Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Midweek Midday Breaking News - Lacey wins ADDA support as LA's next District Attorney

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey wins support of Association of Deputy District Attorneys

The rank and file members of the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office 'overwhelmingly' voted to support their Chief Deputy, Jackie Lacey as the next District Attorney for Los Angeles County.

The breaking news was released by Lacey's campaign in a mid-morning email in which Lacey was quoted as saying 'I am extremely grateful and proud to have the support of my colleagues in the District Attorney's Office,' Lacey said.  'They, more than any other group, understand the value that my broad range of courtroom and leadership experience will bring to the job.  They also know my reputation as a proven leader and a prosecutor with integrity. I look forward to continuing a positive relationship with their association.  The rank-and-file deputies are my heroes and I want nothing but the best for them.'

Lacey received 127 votes, with Jackson garnering just 73. 11 votes were 'undecided' and 6 were invalid as they were unsigned. Even if the undecided and invalid votes were to be awarded to Jackson, Lacey still has an impressive lead.

Lacey's campaign has increasingly been gaining momentum as the election draws closer, earlier this week Lacey also announced that she had been endorsed by Magic Johnson.

Earvin "Magic" Johnson endorses Jackie Lacey for D.A.

"Jackie Lacey is, by far, the best candidate for Los Angeles County District Attorney," Johnson said.  "She has a proven record of working with the community to implement groundbreaking programs that offer nonviolent offenders, including veterans, a one-time opportunity to turn their lives around.  We need someone like Jackie who is innovative and dedicated to improving public safety for us all."

Lacey leads fundraising in run-up to election

Lacey also appears to be leading Jackson in fundraising. The Lacey campaign filed a statement for the period October 1 through 20, showing she had raised almost $168,000 in that short period. No figures were available for the Jackson campaign, however, sources indicate that Lacey out-raised Jackson by '$20k to $30k' in the same period.

Overall, Lacey has raised over $1.2M for her campaign, with Jackson declaring almost $755k as of September 30, 2012, and perhaps another $140k from the October 1 through 20 period, leaving him with almost $900k. 


Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday briefs: Lacey for DA according to La Opinion, Trutanich can't stop lying, Republican support bolsters Berman

La Opinon endorses Jackie Lacey for District Attorney

La Opinion, LA's second most widely read newspaper and the newspaper with the largest circulation in Los Angeles' Spanish-speaking community, has endorsed Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey for District Attorney.

Hailing Lacey as 'The most suitable person to replace Steve Cooley, based on her knowledge and experience.' La Opinion summarized Lacey's candidacy as having 'shown from her job that she has a vision more in line with a city like Los Angeles than her rival. She balances having a severe District Attorney’s Office when applicable, in addition to promoting alternative sentencing and courts that are able to understand specific circumstances, like those for war veterans. Based on that, we recommend voting for Jackie Lacey for Los Angeles District Attorney.'

La Opinion's endorsement will further bolster Lacey's campaign, and gives her the sweep of the most widely read newspapers in Los Angeles county. On Sunday, LA's most widely read newspaper, the LA Times, republished its endorsement of Lacey.

Trutanich's response to Mayor's plan to outsource him is more lies

Embattled Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen 'the Clown' Trutanich proved again that his reputation for being a liar is well-deserved. The former ambulance chaser turned career politician is currently facing calls for the functions of his office to be outsourced as the toxic fallout from his failed attempt to become District Attorney continues to reveal the many ways that Trutanich failed to manage his office during the two years that he was preoccupied with his DA ambitions.

In response to LA Weekly's coverage of the Mayor's plans to further neuter Trutanich before he can do any more damage to the City Attorney's office, his campaign spokesman, John Schwada, attempted to re-write the history of Trutanich's well documented failures to follow through with his promises.

The claim that Trutanich invited the City Controller to audit his office is as laughable as it is misleading. Trutanich reneged on his promise to support City Controller Laura Chick's right to conduct audits of programs run by elected officials even before he was sworn-in. It earned Trutanich the first of many LA Times headlines beholding him to be a 'Liar and Demagogue.' Although Trutanich did, eventually, allow the Controller to audit the Workers Compensation Program, that was really a ruse; Trutanich knew full well that the program was deeply flawed and any responsibility for its shortcomings could easily be  blamed on his predecessor, Rocky Delgadillo.

Schwada claims that Trutanich 'set an example of commitment to transparent government' by 'inviting' the Controller to audit his office. If that is indeed true, then we have no doubt that Trutanich will have no objection to the Controller conducting a new audit of his office. That audit should discover the amount of taxpayer money that has been spent on providing Trutanich with a chauffeur driven SUV and two or three LAPD security personnel to ferry him all over LA County during his two-year campaign to be District Attorney. 

While LAPD will likely defend the vast expenditure of City resources on the grounds of the need to supply Trutanich with security, the fact remains that these expenses were wholly unrelated to City business. The public has the right to know how much of their money was wasted on Trutanich, and his campaign should be required to make a contribution towards those costs.

Streebek's Column


Bobbi Fiedler, a noted former Republican Congresswoman from the San Fernando Valley, addressed a crowd of people at a house in the West Valley on Sunday. Fiedler discussed her journey into the political arena. She described herself as a reluctant politician who entered politics as a result of her opposition to busing. She explained how she successfully ran for the School Board and catapulted her popularity into a seat in Congress.

She told the crowd that her time in Congress allowed her to get to know many Congressmen personally. She elaborated that the majority of the Congressmen she met were self absorbed and impressed with themselves. She noted they are often unwilling to listen to others, and more concerned about garnering votes instead of doing the right thing.

Congressman Howard Berman, she emphatically stated, does not have these personality flaws. She emphasized that Congressman Berman cares about his constituents, his community and his country. She further stated that she couldn’t imagine why anyone would ever consider supporting his opponent, who she has little regard nor admiration for, over Congressman Berman,

She explained her high regard for Congressman Berman centered on his willingness to listen to her on the busing issue. She explained that Congressman Berman, a champion of civil rights, advocated for the end of segregation of our public schools. But he recognized force busing did not constitute the answer. He realized that another answer had to be found that would be supported by the majority of the community. Because of his willingness to listen, his willingness to compromise, the busing issue resolved. She explained that once he made it clear another solution had to be found other politicians were willing to follow his lead. For they stated “If Howard is willing to search for another answer so are we.” That led to the end of forced busing and our schools were integrated through other means.

Bobbi Fiedler concluded her remark by telling the crowd they had to do whatever it took to win this election for Congressman Berman. She reminded the crowd to never pay attention to the polls, or whatever the political pundits say. After all she concluded the polls and the so-called experts stated she was going to lose and she proved them wrong by winning.   

