Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Midweek musings: Jackson accused of lying over felon fundraiser denial, Trutanich blunders could cost 50 jobs, Jackson tv ad campaign criticized

Jackson accused of lying over felon fundraiser denial

District Attorney candidate Jackie Lacey lashed out at rival Alan Jackson accusing his campaign of being 'caught in a lie' regarding his denial that the event he attended at the $6.1M Beverly Hills mansion of convicted felon Victorino Noval, was a fundraiser.

Jackson's campaign had originally told the LA Times that 'the event was a Cinco de Mayo party, not a fundraiser, and that the campaign had no record of having raised money there.'

However, the email May 2, 2012 invitation from Victorino Noval tells Noval's guests that 'I am a big supporter of who I believe will be LA's new District Attorney Alan Jackson. Most of my friends and family have donated the max ($1500) towards his Campaign. Please Come meet him and help him out financially!'
Convicted felon Victorino Noval's email invitation was obtained by the Lacey campaign
and distributed together with a press release accusing Jackson of being 'caught in a lie.'
According to the LA Times, 'Victornino Noval 'pleaded guilty to mail fraud and tax evasion in connection with a multimillion-dollar mortgage scheme that made headlines in the late 1990s and was sentenced to federal prison in 2003. He later changed his name from Victor Jesus to Victorino.'

In a sit-down interview with Los Cerritos Community Newspaper, Lacey said 'she has proof that Jackson received $115,000 in financial assistance from Victor (a.k.a. Victorino) Noval and his immediate family members.' 

The Jackson campaign have strenuously denied having any knowledge of Noval's criminal history, something that Lacey's campaign consultant, Parke Skelton, said could easily have been discovered by a Google search. However, as to Jackson's denial that the event was a fundraiser, Skelton told the LCCN that when Jackson was 'confronted by the Times with these facts, the Alan Jackson campaign lied.'

In response, Jackson's campaign strategist, John Thomas, told the LCCN that 'The Alan Jackson campaign is not going to dignify this attack with a response.' Of the invitation 'It states clearly in the second sentence that this was an ‘annual Cinco DeMayo Celebration Event. This was not a fundraising event. The Lacey campaign is just angry that we are on the television with our message.' Thomas said.

Notwithstanding the denials the LA Times reported that Jackson's campaign 'is returning the money to Noval.' However, it is not clear whether Jackson will also return contributions he received from Noval's 100 plus guests.  With Jackson's campaign fully committed to media buys for their tv ad campaign, it is unlikely that all the money raised by Noval could be returned, a token refund of just Victorino Noval's $1,500 contribution is more likely.

As embarrassing as the felon fundraiser scandal must be for the Jackson campaign, it is also likely infuriating to failed DA candidate Carmen Trutanich. As Skelton points out in his initial response to the LA Times article 'Jackson, who edged Carmen Trutanich out of the November runoff by a 1.5% margin, simply would not have been in the runoff without the massive infusion of funds from the Novals.' It is, perhaps, bitter-sweet news for Trutanich. Had he done the research into Jackson's fundraising and 'blown the whistle' before the primary election, he might not be facing political oblivion. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Trutanich blunders likely to cost 50 jobs at City Attorney's office

The Los Angeles Daily News reports that among the 200 job cuts called for by Los Angeles City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana, the City Attorney's office will suffer the largest cut with the jobs of 50 deputy city attorney under threat. Trutanich is likely seen as incapable of defending against the cuts; not only is he politically weakened by his devastating loss in the District Attorney race, but the likelihood is he will be blamed for failing to run the office efficiently because of the amount of time and city resources that he devoted to his ill-conceived political campaigns.

William Carter, chief deputy to City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, called the cuts a 'shortsighted attack' on the public health and safety of the city's residents. 'When you cut criminal prosecutors, including those who prosecute sexual assaults, DUIs, environmental crimes and code enforcement violations, you impact public safety.' Carter said.

Trutanich, however, could equally be accused of being 'shortsighted' considering he had cut gang prosecutions and injunctions by 31% in favor of going after billboard companies and trying to foist a 'stealth grand jury' Administrative Citation Enforcement program ('A.C.E.') on the city. Over 20 lawyers were believed to have been tasked with the ACE program. Despite many re-writes of the ACE program, it failed to receive the approval of the City Council. Many doubted that Trutanich could be trusted with enhanced powers, and believed he was simply trying 'back-door' his failed Grand Jury plan and gain more power.

