Thursday, September 27, 2012

Trutanich is a liar, demagogue, and a paper-waving bully

Embattled former DA wannabe City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's vain hopes of being re-elected took a nose-dive during the Wednesday morning rush hour when Trutanich sent his spokeman to try to convince KABC talk show host Doug McIntyre that he was not a liar and a demagogue.

The interview did not go well.

In what is probably the most entertaining ten minutes of talk radio, McIntyre explained that Trutanich had lied when he campaigned on a platform that supported then City Controller Laura Chick's right to audit the offices of elected officials to root out fraud, corruption and waste. As soon as Trutanich was elected, McIntyre said, he changed his position denying Chick the right to audit and saying that the Controller could only audit if elected officials gave her permission.

Trutanich allowed the Controller to audit the Workers Compensation program that his predecessor Rocky Delgadillo ran, doubtless because any negative criticism would reflect badly on Delgadillo, not him. However, it is understood that Trutanich will not allow the Controller to audit his office to find out how much City time and resources Trutanich used in his campaign to become District Attorney.

It has been shown that Trutanich used City vehicles and personnel in the production of his DA Campaign video 'True Stories,' and he has also been captured on video using his chauffeur-driven City SUV to ferry him to and from DA campaign fundraisers. The City Controller should have the right to audit Trutanich to report on precisely how much his failed bid to become DA cost the taxpayers of Los Angeles, however, unless Trutanich gives his permission, we may never know.

Trutanich's poor response to McIntyre's attempt to interview him on the issues prompted McIntyre to declare that 'Trutanich will lose and will not be the next City Attorney.' 


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