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Free For All

Villaraigosa floats downsizing City Attorney's office - will outsource civil division

Failed Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich got dealt a double belly blow this week. Not only is the the Mayor proposing to cut fifty deputy city attorney positions, but he is also floating the idea that the the criminal and civil divisions of the City Attorney's office be separated. The function of the civil division would be outsourced, leaving the City Attorney solely responsible for the prosecution of misdemeanor crimes. It would strip the City Attorney's office of as much as 75% of its staff and budget, and more importantly, its power.

The idea is not a new one, it's been discussed on several occasions in the past. However, the current budgetary crisis and perhaps more importantly, Trutanich's crippled political position, makes the chances of this becoming a reality more than just a hypothetical debate topic.

No City Attorney has done more to destroy the prestige of the City Attorney's office than Carmen Trutanich. He is widely seen as inept and incompetent and more focused on furthering his political career than honoring his soon forgotten 'Pledge to Serve.' His spectacular defeat following his failed campaign to become District Attorney has served to further weaken his position, and with it, his ability to fend off the impending loss of fifty positions. More significantly, his clownish antics in pursuit of his arrogant egocentric political ambitions has strengthened the position of those, like the Mayor, who now seek to strip the office of City Attorney of many of its powers.  

Politicians, like Trutanich, who use and abuse the powers that have been entrusted to them, not only face removal at the hands of voters, but they also demonstrate the need for steps to be taken to prevent their successors from repeating their abuse.

Birds of a feather. Carmen Trutanich and County Assessor John Noguez.
No better example exists of the way that corrupt politicians can not only destroy their own careers, but wreak havoc on their offices, than that of Los Angeles County Assessor John Noguez, a political ally of Trutanich. As a result of Noguez's alleged corrupt practices, voters will weigh in on whether the County Assessor should be an elected or appointed position when they cast their votes on Measure A in the November 6, 2012 election.

If Measure A passes it will doubtless strengthen the Mayor's position on Trutanich and lead to a Charter Amendment to de-politicize the City Attorney's office. The LA Times was quick to oppose the Mayor's idea. 'If the people don't like their city attorney or any of their other elected officials, they know what to do about it, and they can do it every four years.' the Times Editorial Board said. Make no mistake, the Times is not defending Trutanich; they clearly see the need to put an end to his shameless abandonment of his responsibilities. The Times believes that the voters of Los Angeles are best armed to throw Trutanich out of office in March 2013, and provided that the Times continues to lead in exposing Trutanich for the monumental failure that his is, the Times may be right.

Trutanich once said that 'my greatest legacy would be that after serving two terms as City Attorney, someone would go before the City Council and ask that the City Attorney be given four more years.' It now seems that Trutanch's greatest legacy will be the exact opposite.

Which Way LA?

November 6, 2012 draws closer and with it the voters' decision as to whether Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey or Assistant Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson are best qualified to continue the remarkable achievements of District Attorney Steve Cooley, will come more sharply into focus as the candidates ramp up their campaigns.

While Lacey's campaign has concentrated on reaching voters through a flood of mailers leveraging her myriad political, media and law enforcement endorsements, Jackson has pursued a tv ad campaign that has drawn criticism for its negativity. If the outcome of the primary election is any indication as to which strategy works best with LA's voters, then Jackie Lacey will become the first female District Attorney and the first African American District Attorney in the history of Los Angeles.

Streebek's Column


Once again Congressman Berman has brought the two parties together, as two former Secretaries of State George Schultz, the Secretary of State during President Reagan’s administration, and Madeline Albright, the Secretary of State during President Clinton’s administration, call Bully Brad’s attack on Congressman Berman’s travel unfounded. In a joint letter they state:

“We want to set the record straight on Congressman Howard Berman’s overseas travel during his service in the U.S. House of Representatives. In so doing we urge you to reject Rep. Brad Sherman’s misleading campaign tactics around this subject and hope that voters in the 30th Congressional district will instead appreciate, as we do, the tremendous service that Howard Berman has done for his constituents and for all America during his public career.”

“As Chairman and now the senior Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, he has worked closely with both Republicans and Democratic colleagues and administrations to keep America strong and the American people safe. And take it from us – to do that effectively, international travel is required.  Making the effort to forge in-person relationships garners results that simply do not come from the exchange of letters or phone calls.”

Norman Omstein, a well respected political scientist and resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute has been a long time observer of Congress and Politics. He recently wrote the following about the 30th Congressional District race:

“I hate it when candidates or consultants take cheap shots at foreign travel. When the cheap shot comes from somebody who himself is on the Foreign Affairs Committee, it is especially ridiculous.”

“The larger fact is that all Members of Congress should travel, and travel a lot. They make hugely consequential decisions involving America’s role in the world – and involving the rest of the world – and there are few cost/benefit ratios than the insight and sensitivity brought about by being in other countries, informing and improving important decisions made in Congress.”

“To attack Berman, of all people, for traveling and meeting with global leaders is particularly farcical. There may be no Member of Congress who generates more respect abroad then Berman, before and during his tenure as chairmen of the Foreign Affairs Committee, and now as the ranking member. Berman has gravitas, and his meetings with leaders abroad have manifestly been in the national interest and have been supported by major figures in both parties. Berman has not met with foreign leaders to score political points, for ego tripping or to stick it to an opposing president, he has done so to advance the national interest.”

Sherman’s attack on Congressman Berman’s foreign travel constitutes nothing more then acting like a Snake Oil Salesman. This ridiculous attack constitutes an attempt to sell the public a falsity. Only this time trying to turn something that “Helps us” into something that “Ails us.”  Congressman Berman exists as a remarkable statesman who bears the burden of being away from his family as he travels to foreign lands to help keep us safe at home.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Midweek musings: Jackson accused of lying over felon fundraiser denial, Trutanich blunders could cost 50 jobs, Jackson tv ad campaign criticized

Jackson accused of lying over felon fundraiser denial

District Attorney candidate Jackie Lacey lashed out at rival Alan Jackson accusing his campaign of being 'caught in a lie' regarding his denial that the event he attended at the $6.1M Beverly Hills mansion of convicted felon Victorino Noval, was a fundraiser.

Jackson's campaign had originally told the LA Times that 'the event was a Cinco de Mayo party, not a fundraiser, and that the campaign had no record of having raised money there.'

However, the email May 2, 2012 invitation from Victorino Noval tells Noval's guests that 'I am a big supporter of who I believe will be LA's new District Attorney Alan Jackson. Most of my friends and family have donated the max ($1500) towards his Campaign. Please Come meet him and help him out financially!'
Convicted felon Victorino Noval's email invitation was obtained by the Lacey campaign
and distributed together with a press release accusing Jackson of being 'caught in a lie.'
According to the LA Times, 'Victornino Noval 'pleaded guilty to mail fraud and tax evasion in connection with a multimillion-dollar mortgage scheme that made headlines in the late 1990s and was sentenced to federal prison in 2003. He later changed his name from Victor Jesus to Victorino.'

