Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Midweek Musings, Trutanich called a 'liar,' Sherman's a no-show

Laura Chick calls Carmen Trutanich a 'liar' 'demagogue' says he 'must go'

An open letter from former LA City Controller Laura Chick yesterday reminded Los Angelenos of Carmen the Clowns' very first betrayal of the public trust - his rapid about-face over the issue of whether the City Controller has the right to audit programs run by elected officials.  Chick originaly endorsed him - she saw him as 'a breath of fresh air,' but was soon to discover it was bad breath. She called Trutanich a 'liar' and a 'demagogue' and said 'he had to go.'

Right up until election day, Trutanich had promised to support the Controller's right to root out fraud, waste and corruption in City Hall. But as soon as he was elected, even before being sworn in, he changed his position. Perhaps someone told the clown that giving that much power to the Controller would threaten the ability of elected officials to get away with their favorite shenanigans?

Trutanich did, however, agree to let the Controller audit the Workers Compensation program run by his office. It was a no-lose deal for Trutanich; whatever faults were found with the program (and there were many) could be blamed on Rocky Delgadillo's administration. Interestingly, of the hundreds of recommendations made as a result of the Controller's audit, Trutanich has implemented few, if any.

Chicks open letter e-opens the spat three years ago, but more importantly serves as a reminder as to why Trutanich cannot be trusted; he is a liar and a demagogue and he has to go.

Sherman's a no-show
This from guest blogger Pep Streebek


The SFVBA (San Fernando Valley Bar Association) held its annual installation event. Historically Congressman Sherman attends to give one of his flags to the outgoing President. Rumor had it that Congressman Sherman practically begged to be allowed to attend again to present a flag and certificate to the outgoing President. Attending were City Councilman Dennis Zine and Assembly Member Mike Feuer.

Although the by laws of the SFVBA prohibit the organization from taking a position on political issues, apparently Congressman Sherman received the message that a growing group of members are tired of his Trutanich style of representation and were waiting to question him during the event about his do nothing tactics in Washington and his inability to effectively represent the valley in Congress.

Thus Congressman Sherman decided to adapt the tactics of his “partner in politics” Trutanich and avoid the evening. As we all know Sherman can run but he cannot hide.

Eventually the sharpshooters in the legal community will catch up to Sherman and confront him about his do nothing, Snake Oil Salesman, Trutanich like tactics. Stay tuned as the chase continues.

Posted by Pep Streebek


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