Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Briefs

Crime explodes in Los Angeles - 'Realignment' proponents Trutanich and Feuer likely to blame

The LA Times reported Sunday, that crime in 16 L.A. neighborhoods is up 'significantly' for the latest week, according to an analysis of Los Angeles Police Department data by the Times’ Crime L.A. database.

The Time stated that 'Ten neighborhoods reported a significant increase in violent crime. West Hills was the most unusual, recording three reports compared with a weekly average of 0.3 over the last three months.'

While elected officials continue to tout the 'big lie' that crime is down the reality, as many line cops and prosecutors know, is very different. Crime rates are exploding and the latest figures from the LA Times bears out what most had been fearing - the flood of felons resulting from Assembly Bill 109, the perhaps innocuously-named 'Realignment' bill, has caused the explosion.

AB109, Governor Jerry Brown's solution to California's budget woes, didn't pass in a vacuum.  In order to overcome the well-founded fears that crime would explode, Brown had many accomplices including non other than current City Attorney Carmen Trutanich who seemingly was fully prepared to inflict an explosion of crime on LA's streets in return for Governor Brown's endorsement for his Hindenburg-like campaign to become District Attorney.

Another accomplice in the AB109 crime disaster is termed out Assemblyman Mike Feuer, whose enthusiastic support for flood of felons bill is well documented by his voting record. Feuer, of course, also has his eyes on the City Attorney's office and was likely hoping to being rewarded with an endorsement from Brown too, until the value of the Governor's endorsement that was established by  Trutanich.

By the time Los Angelenos go to the polls to elect their next City Attorney, it seems inevitable that the explosion in crime rates will be uppermost in the minds of voters. It is equally inevitable that Los Angelenos will know which of the candidates supported the unmitigated disaster that is AB109.

Jackie Lacey wins key law enforcement endorsements in DA race

Both the LA Times and the LA Weekly covered the announcement late on Friday, that Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey had secured endorsements from the L.A. Police Protective League and the Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs. 'This is a very important endorsement,' Lacey told the LA Weekly, 'I competed. I prepared. And I respect their views.'

'Lacey is the chief deputy in the D.A.'s office, and has the backing of her boss, Steve Cooley, who is retiring after three terms. Cooley has had a strong relationship with both unions, which may have put Lacey over the top.' The LA Weekly said.

Lacey's opponent in the November election, prosecutor Alan Jackson, has also claimed law enforcement support.

'We're proud to be backed by cops all over the county,' said John Thomas, Jackson's campaign manager. 'We're not concerned about the effect on the race. Alan is still leading in support from law enforcement.' Thomas told the LA Weekly.

Trutanich reacts to pay to play accusation - says it ain't so

In what appears to be a sure sign that the LA Times hit a raw nerve in City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's needy media-craving ego with allegations that the former wannabe DA was seeking an injunction against ticket scaplers as a form of payback to campaign donors, the Trutanich campaign swiftly issued a denial to the Scalpergate scandal.

 In a break with his previous modus operandi, the tough-talking grandstander agreed to meet with the media to discuss the denial. 'Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen "Nuch" Trutanich will be available to speak with interested media parties today - by appointment through his campaign press office - to set the record straight about baseless insinuations made in the Los Angeles Times this morning about the motivations underlying his office's ticket scalpers injunction.' a statement on his campaign website said.

It also appears that Trutanich's offer to talk to the media was issued the day the LA Times broke the story, August 31, 2012, however, it seems that the media were not interested in listening to Trutanich's denials, a case of 'Methinks he doth protest too much,' perhaps? Or more likely the reality is that nobody believes anything the man the LA Times labeled a 'Liar' says.


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Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the most culpable party in the realignment mess: Sheriff Baca. He pushed for this nonsense (which coincidentally increases his power, authority and funding). Maybe if he had spent more time reading the legislation (rather than posing for Nuch campaign literature in uniform) we wouldn't have been stuck with this mess.