In a sit-down interview with Los Cerritos Community Newspaper, Lacey said 'she has proof that Jackson received $115,000 in financial assistance from Victor (a.k.a. Victorino) Noval and his immediate family members.' 

The Jackson campaign have strenuously denied having any knowledge of Noval's criminal history, something that Lacey's campaign consultant, Parke Skelton, said could easily have been discovered by a Google search. However, as to Jackson's denial that the event was a fundraiser, Skelton told the LCCN that when Jackson was 'confronted by the Times with these facts, the Alan Jackson campaign lied.'

In response, Jackson's campaign strategist, John Thomas, told the LCCN that 'The Alan Jackson campaign is not going to dignify this attack with a response.' Of the invitation 'It states clearly in the second sentence that this was an ‘annual Cinco DeMayo Celebration Event. This was not a fundraising event. The Lacey campaign is just angry that we are on the television with our message.' Thomas said.

Notwithstanding the denials the LA Times reported that Jackson's campaign 'is returning the money to Noval.' However, it is not clear whether Jackson will also return contributions he received from Noval's 100 plus guests.  With Jackson's campaign fully committed to media buys for their tv ad campaign, it is unlikely that all the money raised by Noval could be returned, a token refund of just Victorino Noval's $1,500 contribution is more likely.

As embarrassing as the felon fundraiser scandal must be for the Jackson campaign, it is also likely infuriating to failed DA candidate Carmen Trutanich. As Skelton points out in his initial response to the LA Times article 'Jackson, who edged Carmen Trutanich out of the November runoff by a 1.5% margin, simply would not have been in the runoff without the massive infusion of funds from the Novals.' It is, perhaps, bitter-sweet news for Trutanich. Had he done the research into Jackson's fundraising and 'blown the whistle' before the primary election, he might not be facing political oblivion. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Trutanich blunders likely to cost 50 jobs at City Attorney's office

The Los Angeles Daily News reports that among the 200 job cuts called for by Los Angeles City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana, the City Attorney's office will suffer the largest cut with the jobs of 50 deputy city attorney under threat. Trutanich is likely seen as incapable of defending against the cuts; not only is he politically weakened by his devastating loss in the District Attorney race, but the likelihood is he will be blamed for failing to run the office efficiently because of the amount of time and city resources that he devoted to his ill-conceived political campaigns.

William Carter, chief deputy to City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, called the cuts a 'shortsighted attack' on the public health and safety of the city's residents. 'When you cut criminal prosecutors, including those who prosecute sexual assaults, DUIs, environmental crimes and code enforcement violations, you impact public safety.' Carter said.

Trutanich, however, could equally be accused of being 'shortsighted' considering he had cut gang prosecutions and injunctions by 31% in favor of going after billboard companies and trying to foist a 'stealth grand jury' Administrative Citation Enforcement program ('A.C.E.') on the city. Over 20 lawyers were believed to have been tasked with the ACE program. Despite many re-writes of the ACE program, it failed to receive the approval of the City Council. Many doubted that Trutanich could be trusted with enhanced powers, and believed he was simply trying 'back-door' his failed Grand Jury plan and gain more power.

Trutanich also wasted a similar amount of resources with his spectacular failure to draft a workable ordinance to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries. According to Trutanich, over 20 lawyers had been 'working on' bringing dispensaries under control, but the evidence of his failure is plain to see; more and more dispensaries have appeared and continue to appear on LA's streets under Trutanich's administration.

Jackson tv ad campaign criticized for 'money shredding'

This from the Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise 'Snippets' section:

Fred Huebscher, a political consultant who sells space to candidates on slate mailers—with Lacey being one of his advertisers—derides the campaign approach of Jackson, who is relying on television advertising.

He has provided this analysis to the MetNews:

“After reading your newspaper’s article about the District Attorney campaign and Alan Jackson’s TV ad, I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Jackson’s campaign is one of the more inept campaigns in California history. First of all, the ad which attacks Jackson’s opponent, Jackie Lacey, for being dishonest does not explain how she was dishonest. Moreover, one does not really understand from the ad that Jackson is a candidate for District Attorney. But most importantly, Lacey’s consultant, Parke Skelton, had it right when he said that Jackson’s TV ad buy is really just shredding money. In fact, Jackson would have been better off refunding the money spent on the ad to his contributors or giving the money to charity."

 “It’s lucky that Jackson’s consultant, John Thomas, the mastermind of the Jackson campaign, isn’t working for Joseph Stalin because Stalin would have sent Mr. Thomas to the gulag or an even worse fate. Hopefully after Mr. Jackson’s defeat on November 6, Jackson will realize how futile his campaign was.”


Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday musings - Jackson's fundraiser scandal dims Daily News endorsement, Berman campaign airs new ad

Jackson scoops Daily News endorsement as felon fundraiser scandal continues to rankle

As predicted in our Friday report, District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson received the endorsement of the Los Angeles Daily News. The endorsement came a day after the Los Angeles Times exclusively reported that Jackson did not know that the host of his May 5 event was a convicted felon.

The Daily News endorsement makes no mention of the fundraiser scandal suggesting, perhaps, that their editorial board was unaware of the problem. Discussion in the comments section of the LA Times and on the Dragnet shows a fairly even split of opinions as to whether Jackson's campaign has been damaged by the scandal.

Interestingly, the last time the term 'felon fundraiser' appeared two weeks before an election campaign was in 2009, when the campaign of City Attorney candidate Jack Weiss hit the rocks over a similar fundraising scandal.

Rival candidate Carmen Trutanich was interviewed by FOX News reporter John Schwada on the topic and succeeded in getting in a few well-placed digs at Weiss. Weiss ultimately lost the election, although it is unclear what part the felon fundraiser played in his downfall; he was widely disliked for a variety of reasons. Trutanich went on to become City Attorney, but succeed only in eclipsing Weiss in terms of negative publicity. He has never since been able to claim the high ground on any story and will likely join Weiss in political oblivion after his re-election campaign faces the same fate as his failed DA campaign.

Streebek's Column


The derailing of Snake oil Salesman Sherman’s campaign continues in a manner reminiscent of the recent demise of Toxic Tunic Trutanich’s failed bid for district attorney. The destruction of both campaigns has similar reasons, the personality flaws of the candidates. In Trutanich’s case the personality flaw of lying did him in, for Snake oil Salesman Sherman the inability to control his temper with the added ingredient of distorting the truth.

