Thursday, September 13, 2012


In the old west a smooth talking vendor would ramble into town. He would peddle an elixir, representing it could cure anything “that ails you.” The townspeople who gave their hard earned money for the magical potion soon discovered that they had purchased nothing more then a useless foul smelling substance. If the Snake Oil salesman did not get out of the territory fast enough, the townspeople were able to catch up to him and hold him accountable for his swindling ways.

In the recent district attorney’s race many politicians acted like Snake Oil Salesman and tried to sell us a similar elixir called, Trutanich. They have not left town and it is time to catch up to them and hold them accountable.

Congressman Sherman was well aware of Trutanich the Bully’s antics. We expect our Congressmen to research and endorse proper candidates who will serve us properly. Clearly Sherman the Snake Oil Salesman did not, he just latched on to the politician he thought would win to help him gain momentum in his own race. He tried to sell us Snake oil for his own gain.

On the other hand maybe Sherman was aware of Trutanich’s antics, but didn’t care. Excused them did not think they were so bad, because he had engaged in similar antics. Remember the video of Trutanich acting like a bully towards an ordinary citizen?

Well Sherman shares the same trait as Trutanich. Watch this video as he acts as a bully to some lady nervously asking him a question.

Brad Sherman loses his cool with a constituent

What do we want from our politicians? We want them to be concerned about their constituents. Not to bully them. When a constituent puts them on the spot, phrases a question improperly, or has the facts wrong, we want them to answer the question in a proper way conveying the accurate information. But a bully cannot do this, because they thirst to utilize their power to prey upon those who do not have the means to defend themselves from their attacks.

When these bullies, like Trutanich and Sherman, display their true personalities, because like the Snake Oil Salesman, they are always trying to hide the truth, we must be aware of it and realize this brings to light a greater problem. That problem is that they are more concerned about their individual personage, then helping their constituents. Thus when they have to make the tough decision to support political ideals that may hurt their public image but benefit their constituents, they will not because their love for their self is greater then their concern for the citizens they represent.

We need politicians whose primary concern is not their personal gain, but what is best for us. Bullies like Trutanich and Sherman do not have this ability. They are just Snake Oil Salesmen trying to mask their true intentions, why they try to swindle our vote by selling us a foul smelling substance.

Posted by Pep Streebek

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