Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Themes - Trutanich re-election 'unlkely' in face of Medical Marijuana Ballot

As the LA Times reported, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich has been forced to postpone implementation of his incongruously-named 'Gentle Ban' on medical marijuana. Trutanich was forced into postponing his plan when medical marijuana advocates delivered a petition for a ballot initiative that would give Los Angelenos the chance to vote to repeal Trutanich's ban. Over 50,000 Los Angelenos signed the petition, more then enough to ensure that the initiative will appear on the ballot in the March 5, 2013 primary election.

Ironically, the vote to repeal Trutanich's ban will appear on the same ballot as Trutanich's re-election bid, guaranteeing that anyone and everyone who votes to repeal Trutanich's ban, will also vote A.B.C. (Anyone But Carmen) when it comes to picking LA's next City Attorney. With so many Los Angelenos likely to vote in favor or repealing Trutanich's ban, it is a given that Trutanich will not be able to garner sufficient votes to make it into a runoff, with Greg Smith and Mike Feuer being the likely finalists.

Trutanich's downfall will make political history by his being the first incumbent City Attorney to be defeated in a re-election bid, and the first elected official in Los Angeles to be be handed two swinging electoral defeats in less than 12 months.



Anonymous said...

This is one of the reasons why nobody is willing to endorse Trutanich - he is a guaranteed loser with so many people who hate him being highly motivated to go and vote to kick him out of office. I don't use marijuana, medical or otherwise, but I respect the rights of legitimate patients to get it.

Trutanich lied to the medical marijuana community to get their support in 2009, and then turned on them. It is payback time, and many others will gleefully be voting to reject Trutanich's ban, and Trutanich too. I am looking forward to seeing who Nouche-bag blames for his next defeat. His victory party is going to be great.

Anonymous said...

It is all the talk downtown that Nuch isn't actually going to run and will withdraw from the race early in 2013. He knows he can't win, and as Berger says, the medical mj ballot is going to focus all the hate groups against him. He doesn't need another humiliating defeat, so he will 'finish strong' like Shallman suggested, and bow out while he still has some juice.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can get a City Attorney with some balls and stand up to Lapd bullshit. Start making the Command Staff pay for the lawsuit they keep causing the city millions of dollar. Who pays for that we do and these guys still have a job. Start running that dept (Lapd) like a damm business. Fired their asses quit taking money from the community to pay these damm lawsuit. Finally, take away all those take home car and motorcycle they have. That causing the city million a year. They can drive their own vehicle to work like everybody else who works for the city. What a bunch of crap. The average Captain makes 150,000. A year.? And they get to keep their job after they get sued and cause the city million. And get this 90% of them don't live in Los Angeles. Wake up Los Angeles

Anonymous said...

Greg Smith for City Attorney