Congressman Berman’s campaign launched a new campaign ad exemplifying the reasons Bully Brad is not fit to represent the valley.  The ad can be viewed here:


As noted in the ad Snake oil Salesman Sherman not only loses his temper in public but also loses his temper with his staff. According to the Washingtonian Magazine Sherman has a well known reputation as being one of the meanest Congressmen with one of the highest staff turnover rates in Washington D.C.

In referring to the incident at Pierce College, Congressman Berman remarked,
“I have had countless debates with political opponents, over policy and legislation, but I have never in my life experienced the kind of inappropriate conduct Congressman Sherman displayed.”

Anyone who would still consider voting for Snake oil Salesman Sherman after publishing to the world his inability to control his temper has forgotten the October crisis, where President Kennedy by keeping a cool head during an emotional crisis kept us out of World War III. Any Congressman in Congress could become Speaker of the House. If a tragedy occurred the Speaker of the House could find himself in the White House. Would you feel safe having Brad Sherman in control of our nuclear weapons during an emotional crisis like the one President Kennedy faced? Too many young men and women have lost their lives because of emotional decisions made by stupid politicians. 

Just like Trutanich, the time has come to lasso Sherman and throw him out of Congress. Congressman Howard Berman is the only Congressman running in this race worthy of our vote and support.

Posted by Pep Streebek


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jackson campaign did not know convicted felon hosted his May 5 event

While voters enjoy a break from national politics in anticipation of Tuesday night's final Presidential debate, the race for Los Angeles District Attorney made the headlines with the LA Times exclusive report that a convicted felon hosted an event for DA candidate Alan Jackson.

Photos on Noval's FaceBook page featured the convicted felon with Jackson

The Jackson campaign was quick to assert that the May 5 event, hosted at Victornino Noval's $6M Beverly Hills mansion, was not a fundraiser, however, the LA Times reported that Noval and his family had donated $15,000 to the Jackson campaign. The Times also reported that Noval's son had made a $100,000 donation to the Californian Republican Party in advance of an apparently coincidental $80,000 mailer sent in support of Jackson.

According to the LA Times, 'Victornino Noval 'pleaded guilty to mail fraud and tax evasion in connection with a multimillion-dollar mortgage scheme that made headlines in the late 1990s and was sentenced to federal prison in 2003. He later changed his name from Victor Jesus to Victorino.'

In his defense, Jackson told the LA Times that he 'and his campaign said they did not know about Noval's criminal history and that it is all but impossible to do criminal background checks on every donor. After inquiries from The Times, Jackson's campaign said this week that it is returning the money to Noval. '

The Lacey campaign wasted no time issuing a response to the LA Times article. The response was reproduced in full at Randy Economy's blog, where the John Noguez scandal was first reported. Parke Skelton, Lacey's campaign consultant, criticized Jackson for not checking into Noval's background and provided a series of links to articles regarding Noval's criminal past. 'Five minutes of searching Google send up enough red flags about Victor Noval to make it look like May Day in Pyongyang,'  Skelton told the LA Times. 'We know that dubious characters want to contribute to a D.A.'s campaign, we have made it our job to vet them and weed them out.' he said.

Jackson's political strategist, John Thomas, said that Noval's contributions would not have won him any favors from Jackson. 'Because a donor decides to support a candidate doesn't mean the candidate is endorsing the donor or the donor's life conduct,' he said. 'Somebody who contributes to Alan Jackson's campaign for district attorney will not receive any kind of special treatment.'


Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Free For All

Lacey will not respond to Jackson tv ad

The Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise reported that Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey's campaign will not respond to allegations in rival DA candidate Alan Jackson's campaign  tv ad regarding her testimony in a lawsuit brought by former ADDA nutcase President Steve Ipsen.

When interviewed by the Met News, Lacey's campaign chief consultant, Parke Skelton said 'The Lacey campaign is not going on television,' and 'does not believe it will be hurt by the oblique accusation in Jackson’s ad.'

Skelton, who masterminded Lacey's successful primary election campaign, dismissed Jackson's tv ad campaign as the equivalent of 'shredding' money,' saying that 'it’s not enough to have any impact, it’s nothing.' Jackson's campaign did not respond to a request from the Met News for a comment on Skelton's remarks, however, sources in the Jackson campaign expressed 'confidence' that their tv ad campaign would be effective.

Daily News to endorse Jackson for DA

Rumors suggest that contrary to our Monday report that the Los Angeles Daily News had endorsed both Jackie Lacey and Alan Jackson, the right-leaning newspaper will issue a definitive editorial favoring Alan Jackson for District Attorney. The rumored endorsement could appear as early as Friday, although the endorsement could appear as late as Sunday.

Lacey and Jackson debate on John & Ken Show

Opening their one hour long debate in the 4:00PM hour, KFI AM640's top-rated afternoon talk show hosts John and Ken said 'We thank you both for ridding us, for now, of Carmen Trutanich.' adding that either of the candidates would be 'a pretty good replacement for' retiring District Attorney Steve Cooley.

The debate allowed the candidates a final opportunity for listeners to hear the candidates discuss their qualifications and positions ahead of the impending November 6, 2012 election. If the recent Presidential debates were 'heated,' the final DA debate was 'super-heated,' with both Lacey and Jackson vying veraciously for control of the airwaves to either correct the record, or make their positions clear. Both are clearly skilled advocates and the debate makes for highly entertaining and informative listening.

The debate can be heard on KFI's website.

City Attorney candidate Greg Smith previews Latino Outreach program

Speaking to a small influential group of Latino community leaders at Toluca Lake's D'Cache restaurant on Thursday night, Los Angeles City Attorney candidate Greg Smith underlined his commitment to make inclusion of Los Angeles' Latino community a priority in his administration.

Many in the audience had previously been supportive of current City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's candidacy, but expressed disappointment and dismay at the way he had abandoned interest in their causes and concerns once he had secured their support.

'I get to appoint at least four people to my administration if I am elected as City Attorney,' Smith said, 'and I assure you that one of those four will be someone from LA's Latino community who can help to keep me informed of the issues that concern 50% of Los Angelenos. I want you to have a voice in the way I run the office.'

Smith clearly made an impression with the group, staying late into the night to personally speak to those in the audience. Many expressed concern that under Trutanich's administration there had been a 32% drop in the prosecution of gang cases, something Smith vowed to reverse, promising to re-build the Neighborhood Prosecutor Program that Trutanich had virtually dissolved. 

Greg Smith's campaign website is


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Midweek Musings: ADDA endorses Howard Berman for Congress, Jackson previews DA campaign ad

Los Angeles Association of Deputy District Attorneys endorses Howard Berman for Congress

(Photo credit: Lawrence K. Ho, Los Angeles Times)
Choosing to stand with the majority of the other law enforcement organizations in the County of Los Angeles, the Association of Deputy District Attorneys have endorsed Congressman Howard Berman in his Congressional race. Upon hearing this news Congressman Berman stated:

'It is an honor to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Association of Deputy District Attorneys who stand on the front lines to protect our communities. Our campaign is supported by hard working men and women from Deputy District Attorneys to law enforcement members, all tirelessly working to keep our neighborhoods safe. I look forward to continue serving as their advocate and voice in Congress.' 