Trutanich also wasted a similar amount of resources with his spectacular failure to draft a workable ordinance to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries. According to Trutanich, over 20 lawyers had been 'working on' bringing dispensaries under control, but the evidence of his failure is plain to see; more and more dispensaries have appeared and continue to appear on LA's streets under Trutanich's administration.

Jackson tv ad campaign criticized for 'money shredding'

This from the Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise 'Snippets' section:

Fred Huebscher, a political consultant who sells space to candidates on slate mailers—with Lacey being one of his advertisers—derides the campaign approach of Jackson, who is relying on television advertising.

He has provided this analysis to the MetNews:

“After reading your newspaper’s article about the District Attorney campaign and Alan Jackson’s TV ad, I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Jackson’s campaign is one of the more inept campaigns in California history. First of all, the ad which attacks Jackson’s opponent, Jackie Lacey, for being dishonest does not explain how she was dishonest. Moreover, one does not really understand from the ad that Jackson is a candidate for District Attorney. But most importantly, Lacey’s consultant, Parke Skelton, had it right when he said that Jackson’s TV ad buy is really just shredding money. In fact, Jackson would have been better off refunding the money spent on the ad to his contributors or giving the money to charity."

 “It’s lucky that Jackson’s consultant, John Thomas, the mastermind of the Jackson campaign, isn’t working for Joseph Stalin because Stalin would have sent Mr. Thomas to the gulag or an even worse fate. Hopefully after Mr. Jackson’s defeat on November 6, Jackson will realize how futile his campaign was.”



Anonymous said...

Alan is making a classic rookie mistake - he is making the story bigger than it originally was by lying about it not being a fundraiser. The email speaks for itself - help Alan financially! If that's not a fundraiser, what is? Very sad to see Alan going down this way, he should finish strong.

Anonymous said...

AJ - If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it is a duck. This was a fundraiser. Make this right, admit it and move on.

Anonymous said...

Jackson responds by sliming the wife of someone who hosted an event for Lacey as a former "porn star." What is the relevance of that? He's just digging a deeper hole for himself.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is what AJ means when he refers to himself as a "modern prosecutor"? Think I will be sticking with the traditional prosecutor that speaks the truth.

Anonymous said...

"Thomas also said Jackson did not recall seeing mermaids there."

Another lie...

Anonymous said...

I like the way AJ is responding. This is exactly what Trutanich should have done when he was being destroyed in the press, but Trutanich's campaign advisor always let the accusations go unanswered.

Anonymous said...

The Lacey campaign is in full-on meltdown mode. The invite completely confirms Jackson's version of the event -- it was an ANNUAL Cinco de Mayo party, and Noval merely wanted to make sure that his friends knew that Jackson was going to be there too.

And talk about a hypocrite -- Lacey had a fundraiser last weekend at the home of a huge porn star, Kira Reed, whose XXX credits include "Sex Files," "Amy's Orgasm," "Chained Rage: Slave to Love" and "Erotic Confessions." (Check out Kira Reed's Wikipedia and IMBD pages for more.) What's wrong Lacey, did a "simple Google search" fail to demonstrate that the host of your fundraiser has been in hundreds of XXX videos? Or did you also commit a "rookie mistake" by failing to conduct ANY background check on the person hosting your fundraiser?

Karma's a bitch, isn't it Lacey?

Anonymous said...

Just read the Met-News article on this dust up,

Honest, when the primary was over I thought the upside of the outcome was that Jackie and Alan were competent lawyers and good people. The DOWNSIDE was that all the guys who didn't survive the primary were REAL jerkwads. It's a downside that the jerkwads were all eliminated. Though they're terrible leaders, Jerkwads tend to be remarkably entertaining.

But Jackie and Alan have not disappointed. I have never heard of a DA's race where the main topics of conversation are Larry Flint, porn stars, and mermaids. Keep it up guys! I want to enjoy every moment of the next two weeks!

Anonymous said...

The Met News makes a good point, the felon fundraiser brought down Jack Weiss and with all the feathers flying around now with the email invite being released, don't be surprised when TMZ interviews one of the mermaids at Noval's party ... Who would have thought a modern prosecutor hangs out with felons and mermaids? You can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

2:20. If you read the wikipedia entry, you will notice that Kira Reed Forsch is today a prominent business person, a member of the Board of the California Science Center and has not been doing skin flicks for over a decade. She has never been convicted of a felony. What possible conflict would attending a fundraiser hosted by her and her husband present for anyone? You are just desperately slinging mud to obscure Jackson's screw-up.

