Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Free For All

Lacey will not respond to Jackson tv ad

The Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise reported that Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey's campaign will not respond to allegations in rival DA candidate Alan Jackson's campaign  tv ad regarding her testimony in a lawsuit brought by former ADDA nutcase President Steve Ipsen.

When interviewed by the Met News, Lacey's campaign chief consultant, Parke Skelton said 'The Lacey campaign is not going on television,' and 'does not believe it will be hurt by the oblique accusation in Jackson’s ad.'

Skelton, who masterminded Lacey's successful primary election campaign, dismissed Jackson's tv ad campaign as the equivalent of 'shredding' money,' saying that 'it’s not enough to have any impact, it’s nothing.' Jackson's campaign did not respond to a request from the Met News for a comment on Skelton's remarks, however, sources in the Jackson campaign expressed 'confidence' that their tv ad campaign would be effective.

Daily News to endorse Jackson for DA

Rumors suggest that contrary to our Monday report that the Los Angeles Daily News had endorsed both Jackie Lacey and Alan Jackson, the right-leaning newspaper will issue a definitive editorial favoring Alan Jackson for District Attorney. The rumored endorsement could appear as early as Friday, although the endorsement could appear as late as Sunday.

Lacey and Jackson debate on John & Ken Show

Opening their one hour long debate in the 4:00PM hour, KFI AM640's top-rated afternoon talk show hosts John and Ken said 'We thank you both for ridding us, for now, of Carmen Trutanich.' adding that either of the candidates would be 'a pretty good replacement for' retiring District Attorney Steve Cooley.

The debate allowed the candidates a final opportunity for listeners to hear the candidates discuss their qualifications and positions ahead of the impending November 6, 2012 election. If the recent Presidential debates were 'heated,' the final DA debate was 'super-heated,' with both Lacey and Jackson vying veraciously for control of the airwaves to either correct the record, or make their positions clear. Both are clearly skilled advocates and the debate makes for highly entertaining and informative listening.

The debate can be heard on KFI's website.

City Attorney candidate Greg Smith previews Latino Outreach program

Speaking to a small influential group of Latino community leaders at Toluca Lake's D'Cache restaurant on Thursday night, Los Angeles City Attorney candidate Greg Smith underlined his commitment to make inclusion of Los Angeles' Latino community a priority in his administration.

Many in the audience had previously been supportive of current City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's candidacy, but expressed disappointment and dismay at the way he had abandoned interest in their causes and concerns once he had secured their support.

'I get to appoint at least four people to my administration if I am elected as City Attorney,' Smith said, 'and I assure you that one of those four will be someone from LA's Latino community who can help to keep me informed of the issues that concern 50% of Los Angelenos. I want you to have a voice in the way I run the office.'

Smith clearly made an impression with the group, staying late into the night to personally speak to those in the audience. Many expressed concern that under Trutanich's administration there had been a 32% drop in the prosecution of gang cases, something Smith vowed to reverse, promising to re-build the Neighborhood Prosecutor Program that Trutanich had virtually dissolved. 

Greg Smith's campaign website is


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