Posted by Pep Streebek

Jackson previews negative DA campaign ad

District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson released 'Protect,' the tv ad Jackson intends to air in the three weeks remaining before the November 6, 2012 election to decide LA's next District Attorney.

Jackson devotes half of his thirty second ad to a series of attacks on his rival, Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey. At the fifteen second mark Jackson acknowledges that 'Jackie Lacey is a nice person,' a statement with which anyone who knows Lacey would wholeheartedly agree. However, thereafter, Jackson makes a series of statements about Lacey that range from 'misleading' to 'flat out lies' according to sources.

Jackson attacks Lacey for not having 'tried a case in thirteen years,' but fails to explain why that should factor in voters' decision making. He then describes Lacey as 'a political appointee,' doubtless a reference to Lacey's promotion to the number two position in the DA's office. But what Jackson fails to say is that he too received the same Friday afternoon phone call from DA Steve Cooley as Lacey did when he was promoted. Indeed every Deputy District Attorney gets a call from the DA when they are promoted, are they all 'political appointees?' 

Finally, Jackson says Lacey 'was dishonest under oath to protect her boss.' It's a statement that is stunningly disingenuous. That Lacey corrected her prior deposition testimony concerning a dispute with a former employee is not disputed. However, the LA Times reported that 'this is not a case of dishonesty but one of inattention.' They added that 'We continue to believe she's the best candidate for the job,' making Jackson's accusation a distortion of the truth and utterly baseless.
And therein lies the rub. To see Lacey credited with such high accolades must be deeply frustrating for Jackson who ran an effective campaign in the primary to protect the integrity of the office from the vile, dishonest and lie-laden campaign of failed DA wannabe City Attorney Carmen Trutanich. But for Jackson to now adopt the same tactics of half-truths and deception is surely a sign of desperation.

Notwithstanding everything that Jackson throws at Jackie Lacey, her campaign continues gain support from all across the board; from law enforcement to organized labor, from republicans to democrats. She has received the LA Times endorsement in which they credited her with having 'prosecuted everything from quality-of-life misdemeanors to murder, rising over the years to her current job as chief deputy district attorney in Steve Cooley's administration,' concluding that 'The next D.A. must be a creative thinker, a cautious manager, a proven leader. Lacey fits the bill.'

Whether the Lacey campaign chooses to respond to Jackson's ad or ignore it, remains to be seen. Thus far, Lacey's campaign has been a positive and effective one, and she may well decide to follow the course she has taken from the beginning; a dignified campaign worthy of one who seeks to lead the nation's largest prosecutorial agency. It's a strategy that has paid off and will play out over the next three weeks when LA voters make their decision.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Streetbek's Column - Sherman's physical assault on Howard Berman goes viral

Rep. Brad Sherman's physical assault on Congressional opponent Howard Berman has lead to a number of YouTube videos focusing on Sherman's thuggish attack on Howard Berman. The assault has been widely covered on television and radio and will do little to slow the downward spiral of Sherman's campaign. Sherman is seen grabbing the elder statesman while screaming 'You wanna get into this!' in what appeared to be a challenge to further physical violence and caused a Deputy Sheriff to intervene.

Sherman, once considered the frontrunner and 'shoe in,' like his political ally Carmen Trutanich, has something else in common with Trutanich; in the weeks before the election, his lead has been slipping as Berman picks up supports from moderate Republicans. Trutanich's recent humiliating downfall doubtless added to pressure on Sherman who suddenly snapped during the debate hosted at Pierce Collage, and physically assaulted Berman, a man 20 years his senior.

KABC's prime time morning talk show host Doug McIntyre interviewed Rep. Howard Berman regarding the 'Punch out at Pierce' during the Monday morning rush hour.

Berman said that in his 27 years, he has 'never seen anything quite like the way Brad reacted,' noting that Sherman 'lost it.' Berman speculated that Sherman's resort to physical violence might be due to his shrinking lead. Part of the reason for Sherman's campaign woes could be negative reaction from voters arising from the startling revelation that Sherman has personally profited from campaign donations by charging $461,000 in interest on 'loans' to his campaign. Those 'loans,' Berman said, were 'unnecessary' as Sherman has 'always had enough money for his campaigns.'

Berman also touted his record of effectively delivering for the San Fernando Valley, noting that while he had prevented a hospital from closing and established a recreation center, Sherman had only managed to pass three bills, two were to name post offices and the third was a private immigration bill.

Berman stated that since the incident, Sherman's campaign has not apologized for 'losing control of himself,' and has instead said that both sides 'regretted' the incident. Berman pointed out that the only thing Sherman 'regretted' as the fact that hundreds of first time voters saw him lose it and 'act inappropriately and lose control of himself.'

McIntyre rounded up the interview noting that Brad Sherman's campaign had declined to appear on the show because 'his campaign guy, John Schwada, is mad at us because he's working for that other nut Carmen Trutanich.'

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Musings; Daily News endorses Jackson & Lacey, Trutanich 'Empty Head' Feuer 'Empty Suit' Smith 'A Good City Attorney,' Trutanich to renege on billboard ban?

Daily News editorial backs Jackson and Lacey for District Attorney

In the wake of last week's LA Times endorsement of Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey to take over from retiring DA Steve Cooley, the LA Daily News declined to pick either of the two challengers. Both Alan Jackson and Jackie Lacey get glowing reviews in the Daily News. Both are credited with 'pulling of stunning upsets in the June primary' when they 'knocked out' Carmen Trutanich. Both too, are credited for having 'strikingly similar' plans for the District Attorney's Office.

So what distinguishes Lacey and Jackson so far as Daily News readers can glean from the article? In terms of fundraising, the Daily News notes that 'Lacey appears to have a significant fundraising advantage, collecting more than $500,000 in the last quarter (July-September) to Jackson's $180,000.'

As for experience, Lacey is quoted as saying her '16 years in the courtroom, followed by 12 years on Cooley's management team, makes her far better qualified than Jackson to become the next district attorney.' Jackson's quote in response states 'the public wants "a real prosecutor to lead the largest municipal prosecutorial agency in the country" because "we are at a crossroads in public safety."'

Unlike the LA Times endorsement, the Daily News refrains from opining as to whether the nation's largest prosecutorial agency will be better run by an experienced member of the executive or an accomplished trial attorney. The LA News does give mention to the party affiliations of Lacey (Democrat) and Jackson (Republican) while acknowledging that this is a non-partisan race. Perhaps the Daily News position is that it will nevertheless be a partisan choice for many of its readers?

