Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Midweek Musings

Lacey supporters 'save the date' for Blockbuster II

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will top the bill at a star-studded event next month to support Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey's bid to become LA's first Female DA, and LA's first African American DA. The extravaganza is expected to draw such a large crowd that the event's principal organizers, Michael Baruch, Lawrence Bender and Michael Goldstein, have not yet determined whether the event will take place in a large home or at a hotel.

Baruch, Bender and Goldstein were instrumental in the production of Lacey's hugely successful Blockbuster fundraiser during the primary election campaign, and according to sources, they are determined to do even better with this event. Hosts for the event include New York Giants owner Steve Tisch, Hard Rock Cafe founder and steakhouse guru Peter Morton, Golden Globe winning Executive Producer Ben Silverman,  Smashbox Studios co-founder Davis Factor, Oscar nominated producer and Quicken Loans co-founder Gary Gilbert, Discovery Land Co's Chairman and CEO Michael Meldman, Ranger Global Adviser's Chief Investment Officer and philanthropist Alex Von Furstenberg, and international entrepreneur and luxury hotelier Sam Nazarian.

With such a well connected hosting committee, the event is certain to build on the success of Lacey's last Blockbuster, and the Dragnet looks forward to reporting exclusively on the event.

Jackson gains support from Mayor Richard Riordan and Governor Pete Wilson

Los Angeles' last Republican Mayor Richard Riordan will throw his home open for a fundraiser to help Assistant Head Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson's bid to replace Steve Cooley as LA's DA. Mayor Riordan co-hosts the event with Governor Pete Wilson, former Federal Judge Robert Bonner, and former US Ambassador to Uruguay Frank Baxter

As we go to press, the Dragnet cannot confirm whether we will be able to cover this event. Mayor Riordan may not have forgiven our previous criticism of his former support for failed DA wannabe Carmen Trutanich.

Trutanich faces defeat as referendum on 'Soft Ban' on Medical Marijuana qualifies for ballot

The LA Times rarely carries good news for failed DA wannabe Carmen Trutanich. As LA's least favorite clown shakes down his San Pedro base to finance his desperate and doomed bid to hang on to his City Attorney position, his jack-boot ban on medical marijuana appears to be as doomed as his candidacy.

As the LA Times reported, a very well organized ballot initiative to overturn Trutanich's ban easily qualified for the ballot. 'Activists seeking to repeal a ban on medical marijuana outlets in Los Angeles have secured enough verified signatures to place their measure on the ballot.' City Clerk June Lagmay told the LA Times Monday.

'Backers of medical marijuana dispensaries needed 27,425 valid signatures for their measure to qualify. Lagmay said a statistical sampling of the signatures showed that activists had turned in 110% of the amount needed.'

'The council now has the option of repealing its ordinance, calling a special election or placing the measure on the ballot in the March 5 election, when voters will choose a mayor, city controller, city attorney and eight council members. The third scenario is currently considered the most likely.' The LA Times said.

That third option, allowing the voters to voice their opinion, is the one least favored by Trutanich, who is understood to be lobbying desperately for the Council to simply repeal his so-called 'Gentle Ban' so as to avoid what would be a de facto recall of Trutanich. In plain terms, the vast number of voters expected to vote against Trutanich's jack-boot ban, would also be voting for City Attorney, and are unlikely to vote for him.

Not surprisingly, nobody on the City Council, except perhaps Councilmember Jose Huizar who gave his name to Trutanich's ban, wants to do anything to help Trutanich's swift and well deserved removal from the Los Angeles political scene. It also explains why Trutanich has been, and will continue to be, incapable of garnering any political endorsements for his re-election.

DA Candidate Forum tonight

Just a reminder, tonight sees the first of this month's two DA Candidate Forums.


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Anonymous said...

The marijuana initiative will fail because all the pot heads in LA will probably overslep or forget to vote that's what dope does to your brain. Carmen Trutanich is the only candidate who recognizes the very real dangers to kids, women and other weaker members of society caused by drugs. He is the only candidate who has the guts to stand up to the activists like he did when that crazy cancer patient lady started upsetting and provoking him. He had every right to defend himself and just because a person says they have or had cancer does not give them the right to contradict the city attorney. She should have had more respect for Mr. Trutanich and listened to what he said.