Thursday, September 6, 2012

Trutanich 'regrets' failed DA campaign - sheds crocodile tears over split with Cooley

Trutanich 'desperate' to restore Cooley friendship to bolster City Attorney re-election campaign

While City Attorney Carmen Trutanich continues to play the blame game over his 'Hindenburg-like' District Attorney campaign, rumors suggest the former wannabe DA is 'reaching out' to District Attorney Steve Cooley with a variety of 'Mea Culpa' entreaties designed to con Cooley into supporting his failing re-election campaign.

Significantly, Trutanich's re-election campaign website still lacks an 'Endorsement' page. Most likely that's because politicians and law enforcement leaders are reluctant to risk their reputations by association with the biggest loser in LA's political history. Few want to be associated with the man labeled a 'Liar' by the LA Times, and who still faces further humiliation over his false claim to have been the victim of an assassination attempt.

Trutanich probably sees a 'reconciliation' with  Cooley as central to his political survival; if the man Trutanich accused of 'suspicious political activity' over the loss of his personnel file is willing to forgive and forget, then Trutanich probably thinks that a reconciliation will cause others to support his re-election.

It is understood that several Trutanich emissaries have contacted Cooley proffering a variety of pleas to 'kiss and make up.' All approaches are understood to offer not so subtle variations on the theme Trutanich must believe will appeal to Cooley; 'Carmen is a broken man,' ... 'he didn't just lose an election, he lost a friend,' ... 'It was all Shallman's fault,' ... 'Carmen should have listened to your advice and not his ego.' 

As things currently stand, Trutanich's re-election hopes are bleak at best. His hope is that Cooley will forget the depth of his betrayal, accept his sincere apology, and believe that Trutanich's letter imploring Attorney General Kamala Harris to investigate Cooley was 'nothing personal, just business.'

Most observers think it unlikely in the extreme that Cooley will forgive and forget. Had Trutanich succeeded in his political ambitions, he probably would have forgotten all about extending an olive branch to Cooley; he would have had his hands full trying to explain to the three people he promised he would appoint as Chief of the Bureau of Investigations, that there is only room for one Chief, 'but you guys are next on the list.' Same thing goes for all the prospective Chief Deputy District Attorneys who drank the Trutanich Koolaide.

Trutanich may have a 'hazy memory' when it suits him, but Cooley's memory is likely razor sharp.



Anonymous said...

What a difference a year makes! Last year at this time whenever Dragnet posted, the comments section was filled with threatening missives. Each one stating that either Nuch was gonna fire Berger once Nuch got elected DA or that the union would add him as a defendant in their lawsuits.

One year later, those comments have been smirked away and Dragnet is an office wide reference and news source for prosecutors of all ranks and agencies.

Bravo Joe Friday!

Anonymous said...

Trutanich is a dead duck. His blowhard bullying came to nothing at the election, and his re-election campaign can't raise a dime. Cooley will not kiss and make up, and it won't be long before the name Trutanich is forgotten. Considering that a year ago, Trutanich had it all, the money flooding in, his name in the headlines as the 'frontrunner' and every political whore in LA wanting to spread 'em for Nuch,

He still doesn't understand what happened. Well we do. When Joe Friday went on FOX News and called Nuch 'an extremely good con man,' that was game over as far as Nuch was concerned. The look on his face at his election night victory party was priceless. He was stunned, he said he thought he was either having a heart attack or someone had slipped something into his cocktail, because everything seemed surreal, like in slow motion.

But there was no heart attack, and no Micky Finn, it was simply all Nuch's chickens coming home to roost. And for the rest of us, it was something called SCHADENFREUDE, and y'all can Google that if you don't know what that means.

Go 'F' yourself Nuch. You're nothing, a nobody, a washed up failure. Karma is a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Carmen has made so many enemies in the City Attorney's Office, in City Hall, and all over Los Angeles. He is an asshole. He will finish 4th in the election, even Eddy Angeles is more popular and has raised a ton of money. Crash and burn (again) Nuch.

Anonymous said...

The picture of the year award goes to the photographer who captured Trutanich doing 'the walk of shame' at his victory party. Trutanich looks like he's been kicked in the crown jewels and is trying not to bawl his eyes out. I look forward to seeing the same scene after the City Attorney election in 2013. Adios asshole.