Trutanich & Feuer blasted as 'Empty Head' & 'Empty Suit.' Smith emerges as 'A Good City Attorney'

Writing at CityWatch LA, Joseph Mailander, noted scribe and Trutanich's longtime nemesis who had the foresight to crown Trutanich as 'Carmen the Clown' while the rest of LA were still intrigued by the clod-hopping theatrics of the former slip and fall lawyer turned career politician, weighed in on the public spat between Trutanich and his former campaign manipulator mis-manager strategist, John Shallman.

Mailander's perspective is interesting, even if it takes a swipe at print media and the blogosphere for relishing too much in the spectacle of Trutanich being excoriated by his former confidante; Shallman, the man Trutanich used to call 'My ambassador of Quan,' stealing a line from the movie Jerry Maquire.  Shallman has thus far refrained from stealing another line from that movie, 'Show me the money!,' in pursuit of Trutanich's unpaid bills from his failed DA campaign.

Mailander's point is that while Shallman and Trutanich exchange blows, Shallman is succeeding in thoroughly trashing Trutanich while his client, Mike Feuer, stays away from the fray and continues to be an 'empty suit.' While Trutanich is unquestionably an 'empty head,' it has escaped media attention that Feuer is basically only slightly less qualified for the job of City Attorney than the Clown.

Indeed it seems that Feuer's only claim to the City Attorney's office is his failed 2001 run for the office. He lost that to Rocky Delgadillo and was so disinterested in the position that he failed to challenge Delgadillo in 2005 when Rocky was re-elected unopposed. Feuer was, of course, far more interested what Sacramento could do for his political career. Now that he's termed out of the State Assembly his interest in being City Attorney has been rekindled - perhaps much in the same way that Trutanich now wants to keep the job he didn't want while he was sashaying around LA County in his taxpayer funded SUV chasing his dream of being DA.

But while Mailander notes that the empty head and the empty suit are making the most noise at the moment, perhaps validating an adage about empty vessels, Mailander also notes that there is a third man in the race; police rights attorney Greg Smith. 'The often overlooked third candidate in the race, Smith can skate a little while the two scary monsters slam things out.' Mailander says. 'I've interviewed and profiled outsider Smith, and once the present November election cycle is over, it will be easy for media to see he's competent enough to do the job.' he says, adding that 'Smith also seems aware that the office they seek requires a quiet dignity.' 

'Quiet dignity?' Now there's a novel concept. One that would go a long way to restore the damage Trutanich has wreaked on the City Attorney's office while he used it as a stepping stone stumbling block to higher office.  The staff at the City Attorney's office have suffered immeasurably as Trutanich has succeeded only in lowering the already low moral there. Things have got so bad that Trutanich had to cancel his 'annual City Attorney BBQ' in the face of almost zero attendance. Deputy City Attorneys were 'devastated' when their despised boss failed to bunny hop to the DA's office. They all hoped they would be rid of the Clown in 2012, and not have to endure the embarrassment of having to listen to his diatribes on how to try (and loose) cases with his childlike schoolyard bully-boy 'Porcupine Defense.'

So confident were some senior managers that Trutanich would be a happy and distant memory, that rumors suggest Councilmember Mitch Englander had been entrusted with ensuring the appointment of a senior manager in the office as 'Interim City Attorney.' The senior manager, who once harbored elected office ambitions himself, was to hold Trutanich's $214k/year job on condition that he would then endorse Mike Feuer to take the top job, while he would become the Chief Deputy. Nice to know that Feuer has such high regard for the democratic process that the notion that voters would put the brakes on his Machiavellian plans was not even a factor in his plans.

Which leaves us with City Attorney candidate Greg Smith.  Once the presidential election is over expect to hear more from him. He has already been honored by the Los Angeles Police Protective League, and looks likely to be the law enforcement choice for City Attorney. His campaign continues to quietly gain momentum, and while the empty head and the empty suit continue to duke it out, that momentum grows. It is time for a City Attorney who actually wants the job for what it is, not for what they want it to be; a step on a political career. Yes, Mr. Mailander, some 'quiet dignity' sounds like a very good idea and Greg Smith sounds like a 'Good City Attorney.'

Trutanich to renege on Billboard Ban?

As embattled City Attorney Carmen Trutanich struggles to find support for his failing attempt at re-election, an email blast circulated to 'concerned Los Angelenos' last week suggests that Trutanich will renege on his city-wide ban on new digital billboards and 'get with the program' to welcome hundreds of new digital billboards.
LA City Councilmembers Quietly Pass a Digital Billboard Motion

The email has been widely circulated together with comments that Trutanich is now supportive of the motion to allow more digital billboards, despite his previous assurances and promises that he would enforce a city-wide ban on the issuance of permits for new digital billboards., the community activist group that has been so effective in putting the brakes on the out of control billboard bonanza that blossomed under City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo's tenure, is echoing the same message as the email blast.

At the core of the motion to allow more digital billboard is the suggestion that the landmark case of Summit Media LLC v. City of Los Angeles is going to be overturned on appeal. In that case, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Terry Green slammed Delgadillo for reaching a 'settlement' that carved up Los Angeles' billboard opportunities in favor of billboard giants Clear Channel and CBS Outdoor to the exclusion of other billboard companies. In describing the settlement as 'poison', Judge Green paved the way for Los Angeles to put the brakes on the feared explosion in digital billboard advertising.

Not surprisingly, Clear Channel and CBS Outdoor appealed Judge Green's ruling, and now the Appeal Court is set to rule. According to Councilmembers Paul Krekorian, Ed Reyes and Tony Cardenas, there is a risk the Court of Appeal will not agree with Judge Green and uphold the 'poisonous' agreement giving Clear Channel and CBS Outdoor 840 digital billboards. They've put forward a motion that will be heard by the City Council on Tuesday, October 16, 2012. They want to 'make nice' with the billboard companies before the Court of Appeals gives its ruling. In essence, they want to allow all the companies to be able to erect digital billboards, but less than the 840 allowed by the 'poisonous' settlement agreement. Oh, and there's money for the City in the new deal too...

Sounds like a sensible plan? Well only if there is any likelihood that the Court of Appeal will come to a different conclusion than Judge Green did. However, the reality is that Judge Green's analysis is likely to be upheld. The Rocky Delgadillo 'settlement agreement' with Clear Channel and CBS Outdoor was widely believed to be exactly what Judge Green said it was; poisonous. It is highly unlikely that the Court of Appeal would decide otherwise.

The email blast suggests that Councilmembers Krekorian, Reyes and Cardenas are basically engaging in scare tactics. They're trying to convince the City Council that a basically sound legal ruling by Judge Green could be overturned and the billboard bonanza will be back. So instead, they want a mini billboard bonanza.

