Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Musings - Bratton endorses, Trutanich kites IOUs

Ex Chief Bratton endorses Jack Weiss Mike Feuer for City Attorney

Former Los Angeles Police Chief Bill 'No-Braina' Bratton has endorsed termed-out State Assemblyman Mike Feuer's bid to become LA's next City Attorney when Carmen Trutanich is thrown out of office in 2013, the Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise reported.

With a statement evoking that time-proven French adage 'le plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose,' Bratton re-hashed his 2009 endorsement of Jack Weiss for City Attorney saying 'As L.A.’s former police chief, I know how much Los Angeles needs a city attorney who’s been in the forefront on public safety issues, has a strong track record as a problem-solver, has wide experience in the justice system and is universally-respected for his integrity. I’ve just described Mike Feuer [who] has a remarkable record of achievement as a lawyer and a public official.'

Bratton refrained from adding 'It's a no-brainer' to his glowing account of Feuer, and also omitted to mention that Feuer has never actually tried a criminal case, and appears to have never stepped foot inside a courtroom as a trial lawyer.

Bratton, readers will recall, controversially endorsed Jack Weiss for City Attorney in this tv commercial during Weiss's doomed City Attorney campaign.

Bratton's endorsement of another career politician should serve as a stark reminder to voters to give the appropriate weight to endorsements from officials who foist career politicians on us with no regard for their lack of qualifications, and who also seem to think we have no memory.

In Bratton's defense, it should be said that Jack Weiss had tried two criminal cases during his brief stint as an Assistant US Attorney, most notably prosecuting Darlene Gillespie, a former Mouseketeer, who subsequently spent three months in prison for fraud.

Bratton's endorsement also serves to jog the memory about other similarities between Feuer and Weiss; both were Los Angeles City Councilmembers for Council District 5, both were widely disliked within their district for poor representation of constituents, and both exemplified a certain limo-liberal 'we know better than you' attitude. While Weiss left politics for a career in Bratton's private security consultancy business after losing his bid to be City Attorney, Feuer bunny-hoped to the State Assembly after narrowly losing his first bid to be City Attorney to Rocky Delgadillo in 2001. 

Feuer's decision to run for City Attorney seems to be born more out of need to hang on to a political paycheck than any genuine interest in being City Attorney. As noted, Feuer narrowly lost the 2001 race to the self-promoting Delgadillo. However, after Delgadillo's first lackluster term as City Attorney, Feuer declined to run against him. Many believe that Feuer could easily have defeated Delgadillo, however, it seems Feuer was more interested in Sacramento shenanigans than saving Los Angeles from Delgadilo's self-serving tenure as City Attorney. Feuer's inaction ensured that Delgadillo ran unopposed in 2005 and was thereby able to inflict further ruin on the City Attorney's Office in pursuit of his political career.

With the State of California facing financial ruin as a result of mismanagement by 'we know better than you' career politicians, voters will have in interesting choice in March; A pair of career politicians in the shape of Feuer, who didn't want the job in 2005, and Trutanich who didn't want the job in 2012. And then there's Greg Smith, he wants the job and most certainly is not a career politician.

Trutanich kites IOUs to pay off debt to LA's BEST

The LA Weekly reported that failed DA wannabe Carmen Trutanich shoved a bunch of IOUs and a check worth ten cents in the dollar to LA's BEST After School Program of underprivileged school kids to try to make it look like he was honoring his debt.

According to records obtained by the LA Weekly, Trutanich's claim to have paid $100,000 to LA's BEST is a false and misleading as his claim to have 'three quarters of a million YouTube views' of his DA campaign video, his claim to be the 'Los Angeles Chief Criminal Prosecutor,' and his fairy tale about being 'surrounded and shot at by gangmembers.' It's all smoke and mirrors. Trutanich paid only ten thousand dollars to LA's BEST from his personal funds, not the one hundred thousand he was supposed to deliver. $25,000 was given by environmental clean-up firms that do business at the Port of Los Angeles who also contributed to Trutanich's D.A. campaign.

But the balance of the $100,000 that Trutanich promised to pay is made up by IOU's - 'pledges' from those companies to pay the balance over the next three years. Let's hope, for the sake of those school kids, that those companies think more of their pledges than Trutanich thinks of his.

It is no coincidence that none of the 'pledges' are due for payment until after both the 2013 primary and general elections. Once Trutanich loses his lame bid to be re-elected, would anyone care to guess what the likelihood is that those 'pledges' will be honored?

There is probably nothing more contemptible than reneging on a promise to a kid, but Trutanich seems to relish in his image of being a schoolyard bully, a coward and a thug. Trutanich should have paid his debt in full without being shamed into playing this lame, half-assed smoke and mirrors con trick on a bunch of underprivileged kids. Pay you debt Trutanich, get out of public office, and don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.



Anonymous said...

Meeting Trutanich is like stepping in dog shit wearing flip-flops - the stink never goes away

Anonymous said...

Hey Dragnet, that asswad Trutanich just got challenged to ten debates with Mike Feuer. Asswad said he wants to debate even more, but quite honestly, why bother. They are both a pair of politicians looking for the next government pay check..

Anonymous said...

Joe Friday - The Met News write up of the debate was very thorough. They apparently had the ability to supplement their coverage with follow up interviews in the days following the debate. They also cited the losangelesdragnet analysis. Major Props! They liked your conclusion!

Anonymous said...

Joe Friday- Clearly you have a axe to grind. Interesting that Trutanich actually put up $10,000 of his own cash to LA's Best. Then he got the support of companies and received pledges from them to donate an additional $105,000. To Date they have been able to receive $45,000 in commitments and still going. Working to get it done for LA's Best. People can respect that.I can respect that. Clearly you can't or simply choose not to. Hey buddy it's not about you. It's about the Kids and those programs. Hate who you want to hate but dont detract from LA's Best because you have an axe to grind. It's Selfish and Irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

LIE-tanich strong armed a company he regulates via the City Attorny's office. Trust me, this company will get their money's worth of access at the end of the day. I'm still waiting for the newspaper ad to be published stating, "I AM A LIAR". We'd be better off just grabbing some wino off skid row and running him for City Attorney.

Shootin Newton said...

LIE-tanich strong armed a company he regulates via the City Attorny's office. Trust me, this company will get their money's worth of access at the end of the day. I'm still waiting for the newspaper ad to be published stating, "I AM A LIAR". We'd be better off just grabbing some wino off skid row and running him for City Attorney.