Anonymous said...

4:10 pm, if you read Victorino Noval's website, you would notice that today he is a prominent philanthropist and major supporter of the Children's Trust Fund. He has completely turned his life around from the mistakes he made two decades ago. Apparently you believe that porn stars like Kira "Carnal Fate" Reed have the right to redeem themselves, but people who commit mail fraud do not. You are just desperately slinging mud to obscure Lacey's hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

So the Jackson position is that pornography and felony loan fraud are equal? I guess we should include abortion and gay rights in Jackson's list of no-go fundraisers?

Anonymous said...

The point is that Lacey should never have tried to make the Cinco de Mayo party at Noval's house into such a big deal if she wasn't prepared to deal with the same level of scrutiny for her donors. It's difficult for Lacey to pretend she's taken the high road in this campaign after Lacey's had a fundraiser hosted by someone who spent decades being filmed having "juicy anal sex," among other things.

5:45 pm, your bizarre attempt to compare porn and loan fraud to abortion and gay rights hardly merits a response. But for the record, Jackson is fiscally conversative and socially liberally, meaning he's pro-choice and supports gay rights.

Anonymous said...

The last I heard you cannot be sent to federal prison for 57 months and fined $20 million for "juicy anal sex."

Anonymous said...

11:29am, you might want to check the law in Texas on that one. Remember, AJ's from TX and things are different there.

Anonymous said...

For Jackson to claim to be a modern prosecutor seems to be the height of hypocrisy when he clearly considers consensual sex to be as immoral and unacceptable as felony loan fraud. Or is it that hanging out with convicted felons is ok with Jackson as long as they give his campaign money? I don't think that we've heard the last about who Jackson hangs around with. There could be an October surprise.

Anonymous said...

HEY October 25, 2012 @10:05 AM
The problem with with using the barb "juicy anal sex" in this DA's race is that people really can't tell who you're criticizing. Is it Team Jackie, with Kira Reed on her bench, or Team Alan, with Larry Flynt playing shortstop. All I know is DAMN! I LIKE THIS DA's race!

But seriously, Folks. This is LA, not East Podunk, Texas. We like our civil liberties. Alan should have ditched the Republican Party or left LA to run for DA in Riverside or Modoc, but not here.

Anonymous said...

11:35 pm, is the fact that Los Angeles has had a District Attorney who is a Republican for the past 12 years of no relevance to you?

Anonymous said...

1:12pm, maybe you didn't catch the news, but the Republican DA of LA County ran against the Democratic DA of San Francisco for state Attorney General . . . and he lost LA county, his own home turf, by double digits.

Anonymous said...

Steve Cooley defeated an incumbent Democrat when he first ran for DA. The reason why Cooley lost to Kamala Harris in LA is because he is an incredibly egotistical politician and he put ZERO effort into campaigning in LA - absolutely no voter outreach or advertising or get-out-the-vote effort - while Harris was smart enough to campaign furiously in this county. Cooley made the huge mistake of assuming he had LA in the bag already. Cooley's ego and laziness were his downfall, not his party label.

Anonymous said...

12:12PM. your analysis of the Steve Cooley's ability to survive elections simply does not hold water. As for Cooley beating an incumbent Democrat in his first campaign, you missed (or omitted) that this incumbent was Gill Garcetti. He was wildly unpopular and Cooley (wisely) ran to the left of him, taking prominently more liberal positions on three strikes and, more importantly press interaction with the DA's office. The latter earned him the affection of the LA Times, which hated Garcetti.

Jackson fumbled numerous opportunities to run to the left of Lacey, bashing Propositions 30, 32 and 36 (yes, three strikes reform again!).

Your "Cooley is such an arrogant campaigner," falls apart when you look at Cooley's performance in the 2008 election (two short years before the 2010 race). Cooley won with 65% of the vote.

The problem with running against Kamala Harris in 2010 is, that by then, Cooley had become so comfortable in his role as a Republican leader that he made no effort to run to the left of Harris. Nice planning Cooley . . . NOT . . LOSE this one. LA is a progressive, Democratic County.