Of course, the City Council will want to hear from the City Attorney as to whether the analysis put forward by Krekorian, Reyes and Cardenas holds any water. It is widely rumored that City Attorney Carmen Trutanich will ask for a 'closed session' where he will 'brief' the Council on the situation and give them the benefit of his legal analysis. With an awful lot of billboard money on the table for Trutanich's re-election campaign, perhaps Trutanich's legal analysis needs to be looked at by outside counsel? Actually, in the light of Trutanich's appalling mess-up with the medical marijuana ordinances and the string of expensive trial losses that occurred on his watch, maybe Trutanich is precisely the 'empty head' those in favor of the mini billboard bonanza want.

One thing Trutanich may not tell the Council is that, according to the email blast, the Krekorian, Reyes and Cardenas motion 'was written by Clear Channel lobbyist/attorney, Cindy Starrett at the prestigious law LA law firm Latham & Watkins ( in concert with CBS's bulldog litigator (who has made a career out of suing and legally strong-arming the City of LA) Laura Brill (, in concert with the coterie of lobbyists and consultants.' the email said.

Of course, many in the community have now been made aware of the growing public awareness of attempt to foist another poisonous agreement on them, so things may no go exactly to plan. On thing is certain, Los Angeles needs to have some clarity and a livable policy when it comes to digital billboards. That clarity and policy is far better thrashed out in the open, than by backroom deals. The City of Los Angeles will be in a far better and stronger position to enact a workable and liveable ordinance to provide for sensible digital billboard advertising after Judge Green's ruling is upheld by the Court of Appeal, not before it.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Lacey gains LA Times endorsement following Blockbuster II fundraiser

The Los Angeles Times Editorial Board endorsed Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey for District Attorney in the primary election, and now they've renewed their endorsement ahead of the general election, just over three weeks away.

Praising Lacey as  'a creative thinker, a cautious manager, a proven leader.' the Times said she was 'more interested in evenhanded justice than in the lure of the spotlight,' and was 'the best choice for the job.'

While the Times endorsement must come as disappointment for rival District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson, it was unlikely that the Times were going to change the opinion they held going into the primary.

The LA Times endorsement tops a fast-paced twenty four hours for Lacey, who was visibly delighted by the huge turnout at her 'Blockbuster II' fundraiser Wednedsay night at the home of movie mogul Lawrence Bender.

Bender had previously been recruited by campaign co-chairs Michael Goldstein and Michael Baruch to host what became known as 'Blockbuster,' the April 24, 2012 fundraiser that gave Lacey's campaign a 'quantum leap' boost to carry her through to emerge the leader in the June 5 primary election.

The crowd at Wednesday night's event was easily double that of the April event as leading members of LA's entertainment industry and the political scene gathered to meet Lacey.

Topping the long list of local political leaders supporting Lacey was Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa who delivered an impressive and impassioned speech hailing Lacey's experience and vision for the challenges facing the nation's largest prosecutorial agency.

Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas, an enthusiastic supporter from the early stages of Lacey's campaign, had little doubt that he had picked a winner in Jackie Lacey.

Councilmember Dennis Zine and his Chief of Staff, Jimmy Blackman, flank Jackie Lacey
Los Angeles City Councilmember and City Controller candidate Dennis Zine had previously endorsed Alan Jackson, then Carmen Trutanich in the primary, but switched his support to Lacey.

Lawyer and entrepreneur Michael Baruch
It wasn't all politics as co-host Michael Baruch told the audience how his childhood friend Michael Goldstein had introduced the lawyer-entrepreneur to Jackie Lacey and the world of politics at an early morning meeting at the Coffee Bean. From that moment there was no going back, Baruch said, and he and Goldstein worked tirelessly and enthusiastically to bring together a group of Hollywood heavy-hitters who made these two 'Blockbuster' events the undoubted success that they are.

Left to right: Michael Baruch, Michael Goldstein, Lawrence Bender, Mayor Villaraigosa, Jackie Lacey and Davis Factor
Goldstein, who got to know Jackie Lacey when he was a law clerk with the DA's Office in the 1990's and has become a close friend, decided to get involved in Lacey's campaign because 'she's a special person, and the right person at the right time.' But Goldstein doesn't claim the credit for the success of the campaign, citing a who's who laundry list of entertainment industry and business leaders who were in attendance. He says it's Lacey who get the support from the people he introduces her to. 'Once they meet Jackie it's easy,' he says, 'it's easy to get behind the right person.'

Lacey's campaign strategist, Parke Skelton, made a rare appearance.
The man behind the candidate (literally here), campaign strategist Parke Skelton, made a rare public appearance to watch Lacey wow the crowd. Skelton generally does not attend campaign events, and the fact that he was in attendance probably signaled to those in the know, the high degree of confidence he has in Lacey's candidacy.

Skelton, in an interview with the Dragnet, gave his analysis on how Lacey turned her eight point deficit in the polls, ten days before the primary election, into a ten point lead over presumed frontrunner Carmen Trutanich when the votes were counted. 'Six million pieces of mail' was Skelton's cryptic explanation, a reference to Lacey's campaign strategy of using mail rather than television to reach voters.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey wows the crowd
Without taking anything away from the stalwart efforts of all who have made Lacey's campaign the success that it is, the night definitely belonged to Jackie Lacey. She seemed as delighted as those in the crowd as she spoke of her rise through the ranks of the DA's office to hold the number two position, and of her plans to meet the challenges facing Los Angelenos in the future. If Los Angeles is ready to elect their first female District Attorey, and first African American District Attorney, Lacey left no doubt that she is ready, willing and able to take on that job.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Breaking News: Brad Sherman 'loses it' in debate. Grabs and threatens Howard Berman

An hour-long debate by Congressional opponents Rep. Howard Berman and Rep. Brad Sherman at Pierce College, Thursday, did not go well for Sherman. When challenged and called a 'liar' by Berman, Sherman went on the attack - physically and verbally.

Berman looked shocked when Sherman suddenly grabbed him screaming "You wanna get into this!" The physical attack drew a swift response from a campus security guard who stepped in to protect Berman from further attack as Sherman continued shouting and finger pointing.

Sherman, who endorsed LA's City Bully, Thug Attorney, Carmen Trutanich's failed bid to become District Attorney, perhaps felt that Trutanich's bullying tactics were the way to go when confronted with inconvenient truths. Readers will recall the way Trutanich berated and verbally attacked a female cancer patient who dared to challenge his voodoo science about insecticide in medical marijuana. Trutanich's attack reduced the woman to tears after he shouted at her, suggesting she 'feed your kids lead toys!' and to 'spray insecticide on their food!'

