Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Midweek Midday Breaking News - Lacey wins ADDA support as LA's next District Attorney

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey wins support of Association of Deputy District Attorneys

The rank and file members of the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office 'overwhelmingly' voted to support their Chief Deputy, Jackie Lacey as the next District Attorney for Los Angeles County.

The breaking news was released by Lacey's campaign in a mid-morning email in which Lacey was quoted as saying 'I am extremely grateful and proud to have the support of my colleagues in the District Attorney's Office,' Lacey said.  'They, more than any other group, understand the value that my broad range of courtroom and leadership experience will bring to the job.  They also know my reputation as a proven leader and a prosecutor with integrity. I look forward to continuing a positive relationship with their association.  The rank-and-file deputies are my heroes and I want nothing but the best for them.'

Lacey received 127 votes, with Jackson garnering just 73. 11 votes were 'undecided' and 6 were invalid as they were unsigned. Even if the undecided and invalid votes were to be awarded to Jackson, Lacey still has an impressive lead.

Lacey's campaign has increasingly been gaining momentum as the election draws closer, earlier this week Lacey also announced that she had been endorsed by Magic Johnson.

Earvin "Magic" Johnson endorses Jackie Lacey for D.A.

"Jackie Lacey is, by far, the best candidate for Los Angeles County District Attorney," Johnson said.  "She has a proven record of working with the community to implement groundbreaking programs that offer nonviolent offenders, including veterans, a one-time opportunity to turn their lives around.  We need someone like Jackie who is innovative and dedicated to improving public safety for us all."

Lacey leads fundraising in run-up to election

Lacey also appears to be leading Jackson in fundraising. The Lacey campaign filed a statement for the period October 1 through 20, showing she had raised almost $168,000 in that short period. No figures were available for the Jackson campaign, however, sources indicate that Lacey out-raised Jackson by '$20k to $30k' in the same period.

Overall, Lacey has raised over $1.2M for her campaign, with Jackson declaring almost $755k as of September 30, 2012, and perhaps another $140k from the October 1 through 20 period, leaving him with almost $900k. 



Anonymous said...

Out of 1000 deputy DAs, only 250 voted.

Anonymous said...

3:01 pm, that result is "par for course.". ADDA elections generally have small turnouts. The "agency shop" election, which directly impacted each and every DDA by having money deducted from each an every paycheck, was a vote of 302 to 204, with a vote split of less than 100 votes.

The plebiscite between Lacey and Jackson had about half that turnout, and the vote split was a little more than half the vote split of the agency shop election.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting to note that Cooley lost the adda vote to garcetti in 2000? If history is any indicator Lacey should be concerned.

Anonymous said...

What's up with the Jackson campaign? No ads on tv today and nothing new on his website. Lacey's looking like she's won this thing.

Anonymous said...

Jackson announced several new endorsements on his Facebook and his ad has been on TV every day for the past three weeks... so I don't know what 4:30 pm is talking about. I've seen the Jackson ad on TV several times, and I think it's one of the most effective political ads I've ever seen. I can understand why Jackson has won so many major cases in front of juries - he comes across as extremely sincere, persuasive, and trustworthy. It can be tricky to go negative, but Jackson strikes the right balance and still seems likeable and honest.

Anonymous said...

@4:30PM Jackson has been on several cable channels this week, so he is still on tv. Also, with so much ballot initiative advertising going on he's not going to be on broadcast tv so much. His ads have been effective and he is getting his message out. And the ADDA vote came as no surprise, he was not expecting to win and the 73 votes he did get shows that he can penetrate even the most hostile groups.

Anonymous said...

If you watch the Fishing Network you can see the Jackson ad.

Anonymous said...

9:23pm. I have not seen any Jackson ads so far this week either. Most folks I have been talking to were turned off by them so maybe he's putting out something new?

Anonymous said...

Jackson still has not posted his financial filing at the County website. He doesn't want people to see his filing because it shows that he has only been able to buy $220,000 worth of TV. Less than half of the $580,000 he reserved. And his campaign committee had a negative $5,000 cash on hand.