Monday, October 1, 2012

Greg Smith scoops LAPPL award, Trutanich support crumbles, Sherman criticized over debate

City Attorney candidate Greg Smith to be
honored by Los Angeles Police Protective League

Los Angeles City Attorney candidate Greg Smith is set to be honored by the Los Angeles Police Protective League at the annual Eagle and Badge Gala, Saturday night. Smith will join retiring Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley in accepting the honors at the event that recognizes the outstanding achievements of those who protect the brave men and women of law enforcement.

Notably absent from the honors list are termed-out State Assemblyman Mike Feuer and failed DA wannabe Carmen Trutanich.

Feuer, with no place to go as he completes his final term in Sacramento, has his eyes on the City Attorney's office, likely as a springboard for a run for Zev Yaroslavsky's seat on the Board of Supervisors. But he would appear to be an unlikely candidate for an award from law enforcement; his stalwart support for AB109, the so-called 'Realignment' that will dump upwards of 9,000 prison convicts on the streets of Los Angeles this year, probably does more to endanger the lives of the brave men and women who strive to keep our streets safe, than to protect them.

Trutanich also misses the honors list, probably because he not only also sold out law enforcement in support of Realignment and was likely rewarded with an endorsement from the Governor, but his disastrous DA campaign defeat has, as KABC host Doug McItyre said, 'marked him with the big scarlet 'L' for losser' making the failure of his re-election a virtual certainty. Trutanich still does not have a single endorsement on his campaign website, a testament, perhaps, to the veracity of McIntyre's comment. Trutanich was said to be 'fit to be tied' when he heard that he had lost the PPL's support.

The award gives Smith a tremendous boost to his campaign, singling him out as law enforcement's choice for Los Angeles City Attorney. No other candidate has had more experience in protecting the lives of those who protect Los Angelenos, something that resonates with an electorate who are seeing crime spiking as the inevitable consequences of AB109.

Trutanich sees support crumble as 'Thuggery-Gate' scandal continues

The LA Weekly's coverage of Bob Hertzberg's robust criticism of Trutanich's 'Thuggery' drew some telling comments. Although the identities of many of the commenters was unclear, several appear to be people close to Trutanich. They may feel empowered to now express their own disdain for the self-styled 'Bully of Spring Street' in the light of Hertzberg's comments. One of the many such comments stood out, and if true, suggests that Trutanich may have more to worry about than what he will be doing on July 1, 2013 when he leaves office.

Steebek's Column on the Berman-Sherman debate

This from our guest blogger, Pep Streebek


On Saturday night HyeVotes sponsored a debate between Congressman Berman and Snake Oil Salesman Sherman. Dramatically showing their difference from the moment the debate started, Congressman Berman concisely and intelligently answered the questions presented to him by the moderators. Whereas Snake Oil Salesman Sherman, dodged the question, confused the subjects, and at one time had to concede he had no knowledge about an important issue concerning Charter schools asked by the moderator that Congressman Berman exhibited his knowledge about.

In a Trutanich like method Snake Oil Salesman Sherman falsely claimed credit for navigating the Armenian Genocide Resolution through the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Unable to state specifics on what he precisely did to accomplish this, the audience clearly became baffled by this remark when they were reminded that Sherman only co-sponsored the resolution with two other Congressmen, and it was Congressman Berman’s superb statesmanship as the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee that caused the resolution to be passed by his committee by one vote.

The evening pretty much continued on that same direction. Snake Oil Salesman Sherman making false claims, and Congressman Berman correcting him, and then exposing him to be the charlatan that he is, and demonstrating the superb legislative skills that Congressman Berman possesses. Clearly Snake oil Salesman Sherman has adopted the campaign tactics of his political cronies, such as Toxic Tonic Trutanich. Making false claims, hoping the public will buy his used car salesman approach, only to be corrected by the keen intellect of Congressman Berman.

 As a closing note Snake Oil Salesman is even starting to look and walk like Trutanich. He walks with the same uncoordinated bounce, exposing his rather expanding midriff, with oil-slicked hair. Whereas Congressman Berman’s stature exhibits that of a well conditioned man, who works out everyday, and enjoys swimming that enables him to remain in peek condition.

Clearly if this was a race between which one was in the better condition, who is more knowledgeable on the issues, who demonstrates the superior intellect, Congressman Berman would win hands down. On the other hand maybe it is, which is why come November Congressman Berman will be the one sent back to Congress.

Posted by Pep Streebek


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Anonymous said...

Nuch lost it when he heard Smith was getting the award. It is a huge upset for his re-election hopes, and he tried everything to either get himself alongside Cooley, or at least persuade the PPL not to give the award to anyone running for City Attorney.. But hardly anyone would take his calls and those who did were sympathetic but told him he is unelectable. None of the heavy hitters have endorsed him because they don't want to back a loser, again.