Snake Oil Salesman Sherman boasts that he will be a leading member of the Foreign Affairs Committee if re-elected. Does anyone of us feel safe to have a bellicose individual who cannot control his temper in a critical foreign affairs position? If a foreign dignitary does not want to buy Snake Oil Salesman Sherman’s tonic we can find ourselves involved in a foreign affairs disaster, when Sherman’s explosive temper erupts.

Come November throw this powder keg out of Congress and elect the only true statesman in this race Congressman Berman.

Posted by Pep Streebek


Trutanich FaceBook 'likes' bought and paid for? TRU lies of a desperate re-election campaign

UPDATED: City Attorney Carmen Trutanich leads in FaceBook 'likes.' In Tanzania!

Trutanich's fan base appears to originate from Tanzania in East Africa

Embattled former DA wannabe City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's re-election campaign seems to be certain of winning based on the former ambulance chaser's apparent popularity in Tanzania, an East African republic bordered by Kenya and Uganda to the north, Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west, and Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique to the south.

Tanzania, according to data on Trutanich's re-election campaign FaceBook page, appears to be 'The city where most of the people talking about this Page are from.' 

An East African republic might seem an unlikely source for the 4,873 FaceBook 'likes' that Trutanich claims to have, and the explanation is most likely the same as his 724,535 YouTube views for his failed DA campaign. He purchased them.

A quick Google search for 'buy FaceBook likes' yields many on-line services who will provide paid-for 'likes.' is but one of many such services, and may or may not have been the service that Trutanich used to make it look like anyone actually 'likes' Trutanich. 

It does seem that the old adage 'a leopard doesn't change it's spots' seems to apply to Trutanich - or is it that a liar doesn't change his lies because it does appear that Trutanich's so-called fans are not English speakers and most likely bought and paid for.

Comments posted by FaceBook fans who 'like' Trutanich appear to be
exclusively from a non-English speaking community.
Trutanich's crass attempts to mislead voters with his bogus ballot designation, his 'viral video' and the remarkable survival of his assassination attempt, soundly failed to con voters in 2012, does he seriously think this pathetic attempt to falsely manipulate social media will fare any better?

Trutanich never fails to redefine the depths that he will sink to in order to con voters.

UPDATED: A social media expert has reviewed the chart showing the sudden 'spike' in Trutanich's re-election 'likes' and state that it was 'unusual' for a legitimate FaceBook page to experience 'spikes' in the absence of any noteworthy activity.

The sudden 'spike' in FaceBook 'Likes' likely as sign of
'suspicious social media activity.'
The sudden 'spike' in Trutanich's FaceBook 'likes' is inconsistent with an organic, gradual and genuinely growing popularity. It is more likely the result of purchasing 'likes,' and the fact that Trutanich that people in Tanzania are 'talking' about Trutanich supports that conclusion.

Of course it could be that Trutanich is genuinely considering packing his carpet bag and moving to Africa where his political baggage won't harm his political future. However, rumors suggest a move to San Diego is might give the embattled City Attorney wannabe another shot at continuing his career in politics.


Feuer - Shallman no better than Trutanich with promises

Trutanich's ex-campaign consultant, John Shallman's 9-page 'Exit' memo paints a picture of a sincere campaign consultant trying to fairly and impartially explain the 'Hindenburg-like' disaster that saw the presumed District Attorney 'front runner,' Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich's $2M DA campaign, crash and burn in the June primary election.

The 'Exit' memo was first leaked at the Mayor Sam blog, before being released in downloadable format by the LA Weekly. In 9-pages Shallman accepts responsibility for some of the campaign's 'missteps,' such as Trutanich's false and misleading ballot designation and the YouTubeGate scandal. But for the most part, Shallman lays the blame squarely on Trutanich's shoulders, citing his inattention to fundraising, continual lateness, and the failure of Trutanich's press releases to be picked up by the media.

Although Shallman declined to acknowledge that he had leaked the 'Exit' memo, he did confirm that it was genuine. But what Shallman did not leak (if it was his doing) was the short email that accompanied the 'Exit' memo. Today, the Mayor Sam blog published what is purported to be that email and, judging by its content, it is exceeding unlikely that Shallman leaked it.

The alleged Shallman to Trutanich email has been reformatted for ease of viewing
and emphasis has been added to highlight the devastating admission allegedly made by Shallman.
As of this time, neither Shallman nor Trutanich have confirmed the validity of the email message, however, the Mayor Sam blog appears to believe it to be genuine.

If true, Shallman's email stands in stark contrast to the content of his 'Exit' memo. Shallman purportedly assures Trutanich that 'I am not writing this [the attached memo] to talk Nuch out of running so I can help Mike Feuer.' In essence, assuring Trutanich that he has no axe to grind, no horse in the race. He is the honest broker of bad news.

The next two sentences appear to reinforce the bona fides of the claim to be impartial and purely analytical. 'I am writing this to help Nuch. I have no intention to be involved in the campaigns at all if Nuch runs.' [Emphasis added].

If indeed Shallman had 'no intention to be involved in the campaigns at all if Nuch runs,' then that statement does not appear to be supported by Shallman's actions. His representation of Feuer appears to have been continuous and the statement would appear to be as false and misleading as the best (or worst) of Trutanich's falsehoods.

While the spat between Shallman and Trutanich is unquestionably hugely entertaining and provides an interesting insight into the downfall of Carmen Trutanich, it also paints a disturbing picture of termed-out State Assemblyman Mike Feuer's moral compass. How could an honest, decent candidate for the position of City Attorney, wish to be associated with the scandal-ridden campaign shenanigans of Trutanich and Shallman?

Feuer's bona fides are also coming into doubt as a result of the spat. Reliable sources inform the Dragnet that when Feuer was seeking support for his candidacy, he reached out to Trutanich supporters. One supporter relates that he told Feuer that he would only support Feuer as long as Trutanich succeeded in winning the District Attorney race. Feuer, apparently told the supporter that 'he would not run against Trutanich.' It is understood that the supporter has subsequently contacted Feuer and insisted that his statement of support be withdrawn.

While the purported Shallman email puts Trutanich's plight in a different light, it does not in any way make Trutanich look any better. He stood firmly behind all the 'missteps' even trying to assert on FOX 11 News, that his campaign did not purchase three quarters of a million YouTube views, insisting that it 'went viral.' As for the lie about the Green Meadows Park assassination attempt, he never made any effort to correct the record and participated in a vile and ultimately unsuccessful attempt to accuse District Attorney Steve Cooley of 'suspicious political activity' regarding Trutanich's DA personnel file.

Notwithstanding the Shallman email and 'Exit' memo, Trutanich is still very much the deceptive, misleading and wholly unsuitable candidate for public office he always was. All that we now know is that Feuer and Shallman are no better, and no different.