Thursday, October 11, 2012

Feuer - Shallman no better than Trutanich with promises

Trutanich's ex-campaign consultant, John Shallman's 9-page 'Exit' memo paints a picture of a sincere campaign consultant trying to fairly and impartially explain the 'Hindenburg-like' disaster that saw the presumed District Attorney 'front runner,' Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich's $2M DA campaign, crash and burn in the June primary election.

The 'Exit' memo was first leaked at the Mayor Sam blog, before being released in downloadable format by the LA Weekly. In 9-pages Shallman accepts responsibility for some of the campaign's 'missteps,' such as Trutanich's false and misleading ballot designation and the YouTubeGate scandal. But for the most part, Shallman lays the blame squarely on Trutanich's shoulders, citing his inattention to fundraising, continual lateness, and the failure of Trutanich's press releases to be picked up by the media.

Although Shallman declined to acknowledge that he had leaked the 'Exit' memo, he did confirm that it was genuine. But what Shallman did not leak (if it was his doing) was the short email that accompanied the 'Exit' memo. Today, the Mayor Sam blog published what is purported to be that email and, judging by its content, it is exceeding unlikely that Shallman leaked it.

The alleged Shallman to Trutanich email has been reformatted for ease of viewing
and emphasis has been added to highlight the devastating admission allegedly made by Shallman.
As of this time, neither Shallman nor Trutanich have confirmed the validity of the email message, however, the Mayor Sam blog appears to believe it to be genuine.

If true, Shallman's email stands in stark contrast to the content of his 'Exit' memo. Shallman purportedly assures Trutanich that 'I am not writing this [the attached memo] to talk Nuch out of running so I can help Mike Feuer.' In essence, assuring Trutanich that he has no axe to grind, no horse in the race. He is the honest broker of bad news.

The next two sentences appear to reinforce the bona fides of the claim to be impartial and purely analytical. 'I am writing this to help Nuch. I have no intention to be involved in the campaigns at all if Nuch runs.' [Emphasis added].

If indeed Shallman had 'no intention to be involved in the campaigns at all if Nuch runs,' then that statement does not appear to be supported by Shallman's actions. His representation of Feuer appears to have been continuous and the statement would appear to be as false and misleading as the best (or worst) of Trutanich's falsehoods.

While the spat between Shallman and Trutanich is unquestionably hugely entertaining and provides an interesting insight into the downfall of Carmen Trutanich, it also paints a disturbing picture of termed-out State Assemblyman Mike Feuer's moral compass. How could an honest, decent candidate for the position of City Attorney, wish to be associated with the scandal-ridden campaign shenanigans of Trutanich and Shallman?

Feuer's bona fides are also coming into doubt as a result of the spat. Reliable sources inform the Dragnet that when Feuer was seeking support for his candidacy, he reached out to Trutanich supporters. One supporter relates that he told Feuer that he would only support Feuer as long as Trutanich succeeded in winning the District Attorney race. Feuer, apparently told the supporter that 'he would not run against Trutanich.' It is understood that the supporter has subsequently contacted Feuer and insisted that his statement of support be withdrawn.

While the purported Shallman email puts Trutanich's plight in a different light, it does not in any way make Trutanich look any better. He stood firmly behind all the 'missteps' even trying to assert on FOX 11 News, that his campaign did not purchase three quarters of a million YouTube views, insisting that it 'went viral.' As for the lie about the Green Meadows Park assassination attempt, he never made any effort to correct the record and participated in a vile and ultimately unsuccessful attempt to accuse District Attorney Steve Cooley of 'suspicious political activity' regarding Trutanich's DA personnel file.

Notwithstanding the Shallman email and 'Exit' memo, Trutanich is still very much the deceptive, misleading and wholly unsuitable candidate for public office he always was. All that we now know is that Feuer and Shallman are no better, and no different.


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