanding Mayor and that Kevin James is the Mayoral candidate best qualified to tackle the many problems confronting the City of Los Angeles. Cooley and James will answer questions briefly afterward.

When: Friday September 28, 2012 10:00-10:30am

Where: City Hall – South Lawn (Steps) 200 West 1st Street Los Angeles, California 90012

# # # 

Cooley's endorsement is seen as a significant boost to James' campaign, and within hours of the announcement James was interviewed by KFI AM640's top-rated afternoon drive-time talk show, The John and Ken Show, where his candidacy was enthusiastically welcomed. 

Trutanich to abandon City Attorney re-election bid and run for Mayor?

Rumors rustling around City Hall today suggested that former DA wannabe City Attorney Carmen Trutanich was poised to abandon his re-election bid as City Attorney, and instead run for Mayor of Los Angeles. Trutanich's City Attorney re-election bid has been fraught with difficulties stemming from his disastrous DA campaign which saw the self-proclaimed 'frontrunner' finish a distant third in the primary election, not even making it to the run off.

If, indeed, Trutanich has decided to run for Mayor, the decision is not that hard to understand. His reputation as a lawyer had been severely damaged by a slew of losses, none the least of which was his failure to convince a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge that he was qualified to call himself 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor' during his DA campaign.

It is also said that the humiliating defeat he suffered in the June 5, 2012 primary election has made  fundraising for his re-election 'difficult.' KABC 790AM talk show host Doug McIntyre said yesterday, 'It is difficult to get people to give him  [Trutanich] money when he has the big scarlet 'L' for loser tatted on him.'

In addition to any fundraising difficulties, it is also notable that since launching he re-election bid, Trutanich has not attracted a single endorsement for his City Attorney re-election campaign. Challengers Greg Smith has been gaining law enforcement support and Mike Feuer now boasts the support of many of the career politicians who formerly supported Trutanich.

With Trutanich seemingly set to lose a second major election in less than a year, it could be that Trutanich will abandon his City Attorney aspirations and run for Mayor, where his legal acumen will not be as open to challenge, and his tough talking rhetoric might stand more of a chance.

The South Lawn of City Hall looks like being a busy place Friday, with Jackie Lacey and Kevin James both holding events there. Trutanich's office is only a stone's throw away so he could get his chauffeur driven SUV to ferry him to the South Lawn to make an announcement. That, of course, assumes that Trutanich is going to be in his office on Friday and not hanging out in San Pedro for a fish lunch and a chance to lament what might have been with the handful of Koolaide drinkers who still support him.


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