Thursday, October 11, 2012

Breaking News: Brad Sherman 'loses it' in debate. Grabs and threatens Howard Berman

An hour-long debate by Congressional opponents Rep. Howard Berman and Rep. Brad Sherman at Pierce College, Thursday, did not go well for Sherman. When challenged and called a 'liar' by Berman, Sherman went on the attack - physically and verbally.

Berman looked shocked when Sherman suddenly grabbed him screaming "You wanna get into this!" The physical attack drew a swift response from a campus security guard who stepped in to protect Berman from further attack as Sherman continued shouting and finger pointing.

Sherman, who endorsed LA's City Bully, Thug Attorney, Carmen Trutanich's failed bid to become District Attorney, perhaps felt that Trutanich's bullying tactics were the way to go when confronted with inconvenient truths. Readers will recall the way Trutanich berated and verbally attacked a female cancer patient who dared to challenge his voodoo science about insecticide in medical marijuana. Trutanich's attack reduced the woman to tears after he shouted at her, suggesting she 'feed your kids lead toys!' and to 'spray insecticide on their food!'

Snake Oil Salesman Sherman boasts that he will be a leading member of the Foreign Affairs Committee if re-elected. Does anyone of us feel safe to have a bellicose individual who cannot control his temper in a critical foreign affairs position? If a foreign dignitary does not want to buy Snake Oil Salesman Sherman’s tonic we can find ourselves involved in a foreign affairs disaster, when Sherman’s explosive temper erupts.

Come November throw this powder keg out of Congress and elect the only true statesman in this race Congressman Berman.

Posted by Pep Streebek


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